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How to Fixed Bad Light image in Photoshop. Advance editing Photoshop tutorial.

November 1, 2019

hello everyone welcome to ILLPHOCORPHICS, today we are starting another exciting adobe photoshop tutorial, today I’m gonna
show you how can you fix bad light image in Photoshop and how can you enhance the
light and fixed all over the color contrasts in Photoshop and I’m going to
show you all these things step by step so that you can understand all the basic
concepts of doing that and see – none of the stools so that I can understand a
basic concept of fix the bad light and if you’re new welcome make sure to
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Photoshop tips tricks and features for you so it’ll really further or do let’s
jump to our photoshop now we hear some magical water fresh arm now I’m going to
use this image to show you how can you do that now if you see this careful is
so much bad light and it’s so much dark and all over the image and but what were
you thinking how can you face this image now I’m going to show you all the steps
now first to make it this one just make a duplicate layer now what I’m going to
do I’m going to brighten up the image to brighten up the image you need to go
this image adjustment there you can see highlight and shadow and I have a
previous tutorials on that but this stem is a very hard and very advanced
technique I’m just first I’m going to use this one now you can see it’s just
brighten up this image a little bit more now we’ll just fix this slider now
increase the amount a little bit more also the tone and also the radius just a
little bit around 80 and it’s freaking increase that because and I think
highlights it doesn’t do anything you can see it’s not changing anything else
a lot anymore but you can slide it but the work we’re doing on this slider
shadow you can adjust the color and the Mitchells
but in this case try to fix whatever the mutants you like to add
but I have a happy with that just a little bit more just walk on shadow and
heat okay see what’s best for your own image
now hit okay you can see the difference will just brighten up this image but in
this case we can see it’s not a color on this image it’s kind of desaturate it
here which all of it images the face and the model is not this saturated so you
need to twist all over the color now I’m reduce the basic concept as I do
just I’m going to use adjustment layer to fix this one to fix this one just
gorgeous I just know there check this level adjustment now first I’m going to
balance some of the mid-tones and blacks to make this is it perfect
now do the same thing increase this one and add some black on that now do the
same thing Angra some more a little bit and this is
good now it’s perfect that’s the same thing we’re going to do I take this
curve adjustment to go to this one and check the curves no first increase the
highlight there you can see the highlights then decrease this metal
solid a bit then we’re going to increase this one you can see this this slider
just increase that one a little bit more like that it is just similar to this one
– link is too much just fixed a color balance overall now you can see we just
did sound the color contrast a little bit now the same the next thing you need
to do you need to bring back the colors of this desaturated this list and that
models areas now to do that bring back these colors you need to check that go
to this manner take vibrance this time we’re not going to use hue saturation
because here satirist is not going to work on this image and if you try to use
that you can see that but it’s not going to work now to bring back the color just
you don’t need to increase that 500-person
now it has some of the color you can see and then increase the saturation how
much saturation you’d like to add in your image just increased
as you think now don’t look at the model first we need to fix we just fixing this
overall color in the outside of this model so just go and don’t increase too
much just try to see what is perfect for you in this case and I have I think 25
is perfect now I have it I think 40 have this booklet for me but if you see this
model it just D saturated all the models and over settled on the face so we fixed
the outside of the saturated distribution but this oversaturated on
the face so you to think that just take the brush don’t worry take the brush
select the mask and change the fog in colors black because if you let that
even if black is still remove the color from the mask and if you use why did you
add the color back again so change the black and the for again color then
remove those area now just remove and try to fix all over this image now we’ll
just see move the saturation from the face you can see this one now if I press
alt or option then click it you don’t mask over just press on the mask you can
see what is the area we just added now you can fix it and see just press Auto
option is to show this one now which this area and it’s okay now do the same
thing on that area now hit okay not press alt option and bring back this one
again now we added but I would like to add some of the color on the sleeves so
that’s why I’m going to change the formulas white and then I will change
the color back again to the lips and this is perfectly done and just
added but if you can see the tinkle is not matching with the background we need
to add some of the color contrast again on the face now the same thing again
this time what I’m going to do I’m going to select whatever the color area we
don’t apply this vibrant color please alter I’ll press ctrl or command
in Magda Nick it will select this one now invert this one
press ctrl shift I now it will invert this one the selected area we can see
this one now what I’m going to do I’m going to take this quick solution I’m
going to increase this area like that add this one area this area just a
little bit and you can also the lips add lips but in this case I don’t want to
add the lips again and it’s okay now we don’t need to be perfect I call it
understand because go to adjustment layer take the vibrance now just select
this one now increase the vibrance all a little bit around this one perfectly 19
is perfect now just match be the background a little bit is add some of
the colors but not the big one you can see some of this area now it’s adding
some of the color contrast and so easily now it’s okay we’re done pretty much the
next thing we need to fix this I draw a circle you can see this dark circle now
we need to fix these things to fix these things it just tastes like this one now
what in it you need to take a sample from this color skin color just take
this eyedropper tool you can see the eyedropper tool and click here it will
select it will collect the color of this one you can see now copy the color code
right but on your mouse and copy it now hit okay the next thing go to the
adjustment layer take the solid color and change this one it will
automatically choose the fog in color of this image now if it okay now select the
mask press ctrl or command I to invert this one to remove that too then take
the brush take the brush and decrease the flow around 30 like that and also
decrease the proper city then make this the brush is a
little bit bigger then paint it over here and this is area also do the same
thing on this eye area the next thing we need to just decrease the opposite are a
little bit more than that then pay make the brush a little bit smaller and also
paint it over all this area now we just add our color onto the eye but it’s not
looking realistic to make this really sit just double click on that it’ll come
up the layer style the blending option then come up this blend if take come of
this underline layer then take down overall now you’ll see it will disappear
all this one don’t worry just press alt option then break the point you can see
is breaking the point now to take the break down the point around this one and
it okay now if you think some of this area is it too much your in your case
you can fix this one just take the brush and select the mask and change the
fuckin colors to tell it black and decrease the flow and opacity more then
in this case is this erased too much just fixed this one easily and so that’s
why I’m just using adjustment layer because it’s not you can work on this
area non destructively and you can adjust this one any time as you want now
it’s okay now the next thing we need to do we need to add the sound contrast
again the scope to do any similar check the level adjustment increase a little
bit of it chunks and also decrease the black a little bit more now do the same
thing balance the color a bottle and it’s okay no we are done you can see
them this one we just fix the bad light image in Photoshop and see the before
and the after one this is the before and this is the after on what is completely
change is the bad light image in Photoshop so
that’s what it did it and I hope you like it
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I hope you see in a next tutorial chalen bye and the most important thing guys I
always say do hip and learning

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