How to Fix the Media Offline Error in Adobe Premiere Pro

November 11, 2019

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in this video we’re talking about that dreaded media offline air that you guys
may get and if you guys are new to Premiere Pro this air can seem alarming
like what do I do so I’m gonna walk through how you set up a project and
then some things that you might do that will cause the media to go offline and
then how to reconnect it so everything’s working so I just started a new Premiere
Pro project and I have this folder here full of stock video here that I got from
Envato elements so I’m just going to drag and drop the stock video into my project
panel and you can see I have my clips here and let’s say I started a new
timeline of asset so if I’m going to right-click on this and create a new
sequence from clip and then I’m going to drag and drop the rest inside of this
sequence now let’s say while you’re reorganizing files in the future let’s
say you go back to finder and then you rename this folder to something else
like video clips now if we go back to Premiere it’s gonna say uh-oh this media
is offline with this big red air and that’s because Premiere Pro cannot find
that folder that was previously called stock video you changed it and if you
can look here all the clips that are inside of Premiere Pro have a file path
and if that file path changes if you move it or rename it then it’s gonna say
hey I can’t find those clips but it’s a very easy thing to do you don’t need to
rename it back to stock video all you need to do is select one of these clips
and select locate and then you can go back to that project folder go into
media and go in here and you can find that clip name hit OK and the great news
is is it will locate all of that media in that folder for you already
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that I’m using in this video are from Envato elements I use Envato
elements to get unlimited stock video templates music and sound effects to use
in all of my video projects and the reason I love it is that it’s such a low
cost and you can download as many assets as you need in your project at full
resolution without having to worry about if you’re going to buy a template then
it’s not going to work out it’s unlimited and they also have graphic
templates so you can really do everything from video design to even web
design all within elements and I’ve put together a few curated collections that
I’ve made with Envato elements that I think you guys will find useful
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