How to Fix Out of Sync Imports in Adobe Premiere Pro (Mp4 video problems)

October 6, 2019

Hey everybody I’m just making this quick video, hopefully to give you a solution to a problem you may be having. So my problem was I was recording videos with my webcam and I uploaded them into Adobe Premiere. and they are of the .mp4 filetype. H.264 So when I played these the audio and the video did not line up. They were out of sync. Here watch this and you’ll see what I mean. “Hey wassup everyb..” Oh wait wrong video. Let me find a good one here. I fixed that one. “Alright so here I have a basic drawing..” and you can see it doesn’t line up right “We’re going to be explaining this so..” So to solve this what your going to need to do is go to your start menu Control panel. This is Windows 7 by the way. Any other May be a little different but it’s pretty similar. Then go to Appearance and Personalization. Then Folder Options. View. Then uncheck “Hide Extensions for Known File Types.” Ok. Then you want to go to the folder. That has you’re videos in it. And you can see there is .mp4 and there is one .mov. So waht we need to do is change these to .mov files. Now I recommend to copy these. Let me show you what I mean. I drag this into Adobe Premiere. I’m going to put it right here. I play it. It’s out of sync. and that’s going to bug me. So what I need to do Copy it. Control + C. and then Paste it. Control + V. Now I have a copy right here. Give it a while to load because it’s a decently sized file. Alright with this copy we can name it whatever we want. Fixed. and we want to cahgne the file extension to .mov and we want to click yes. but now we have a copy so if something goes wrong we still have the original. and what you do is drag this fixed version into Adobe Premiere. Allow it to import. Play it.That’s a pretty picture. Hehe. “.. to build that audiance..” It’s slow right now, but if you drag it into the woops. You drag it into the timeline Play it “Real life business” You can see that the audio and the video are in line. So yeah hopefully that was a solution to a some of your problems. If you have any questions Please leave me a comment and be sure to subscribe! Thank you and I will see you in the next video.

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