How To Fix Essential Graphics Crash in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

February 3, 2020

hello guys welcome to the channel once
again in this video we’ll be discussing about how can you fix error crash in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC so this error is about the essential graphics and if I
open up any project like if I want to in something with the essential
graphic tab it just crashes by itself how and what is the actual crash let’s
see so if I click over the window tab you can see the essential graphics and
if I make it turn it on it is supposed to load by in right side of the panel of
Premiere Pro CC but what is happening if I’m clicking over the essential graphic
it is loading but whenever I’m trying to access the content of this essential
graphics it is crashing by itself you can see it will just crash no pop-up
error no nothing it is just crashing by itself so if you are facing the same
issue in Adobe Premiere Pro 18 all in earlier or older versions so how to fix
let’s see so I figured out a way this solution is actually given in the
website of Adobe form support okay so it says you need to delete some files under
Adobe common essential graphics so how to get into let’s see first you need to
go to the C Drive users username then the app data is the hidden folder which
you need to access through this over navigation panel click back slash
capital a P P capital D ata app data then it will take you to the hidden
folders you can see these are not actually hidden these directory is
actually them then Froemming and to this directory so it contains the essential
graphics folder so all you have to do you have to select all hit ctrl a and
then delete all of this okay so don’t worry this content will be get back to
its original state just after when you reopen your Adobe
Premiere Pro CC so don’t worry about it ok so we are done with the deleting
process within this folder so if you have earlier or the older version follow
the same directory are same there is nothing to
change okay so let me reopen the Adobe Premiere Pro CC and this time I hope it
works because it is supposed to be okay so here we have the welcome home screen
off Adobe Premiere Pro CC and here we go so I’m opening the same project again
just to show you that this time in the project panel is going to work with the
essential graphics so going back again into the window turning it on essential
graphics and the panel is just right here into the right side so now you can
see I can scroll down and up and I can access all the contents if I want to
track it I can drag it and I can work so this is how you can fix issue of Adobe
Premiere Pro CC crashing under the tab of essential graphics so if it helps if
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