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HOW TO EXTEND STUDIO BACKDROPS IN PHOTOSHOP – A Photoshop Tutorial for Dog Photography Studio Work

March 26, 2020

not a good plan guys the world is
falling apart welcome back to that dog spot there’s a large percentage of you
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it we’re gonna cover its how to extend a studio backdrop in Photoshop I feel like
you guys in the last video saw a little bit of my personality come out and this
is how I get especially when it’s sunny it is a
beautiful day today but my life is a bit sad because we are locked down my whole
season is canceled and my free time got slightly bigger so I’m gonna carry on
making these videos you stick what you want to see in the comments below in
this video what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at a picture that I
took of a dog in Studio picture will be on the screen now I’m gonna have already
done all of my basic edits in Lightroom if you’re wondering how to edit a studio
photo in Lightroom let me know and I’ll do a tutorial to cover off this tutorial
we’re gonna switch over to the Mac I’m gonna record the screen and you are not
going to see my face so let’s go and do that right now this is the image that
we’re going to be working on today this is Alfie so I’ve got this picture we’ve
done our Lightroom base edits and then we’ve got this situation and this
situation along with this situation all of this stuff what we’re going to be
looking at today is how to extend the backdrop to obliterate this which lets
you take pictures like this in smaller spaces so the first thing that I’m going
to do is I’m going to do a super quick cleanup off the backdrop by using a Spot
Healing tool to clean it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about
look to the link at the top of the screen so once I’ve done that I’m gonna go
ahead grab my rectangular marquee tool that lives over here if you can’t see it
right click pick the rectangular marquee tool or press M what you want to do is
you want to click and drag from right at the top to right at the bottom and you
want to go right to the edge of your subject like so then what we’re gonna do
is we’re going to go into edit and choose the content aware scale click on
that if you are on a new version of the CC you’re going to want to be holding down
the shift key whilst you pull which will just pull like this if you didn’t
do that you would be pulling like this if your screen does this when you press
the shift key don’t press the shift key click and drag all the way to the end of
the screen and double click just like that you’ve got a full backdrop now at
this side we’ve got a little bit more problems to work with because we have a
foot over it and shadow what we’re going to do is we’re going to do this in
little baby steps and first of all I’m going to just remove the leg it doesn’t
have to be pretty doesn’t have to be perfect the aim is to just remove the
general leg then same thing you want to be clicking like that but oh look you’ve
only got this big so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go like this to the
edge of the dog and then edit content aware scale hold shift if your computer
does that and click and drag again doesn’t need to be pretty at this stage
what we’re doing is we’re just scaling up areas of the image that we can later
use when you’re in a situation where you’ve just got this little gap things
start to get a bit tricky so what we’re going to do is we’re going to
rectangular marquee off a whole load of this space at this side then what we’re
going to do is we’re going to do ctrl or command + C which basically is copy and
then ctrl or command + V which is paste then what we’re going to do is we’re
going to do a ctrl or command + T which is transform gonna right click
and flip horizontal then we’re going to drag our new background bit over this
area of the image doesn’t have to be super precise at the moment and double
click to lock that in then we’re going to mask if you don’t know how to mask
check out my other video and then we’re gonna grab the brush tool nice and big
nice and soft and we’re gonna start to on a opposite brush so black at a
hundred percent opacity we’re gonna start to erase the area that our
subject is sat in like so and just like that you’ve filled it in you can go
ahead fine tune around the area of your subject once you’re happy right click on
the layer and do merge down now what we can also do is just drop back this area
where it’s over exposed where it’s blown so I’m gonna go on my burn tool I’m gonna
keep it on the highlights for now just your a few dots it’s looking green we will
assess and then mid-tones to just drop that off like so and then what I’m going
to do then when you use the color from over here with the eyedropper tool and
then use a brush big brush on about 10 to 20 percent I’m gonna use 20% and just
gonna add that color down here it’s a bit flat going to use a brighter
version of this yellow and just dot that in I’m going to show you before and after
now if you aren’t a perfectionist you could just stop right there but I am a
perfectionist so I’m gonna be using my clone stamp tool nice and big I’m going
to pick an area doesn’t matter where that area is as long as it is not near
an edge – cannot be near an edge – and then a little lower opacity we’re at 30% here
I’m just gonna start doing this over the curve crease once you’re happy with that
we’re going to go in and fine-tune areas of the creases as I always say anywhere in the image
that is the brightest part like right here that’s going to draw your eye so we
need to drop that down a touch burn tool on highlights very low exposure on this
and just dot don’t overdo it just dot Just going to go right in we’re at 300%
here and I’m just gonna clean up his face and then a levels check as always
command or control + L you want to be holding down the Alt key and bring in
that in anywhere that’s gone black we’ve lost the blacks I’m gonna keep it there and then the highlights anywhere that is white is where
we’ve lost to highlights so if I where to let go that would look like this which
is pretty bad so we’re just gonna go ahead and stop about there – you can barely tell
but you can still tell then fine tune my color I’m gonna go ahead into yellows
and then move the hue beautiful and that’s it
job done I appreciate audience participation so if you’ve got something
you would like to say please make it be nice drop it in the comments below or
send me a message on facebook or just send a carrier pigeon I can’t save you
from a virus but I can help you improve your photography so please subscribe
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