How to export .SRT file on Adobe Premiere Pro CC

November 8, 2019

Hi Guys! I’m going to demonstrate how to Export .srt file from Premier Pro CC First, You should have already the open captions and ready to export Caption Sequence (If you don’t know yet How to create open-captions, Click the link in the description below) To export, Select The Caption Sequence on the Project Pannel Then Click EXPORT->Captions /- (Make sure that you select the Caption Sequence in the Project panel so that the Captions in Export Section will be ENABLE ) Make sure the File Format is Subrip Subtitle format (.srt) ->Ok Then Save ! I’m going to show you my work earlier, Which is I exported separately the Video and Captions. I’m Going to play it Via VLC, ’cause there’s odd problem that WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER can’t read .srt file (Don’t forget to rename your .srt file the same name of the your Video) I’ll play also this Video on WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER to show you that the video doesn’t contained Captions. So that’s all ! Hope that this will help you. Subscribe for more Tutorial Videos, Thank you for Watching !

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