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How To Enhance Landscape For Post Processing | Photoshop CC 2020

December 14, 2019

Hi! Welcome Back. Let’s Get Started with By Duplicating Layer with Ctrl+J. I’m going to rename this layer as Camera Raw. Right-Click on current layer and Convert it into Smart Object. Head over to Filter and Then Camera Raw Filter. Let’s resize window:) Now, Let’s add Contrast to bring some of details. Don’t go too much with it. Let’s play with Exposure. Keep adjusting whatever best fit for your image. Let’s speed up process. If you want to see the original state of image, You can click on this icon. Next, Click on Tone Curve. Tone curve is very interesting and overwhelming as well. Before adjusting, Make sure you know that what you’re doing? Let’s Click on Point, For Specific Channel Adjustment of image. In this case I’m using Blue channel to add little blues. This Part of curve represent black part of image. As we drag this slider the Blue effect would be added to black area. You Can see the black area getting blue color and similarly for darken area. Hit OK to commit changes. It’s look cool to me. But Let’s add more reality 🙂 Head over and create a new adjustment layer of Gradient… Click on gradient box. Click on right slider of gradient. Let’s choose orange sunset color. Color Code:#a35917 Delete left slider color. Hit ok. Here comes interesting part, Change style to Reflected. Hit OK to commit changes. Change blending mode to Soft-Light. You can reduce opacity. You Can adjust Gradient at any time. Increasing Scale will give more gradient… Let’s Adjust Color using Color Balance. Click on adjustment window. If you don’t see this go to Window and Adjustment. Let’s create Color Balance adjustment layer. I’m playing with different tone area. In this case I’m using Mid-Tone to add little bluish. Red:+1 , Yellow:+12 Highlight Tone: +17 Yellow: -6

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