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How To Edit Your Video to Music – Movavi

January 18, 2020

A lot of people have asked how to edit
to the beat of music and today I’m gonna show you how to do that with Movavi now
I said in the last video that I was shocked at how accurate Movavi the audio
waveforms were and what I mean by that is the peaks in the audio track really
represent exactly where the beat of the song is this is super important when
trying to edit a video to the beat because most of this will be done using
your eyes not your ears this is some stock footage I found online and I’ll be
using different types to show you exactly what I mean once you find a
piece of music that you want to use you’ll be able to see where the beats
fall just by looking at the audio track movavi actually has a feature to detect
audio beats if you have any trouble doing this and it’ll put markers right
on your timeline as reference points now you can also assign markers any place
that you see a beat where you want to use that as an edit point as well there
are different ways to make your footage move to the beat one simple move is to
find right where the beat hits slice your footage and then about 5 or 10
frames later slice it again now take that slice right click on it and you’ll
see your tools options let’s click on crop and rotate and we’ll crop in on
this segment of footage that’ll make it look like it’s jumping to the beat you
can do this to as many beats as you like you can also double left-click on your
footage and open up the video controls another effect you can try is to change
the color of the slice in this case I’ll remove the color and make it black and
white so that pops out against the main footage here’s another cool trick find
an area in your footage that has a single shot right click on your footage
and click insert freeze-frame that will take a snapshot of that frame and drop
it right into the timeline let’s drag it out and onto another track above we’ll
slide it over to where one of our beats is shorten it down to just a few frames
and it’ll give us this really cool freeze-frame effect right on the beat
you can even add effects to your freeze frames like panning
in or out or you can change the color of it as well let’s try changing the hue on
this one another cool trick you can do is
stepping the crop in with each beat or even rotating the footage slightly the
idea here is we’re trying to change the visual pattern with the beat so we’ll
find our beat drop in a slice and create our motion using transitions between
some of the changes can really make things bounce to the music as well
well Vavi has some really cool preset transitions that you can simply drag
down into your timeline put them wherever you want and adjust them for
how long you want them to last by clicking on that transition the smear
transition is one that I use in this video it is a cool stretching effect
that works really well for this beep speaking of beats most songs have a
specific time signature so you can count how many beats you want your song to go
before you change to a different piece of footage the song I’m using today has
an eight beat measure so every eight beats I change to a different piece of
footage but any music can be cut to the beat you just have to decide what works
best for you remember if there is any effect you don’t like the look of for
your edit you can click on the star in the upper left corner of that footage
and you have the option to delete each specific effect with one click once you
get your footage bouncing just the way you want it to save your project export
your video and… voila


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    Great editing tips mate! 😉🔔🔔✔🏍

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    hey daniel can you make a video on how to manage a workflow??

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  • Reply Seamstressed April 9, 2019 at 12:56 pm

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  • Reply Universal Indie Records April 9, 2019 at 10:57 pm

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    So I've been playing around with Movavi for a bit and I'm wondering if this is a fork of FIlmora since they do a lot of things the same but Movavi might actually be a tad better. Don't tell Filmora I said that. This video shows just how much better some of the controls are. I doubt FIlmora 9 will ever get key frame animations because they want to push that with their Pro version. The problem with the Pro version is that while it's a step up from FIlmora 9 it still lags behind Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Hell, I just download Davinci Resolve 16 to see how that stacks up. But anyway, I like the fact that you can shop in the Movavi effects store and pay one time and own your effects while on the other hand I like the subscription model of Filmora because I have access to more effects than I can currently afford to buy all at one time. Just based on the software though, I'd give Movavi the slight edge.

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