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How to edit Shadow Black Photography – lightroom mobile presets – lightroom moody black

January 28, 2020

hello, welcome back to another Lightroom
mobile presets tutorial. Today we are going to make Lightroom shadow black
preset. Here are some photos of how it’s going to look like. Before we begin
please comment “I FOUND IT”, if you found the password to this preset, which will
appear on the channel’s logo on this video. Note the password in the order they
appear and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe by clicking the
subscribe button below and also click the bell icon next to it, so that you
will get notified whenever I upload a video. let’s begin with the detail panel, set
the sharpening to 10, noise reduction to 20, contrast to 24, color noise reduction to 25. Now set the
detail and smoothing to 70. go to the effects panel, set the texture to 16, clarity to 19, dehaze to 20 and vignette to -20. click done and go to the color panel, go
to temperature and set it to 36 and vibrance to -26. Go to color mix, in
red set the saturation to 20 and luminance to -5. Go to orange, adjust
a hue to -10, saturation to -11 and luminance to
20. Go to yellow, set the saturation to -100 and leave the hue and luminance to
0. In green, leave the hue to 0 and set the saturation and luminance to
-100. Go to aqua, set the hue to -30 and set the saturation and
luminance to -100. Go to blue, adjust the hue to -10, saturation to -100 and luminance to -60. Go
to purple, set the hue to -35, saturation to -100 and luminance to
-60. Click done and go to the lights panel,
set the exposure to 0.2, contrast to -10, shadows to -40, Whites to -51 and blacks to -70. Go to curves and
adjust the way you see me doing. Now we are done with the lightroom
editing, copy the settings and paste on other photos to have the same effect. We all take photos under different
lighting conditions, so for this preset adjust the whites and black settings if
you have dark photos. Let me know of what you think of this preset in the comments
section below. You can also let me know of any lightroom presets you want by
commenting below. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you next time. SUBSCRIBE

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