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How to Edit Pictures in Photoshop : Applying Photo Filters in Post Production with Photoshop: Part 1

August 4, 2019

Hi, this is Jimmy Hartman again with Expert
Village. In this clip, we’re going to show you how to colorize the sky by adding another
adjustment layer using a photo filter. The next thing I talked about was that the skies
were kind of hazy. The color’s not real good up in this area. Down here looks great, I
think; the sunset looks really good. I kind of want to bring out a bit of color up here.
We’ll go ahead and add another adjustment layer; we can always modify it later. We click
our adjustment layer button I want it to be a little more blue, so I’ll just add a photo
filter. It’s the same effect as applying a filter on your camera lens, except you can
just do it in post-editing, and tweak it after the fact. Here we have our settings. There’s
presets for warming or cooling the picture, or applying a different color. If we add a
little bit more cyan that actually looks pretty decent. Our density increases the effect of
that filter, so if we bring it up kind of… That’s a decent blue, but it’s not quite dark
enough so I’ll actually go with that color. I just clicked on this color button here,
and I’m going to change it a bit more to a darker blue. Over here, you can see the effects
taking place. That will get the point across; that works pretty good for now. We’ve got
this blue here, but again, we’re going to click ok out of this; density is 70, it looks
pretty good. You can see it has affected the whole layer now, not the effect we want. But
as I mentioned last time, we have a layer mass that comes with our adjustment layers,
so make sure it’s selected. Black is the background color, control, backspace to fill our mass
with black and completely to remove that. Now we’re going to go and paint on the sky
that we want. For this, I’m going to lower the opacity of my brush so as I apply it it
will only have this percentage opacity, and I can apply over again to increase that opacity
so more shows through, but I want to make sure that when I come down to this point with
these reds and oranges that I make sure they blend together so it’s not just a hard line
of where that filter stops. I’ll try 56% opacity first. You can change your brush size by pressing
the left bracket to lower, and right to increase size. I accidentally clicked there, but you
can see the filter coming through.


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