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How to Edit Photos Like Sam Kolder + Free Preset // Lightroom CC

September 5, 2019

Hey guys I’m Prithwiraj from PR75K
and in this video I will tell you how you can edit your photos like Sam Kolder
on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and before we get started please consider
subscribing to my channel because I’ll be making more such videos like this and
also you can follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes and other fun stuff
and you can also DM me over there if you have any questions now in photos of Sam Kolder the background plays an important role and the person in the frame is
kinda secondary so while taking photos make sure you take photos with a more
open aperture and pose your model as his photos are rarely candid and the model
is faced away from the camera most of the time so make sure of that
if you want me to make a similar video on some other photographer then do let
me know I can do that as well okay now open Adobe Lightroom and import the
photo you want to edit now Sam Kolder prefers the orange and
teal look for his photos you can just make some adjustments to make it look
like that in the basics tab I have just decreased the exposure a bit and
increase the contrast I kept the white’s has a black in the middle and increase
the clarity so that I get every detail possible from the pic and now you can
play around with the vibrance and the saturation if you want the fit to be
more colorful and vibrant then you can do so it’s basically up to you on how
you want it to look now at the tone curves I just crushed the
blacks a little bit I just played around with the blues and the greens and
the aqua in the HSL slider and in the split toning I have changed the hue of the
highlights to that of orange and the hue of shadows to that of teal you
might have already obtained the orange and teal look so far well if you are just
feeling lazy then I have got you covered as well I have uploaded this preset
which you can download it for free and apply it on your photos with the preset
will automatically adjust everything to the settings I’ve used to make it look
like that of Sam Kolder so you can just download it for free click on the link
in the description to download it anyway if you wanted me to make a tutorial like
this on some of the photograph code then do let me know I can do that as well
and thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel in this video hers and I
will catch you in the next one till then hasta la vista


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