How to Edit IGTV Videos on Premiere Pro (Vertical Video Editing Tutorial)

September 18, 2019

– In this video, I’ll be showing you how I edit and post to IGTV, lets go. (exciting music) Hey, what’s up, it Omar with Think Media, helping you with the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video. This channel is all
about tech gear reviews, YouTube strategy, tips and also tutorials just like this one, so
if you’re interested in that type of stuff, make sure you hit the subscribe button. So right now, IGTV is
a pretty powerful tool, when IGTV first was showcased to us, it kind of didn’t get that much praise because it was separate
to, kind of, Instagram. You had to, like, almost
either leave the app or it had nothing to do
with your actual feed and, or stories. Also, another thing that IGTV didn’t do, when it first came out,
was it forced you to have to post vertical videos, which, you know, in the content creator world, people behind the camera like myself, you know started filming sideways and we did a lot of that, just
to be native to the platform, right? As time has, evolved, you know, Instagram has released updates after updates and now you can in-fact,
you can post widescreen, 1920 by 1080 videos onto
IGTV and then it’ll allow you the option to rotate the video so that you can watch
it, you know, sideways as its meant to be watched. The thing about that though is, I actually don’t recommend
you upload widescreen videos onto Instagram because of a thing called screen real estate. What screen real estate is, simply, is how much a post can actually take up someone else’s screen. So if you post long form
content on Instagram, it actually takes up more screen space on the person viewing your content. So if you’re posting long form video or long form photos, its
taking up more of the screen, potentially buying you more attention, which we all know,
attention is the commodity. And so, I’m gonna show you how I take a widescreen, 1920 by 1080 video and make it native, to
be able to be posted on IGTV and take up most of the screen to maximize your effectiveness. Once you got Premiere Pro opened up, the first thing you wanna do
is create sequence presets. Now, you’ll only have to this one time and once you do it, you can just use the preset over and over, so first, we’re gonna go into File, New, Sequence, we’re gonna go into Digital SLR, 1080p, click on the 1080p, 30 frames or if you’re using a 24 frame project, it doesn’t matter if
you’re using 4k or not but if you’re using a
30 frames or 24 frames, in our case, we are
using a 30 frame project and then, you don’t wanna
open up anything quite yet, you’re gonna go into settings
and then you’re gonna actually flip these two around, you’re gonna put 1080 over here and then you’re gonna put 1920 over here. Now what you’re doing is you’re just telling Premiere Pro to create a sequence that is longways, and so, we’re gonna hit Save Preset, don’t hit Okay, Save Preset and save this for the rest of your life, you’ll never have to do it again. So you can call this ‘IGTV
Preset 30 Frames Per Second’. So that’s the first preset,
the second preset we’re gonna make, we’re gonna actually reference the last one we made
but we’re gonna go back into settings and change this from 1080 to 1920, to now, 1080 to 1350. Why do you ask that? Because Instagram will
post this resolution when you post your IGTV stories and so we’re gonna use this as a reference or a foundation to our
actual vertical video. And so, we’re gonna hit Save Preset and we’re gonna call
this one ‘IG Post Preset 30 Frames Per Second’ and save that guy. So now, once you have
these two presets made, that you’ll never have to do again, you do wanna start with the IG Post one. So we’re gonna open up the IG Post preset. So, as you can see, its a
short, stubby rectangle. As you can see, but we’re gonna now import the footage that we’re
gonna be referencing, in this case the example is going to be a actual clip that my pastor sent me, that we’re gonna post on his Instagram, right after I render this out. So the first one is we’re gonna drag this video onto Premiere Pro and then we’re gonna drag this clip into the sequence, so
I’m gonna drag this clip into this sequence, like
so, its gonna prompt you, if you wanna change this sequence, based off of your video, I
actually always, usually, that doesn’t really make
sense, always, usually, I actually sometimes say change sequence to match the video settings,
like if we’re shooting 4k footage, or things like
but because we’re gonna actually manipulate this
clip, we wanna keep it. So make sure you hit
Keep Existing Settings. So we’re gonna go into here,
if you click you’ll see that, like, this clip obviously
doesn’t fill the frame because he’s wide, so I’m gonna actually cut the clip to where we
wanna post it on Instagram and that’s 1243, so I’m gonna go to 1243, hit Cut and then I’m gonna head to 1612, right there, perfect, so now I’m gonna delete everything else we don’t
need and then Ripple Delete the clip to the front,
so here we have the clip that I want to post on Instagram TV. So, the first thing we wanna do and the reason why we
start here is because we wanna fill the frame,
so I’m gonna fill the frame and simply click the
clip and scale it until he fills the actual IGTV
frame or the IG Post frame. So now, he fills that frame. So, when we post this clip onto IGTV and it shows up on the
feed, its gonna take up the full screen as maximum as possible but this is just a reference point, so, you know, we definitely
like how this looks, we’re gonna keep it as is and just do it like
that and now we’re gonna actually open up the last
sequence preset that we just made, so I’m gonna do New Item, New Sequence and do the IGTV Preset and literally, all I’m gonna do is copy the video over onto the, and as you can see, its definitely long form, so
you can see the black bars now. We just, real quick, I’m just gonna fill in those black bars
by doubling the clip. So, as you can see, I
just dragged the clip up, I’m gonna hit Copy, I’m
gonna Paste the clip right underneath and then
I’m actually gonna zoom in the clip that’s underneath it, so it fills more of the frame and then I’m just gonna simply add a effect to
that, a blur effect. So, I’m just gonna go to here, and this is literally
any wide video you have, you can literally use
to create IGTV videos. So I’m just gonna blur that out, as you can see its blurred out, so this is how it’ll
actually look on IGTV, but this is how it will look on your feed, which is what we want. So, once we have the clip,
we’re gonna mark our out point, make sure out in point is marked out, I just hit O, for out, I for in. And then I’m gonna hit Command, M, if you’re using a Mac, to render this out. And them I’m gonna call it ‘Faith Clip’. And once its ready to
go, I’m gonna hit export. Alright, once you have
rendered out your IGTV clip, and what I love about the Mac Workflow, to be honest with you, is it Airdrops. So, I’m just gonna simply
Airdrop this video to my phone and then we can then get started. Alright, once we have
the clip on our phone, we are ready to post it to Instagram TV and so, we’re gonna post
this onto my Pastors account, so I’m gonna go to IGTV,
hit the Plus button and as you can see, the video shows up and this is gonna look real nice and then power tip here is, you can literally have a pre-made photo or if you have a good
photo, or take a screenshot at some point, I’m not a fan of just using a screen grab of the actual video itself, I upload an image, so
I have a good high-res photo of Pastor Jabin
and so I’m gonna upload him right there and now
it looks really clean. I’m gonna go to Next, the
title is very important, so you wanna make sure
that whatever you name it, title-wise, is what you
want your caption to be. Because that’s how its gonna show up on the feed, when somebody is
scrolling through Instagram. And that’s actually
the most powerful thing about IGTV right now, is
just how it works so well with your actual IG feed, like, you know, as you can
see this Post a Preview, I’m gonna check it because
its gonna stay in his feed and its also gonna be posted
onto the feed as well. So I’m gonna title this, ‘Faith is “I don’t know,”‘ which resonates with kinda
what he’s saying in the clip. And so, we’re gonna post
this now to his Instagram and, as it posts, I wanna
show you how it looks, on the feed. So now that its posted, and
I’m gonna refresh the feed. Look how much of the screen
it’s actually taking up, this is the maximum you’ll
actually ever take up, with a single Instagram
post and now if you actually wanted to tap into the
IGTV, it fills the frame and it looks really, really good. And so, this is how you
can take your wide videos, make them most effective on Instagram, posting on IGTV, which
is longer form content, this clip is actually three
minutes and 33 seconds. And if you go into the feed,
you can actually see that now the thumbnail looks really good, right there at the top
left and you’re good to go. And so that’s how you
take widescreen video and make it most effective on IGTV, I hope this video gave you value and if it did, hit the
Like button on the video and we also have a series on how to make YouTube videos with your iPhone, from filming the video with your phone and then editing it and then thumbnails and all those things and honestly, most of the things that we
post here on Think Media, or on Sean Cannel’s account, is just repurposed from wide videos, from YouTube content, so
we’ll link to that series in the YouTube Card and put
it in the description below. Question of the day, is do you find yourself watching IGTV videos? I know I do, but if you do, comment down below and we’ll
see you in the next video. Take it easy. (casual music)

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