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How to Edit Cyberpunk Portraits Tutorial

November 28, 2019

today I’m going to teach you how I edit
cyberpunk style portraits like this so this video is actually a collaboration
between me and Matthew Stern be sure to check out his channel he does a lot of
things with vintage lenses he’s the one who actually took these portraits and
I’ll be editing them in my style additionally we also worked on a video
together be sure to check it out anyways let’s get started now anyone who knows
my photography knows that portraits aren’t my forte but I do enjoy trying it
out so we’re actually going to do two pictures right now the first photo is
actually going to be focused on the model herself and we’re going to mainly
expose for the face we’re trying to make a look more or less as natural as
possible I’m just going to explain around with the temperature a little bit
I don’t want her to green so once we have our portrait our model I’m just
going to export the full sized image there we go highest setting possible now
we’re going to edit this yet again except this time we’re going to be
focusing on the background now this is a website I use is called cooter cutter
it helps me choose the color scheme for my photos like basically which color
schemes are most aesthetic for people so we’re gonna go more towards kind of
bluish purplish tone with a little bit of orange not too much or we can go for
shades of purple so it’s a very cool website it’s free and I suggest to check
it out it helps me very much with when I’m
making my photos so we decided on the tones now we’re going to start editing
the background she’s going to look a bit strange but believe me it should be
alright so I like to reduce the highlights push
the whites but not over blow them please don’t worry about the way the model
looks this is right now we’re just focusing on the background and actually
when it comes to orange colors it’s very difficult to edit for me like it’s hard
to make them look good in my opinion so I’m actually going to try and get rid of
the orange cast for the yellow cast in the photos and we’re gonna go for kind
of a desaturated purplish bluish tone look in the background so once again
please don’t worry about our model we’re just focusing on the background that
looks alright we might add a little bit more purple tint to the background later
and we’re just gonna add it all vignette increase the highlights now open this in
Photoshop we’re going to now place our image that we edited earlier this one is
a portrait now if you have snapped enabled in Photoshop this will make
aligning much more easy so we’re going to open
a mask and ctrl I to invert the mask and now you should have this open up a brush
and we’re going to paint in our portrait tones so this is the way I like to do my
kind of syrup on style portraits now remember sir Punk is much more
reliant on the background you can’t always achieve the cyberpunk look with
any photo so you need to work hard at it like I’ve had people send me pictures
they want me to give them like a syrup Punk kind of look and it’s just them
with the shirt off and there’s like a dirt background like it’s not gonna work
like that you know you do need a certain kind of look a certain kind of aesthetic
to the photo to be able to achieve this effect now right now we’re just brushing
in back the colors of her face I normally like for my portraits to
reflect the way a portrait should look now if she does look a little bit kind
of a little bit kind of green but we will rectify that in a second so right
now I’m just going to give a little bit more kind of a purplish cast to the
background because it was a little 2d saturated there we go and next step
we’re going to change the skin tone over model just a little bit making not so
green not so pale but we can’t overdo it because this is a portrait as you can
see you move the human saturation slider it changes things right now are in the
yellow Channel I only want to effect yellows and I’m gonna make it just a
little bit red just a tad bit just a little bit of orange just to add more
life to her face there we go that looks much better and now what we want to do is we actually
want to go in there and out basically fix any masking errors we didn’t rectify
before so I did a very general mask but when you’re doing these you want to go
you want to really zoom in there and make sure you calculate appropriately
okay so now I’m going back in there I’m gonna zoom in and I’m going to make sure
there is no halo effect around the models because usually when you do this
kind of work there is kind of a halo glow around them that’s somewhat
unnatural you want to go in there and spend your time that you really want to
make sure it looks well when you do this right now I’m just doing like a quick
mask correction but like I said you really want to spend
your time when you do this we’re actually gonna put a little bit more red
in there I think it looks really nice and there is no right or wrong way of
doing these kind of portraits no it’s really up to you which colors you like
although I do suggest using the cooler color website because it helps with the
with choosing pleasing colors now we’re gonna save the image and we’re going to
go back into Lightroom for a little bit of retouching now you can do your
retouching here on Photoshop but to be honest I’m not very good at Photoshop
and I much prefer working in Lightroom it’s just something I’m very comfortable
with so we’re going to zoom in we’re gonna give a little bit of sharpness to
the eyes but we can overdo it when it comes to portraits I don’t like to edit
as much as I do with my landscapes for my cityscapes so we’re just gonna give a
little bit of sharpening and contrast not too much just just a tad bit they go sort of changes and that’s it
now we export our image I hope you enjoyed this tutorial now Matthew did
give me many more images and we will be editing them in the future but for now I
hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you’re on


  • Reply Noealz - Rain Photography October 12, 2019 at 5:35 pm

    ✅ Websites

  • Reply Uriel Axel Espeleta October 12, 2019 at 5:44 pm

    Nice video! I love the Cyberpunk style. I'm starting in photography and edition, but I know what kind of style I want, and is this. My first cotact with photographers of this style was with Liam Wong and Xavier Portela. And your videos help me a lot to see how to start in this amazing style. Now, I know how to apply this style in portraits.

  • Reply Joshua B October 12, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    Thanks a lot!

  • Reply Elise & Aaron October 13, 2019 at 2:28 am

    Thanks for sharing. That was not an easy portrait to work with. I think you did really well 👌

  • Reply RS October 13, 2019 at 5:53 am

    Hi , Looks great but I don't know why you are brushing so much.
    Allow me to explain :
    Your opacity is 62% and flow is 89% (which are odd numbers)
    That means you will never get more than 62% of your original image (girl) into the background.
    Every stroke will add up 89% so in two strokes you are more than done (first stroke 89% of 62% = 55,2% and the next stroke of 55,2% will stop at the max exposure which is 62%) !
    You should have put 100% opacity in and 5-10% flow, that means every time you touch (strike) an area it will ad 5-10 % more of the girl with the maximum of 100%
    So in 10-5 strokes she will be completely recovered ! (and you can always go back by lowering the total opacity of that layer)
    Hope you found this useful.
    The result of your edit is great.
    Thanks for the inspiration and sharing, and it is appreciated.

  • Reply Ivan Wang October 13, 2019 at 7:07 am

    Thanks for the tip. I have been shooting black and white because I have no idea how to handle colours. The adobe colour wheel website is really helpful.

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