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How to edit AMAZING LANDSCAPE PHOTOS in Lightroom 📷 Benjamin Jaworskyj

August 12, 2019

Hy and welcome salam alaikum and merhaba to all my Arabian friends watching this video right now. Today I
show you how to get the best out of your landscape images only using Lightroom. My name is Benjamin Jaworskyj. Photographer and adventurer. Ten years ago I started
to teach myself photography. Today I travel the world as a professional
photographer and filmmaker. Learn from my experiences, mistakes and tips and join
me on my photography adventures. I just opened a raw image of a landscape shot I
did. We go now over to lightroom on my computer and i show you how to get the
epic colors saturation and of course contrast for your landscape shots. As you
can see i’m on my computer right now and I opened Lightroom already. There’s an
image inside this image was taken in Norway. We had a nice camper trip through
Scandinavia, Sweden and Norway and this was almost the last spot we visited. It
was in Gairanga and it has a very nice scenery there. At day it’s very touristy
but at night and this was taken at around 2 a.m. in the morning you have
perfect light and nobody around. This shot is very much underexposed
as you can see in the image itself but as well in the histogram on the right
hand side. There you can see my settings as well it was not taken with the tripod so
it was hand held F 5.6, 1/100 shutter speed and ISO 1000
which is no problem with the a7RII. With that this image was taken. I used two graduated filter as well but the sky was
so bright and all the other stuff in the valley was so dark that it was not easy
to balance everything that’s why I underexpose in that situation and a lot
of people under exposed and landscape situations that’s why it’s a good
starting point to just show you what I do in Lightroom. The first thing I will
do when I look at the whole image and the histogram I will just adjust
the histogram and a lot of people don’t know that it’s even possible to adjust
the histogram you just go here up in the histogram and as you can see there’s a
dark area. So I just go in this dark area, press my mouse button or the trackpad
and then just drag everything to the right hand side and as you can see now
my blacks are turning. I don’t want the blacks to turn. I want the shadows to
turn so just go over this thing here and as you can see there are the blacks, here
are the shadows so I just drag the shadows. Click in the histogram and now
drag it to the right hand side and now you can see the shadow slider goes up
and the image opens all the details in that nice valley around here. Now we’re
going in the exposure so in the middle of the histogram just click it and drag it
to the right hand side. Now everything opens even more and I just drag it as
much till it’s somewhere here in the middle as well, something around here and
now you can see oh okay the foreground now looks not too bad it’s bright and
you see all the great details but this thing here is too bright now. So I just
go into highlights here and just drag the highlights a bit back
but not too much a lot of people do it like this but that’s too much that’s
over edited so just do it a bit just like this. Now there you can see something
around here in this area I pull the blacks now a bit back again so just
something like this. That’s what you can just remember all the time just hit the
highlights down and shadows up. In most of the landscape situations that works
perfectly but don’t do it till the limit not to the left and not this one to the
right just something around there. The numbers are not that important it
totally depends on the image. Okay what else can we do. Now I would put the
contrast a bit more up because it’s a raw image and in raw only it’s very flat it
has not so much contrast that’s why it’s raw. So I would just put a bit of contrast in the image you can always remember a raw
image as a good piece of meat and it needs a bit salt and a bit pepper and
some good pan and then some good heat and then you just put it on and then
everything is great and the same is with the raw image you just need a bit salt
and pepper and that’s usually highlights and shadows. Would be better as is solder
but H what is H I have no idea. Okay so vibrance I put
the vibrance as well a bit up because in a raw image vibrance usually is lost a
bit and I just go a bit down down down that’s all stuff I don’t need.
I go to remove chromatic aberration with that lens I used, the 16 to 35mm
lens I don’t have chromatic aberration very much so I don’t need
that but I always click it it’s just good a good workflow a good starting
point to just remove chromatic aberration. Then I enable profile
Corrections and as you can see the corners get a bit brighter now. That’s a
bit a problem of the 16 to 35 4.0 by Sony it has a lot of vignetting even on
5.6 on 4.0 it’s totally bad. Sometimes it’s a kind of arty but in this case
here I would just leave it like this and the distortion as well goes a bit away.
Then you can go all the way to the bottom and there you can see there is a
profile which is Adobe standard. In some situations I leave the Adobe standard
which is usually a bit desaturated but you can as well try out to go in camera
standard, then you have a lot more color in the image. As well you can go on
landscape then usually everything is super oversaturated but some people like
it you can just try it out for yourself. On Canon cameras for example this
landscape mode works perfectly good. With Sony cameras it’s usually too
oversaturated but when I photograph my 6D or 5D MkII – then this thing was
very good point. So just try it out for yourself but now I leave it in the Adobe
standard in this situation. You see the difference it’s totally more desaturated.
Okay the last thing I would do with the landscape I go in the graduated filter
here and I just pull the exposure down and the shadows and this is an important
point up because I want the tree here and not to get too dark but I want the
clouds on the sky to get darker but I don’t want the mountains here to be dark
as well. So I just drag it now and even a bit more just till here
something and now I can see if you want more of this but this would be too much
just bit just try all the time when you edit photos not to over edit your images
and this here it would be looking like if you put the shadows just like they
are. So put the shadows up and as you can see perfectly the sky is not changing
much but the trees and the mountains get all the details back. Ok and now hit
done because we are done and when we want to watch the before and after just
hit Y and as you can see there’s not much before and after and because my
Lightroom is bugging I have no idea. So what I do, I just hit the right button
and go to edit in Adobe Photoshop. Just open it in Photoshop and there I put
already the before image so that you can see the real before and after now next
to each other. There we are now in Photoshop and this is totally not
necessary for you workflow but just to show you the before and after this is
after this is before that’s amazing. What you might think too dark image what I
would think perfect exposed image because I can edit perfectly only in
Lightroom only with warm exposure in this image and I still have all the
details in the sky, all the details in the foreground, even in that small
reflection and as you can see there there’s my girlfriend sitting on a nice
rock just enjoying the view with 42 megapixels. Amazing that’s how I
would edit the landscape image in Lightroom. Boom isn’t it amazing how much
you can get out of your raw photos. Now try it for yourself. You can do the
things I’ve shown you with like every version of Lightroom even with the
Lightroom mobile version for your smartphone which is for free available
in the App Store and if you are interested in the Photoshop and
Lightroom subscription then just check the link below in the subscription bar.
No description bar and we see us after a quick commercial. Check out this is my website. There you can find video courses and one
is about Lightroom. Learn Lightroom the easy and fun way. I show you plenty of
tricks in Lightroom how to get the best out of your images not only with
landscapes but as well with portrait shots and all the good stuff. HDR,
panoramic shots, all the good stuff so check out and my
course and we are back from a quick commercial oh my god was that fast and
great. So we see us in the next video, if you want a shout-out for your country
just write it in the comments below if you have any topics I should talk about
maybe about image editing in Lightroom or something than just write it in the
comments below and I say masa llama to all my arabian friends see you in the
next video and goodbye.


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