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How to Easily Blur Moving Objects in Premiere Pro

October 29, 2019

What’s going on guys welcome back WAIS Does my face blurry tell you guys what what what what no? I’m just kidding today Copy you from here and seeing how we can achieve blurring of moving objects Once you have jumped into premiere obviously won’t import your footage that you are trying to blur for me It’s just this interest shot that you guys looked at this is a very simple effect to achieve and there’s multiple things you might want to do with this effect one of them might be in this situation where You want to blur someone’s face who’s moving in the background because they didn’t give you the permission to use their Likeliness in your project or let’s say you were filming something and somehow your license plate got in the shot Or an address you can use it for those situations, or if you’re picking up a package off of your porch And you don’t forget to blur the address I didn’t do that I don’t know what you talked about you can use this effect for any of those reasons and more of course But just to get right into it This is gonna be a pretty quick tutorial in your effects tab go ahead and type in Basket blur one of the nice things about fast blur is it’s gpu-accelerated So when you drag it on its the timeline stage yellow? And you don’t have to worry about any rendering so depending on the shape you’re trying to blur out There’s a few different options You can select you can just select the ellipse tool, and that’ll just create an ellipse over here And you can now drag that on to whatever section you’re trying to blur if you know Delete that if you’re trying to do a license plate or stick around a box You can just create that and then you know change it however you need be or if you’re printing a complicated thing you can Mask out whatever area you’re trying to blur and you can get a lot more specific with it, but in this situation It is a face so the easiest thing is this oval tool once you click this on the fast blur effect It’s going to create a circle over here, and we just want to click and drag up to the face And then you don’t match it Just the best that I can and you can also if you do want to get more precise you can just add more points And then just move them around just click anywhere on this line And you can just drag in So that’s why I also like to start with the oval for the face because it’s nice to be able to create a complete custom Path, but it’s also nice to just start with a general oval Especially when you’re doing it for a face so once you have the shape down of what you’re trying to blur out all you have To do is go over to the effects and hit track selecting mask forward So you can either hit this and it’s just going to play forward through your footage If you have some complex movement you want to make sure that everything’s good You can track forward only one frame So I’m trying to do that since part of my head is not there in the beginning trying to go Go see, I’m kind of moving and you can see it’s doing a really good job of tracking my face So I realize you’re probably thinking calling this not blurred. Don’t worry about that Just worry about getting the path selected correctly So I’m going to hit this a few more times and as you can see premier does a really good job of tracking So I’m also just gonna drag this down, so it’s not blurring out my hair I probably should’ve done that earlier, but you get the gist and then now that I’m more in the frame. I’m just gonna hit play And it’s just gonna track your face the best that it can we should hit stop and then move it on that frame? So it’s more of my face and from here on out It’s just all about letting the software do its work and then hitting stop if you see something moving or not tracking properly like you Want it to so right here see it’s starting to come off? So I’m gonna just drag it more on my face and since we’re blurring this it doesn’t have to be a hundred percent perfect But I like to make it as best as I can my hands move up towards my face Let’s see if they get in the way and mess up the track am I an idiot in my an idiot So as you can see premiere is very good at automatically tracking. I think they added this feature around CC 2015 I think they added the ability to track mask is an incredibly powerful Feature that you can use for multiple different effects it definitely makes this process a lot easier than trying to hand animate Keyframes for the blur, so I’m not gonna do the whole clip just for the purposes of this tutorial I’m gonna hit stop and as you can see the mask is tracked on my face and the only thing left to do is just Drag up the blurriness right here, and you know set it to whatever you think looks good I’m gonna set it’s like 200, and then I’m also going to bump up the feather a little bit It just blends more if you drag up the feathering to like 80 So then if you play the effect you can see my face is completely blurred out so if you have someone in the background you Don’t want to show this a super nice automated effect, so you don’t have to worry about anyone complaining and seeing the video later It’s actually pretty creepy right there. Not being able to see my face Anyways this has been a quick little how-to in Adobe Premiere how to blur faces and moving objects this tutorial was Requested by Andrew Archer if you have any other requests comment them down below I try to get to them as much as I can do as always subscribe And like if you enjoyed it if you didn’t leave me a dislike Maybe leave me a comment on what I can improve, and how I can make better content I’m making a video every single day for the rest of 2017 hop aboard the train content every day. See you guys tomorrow You


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