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How to Drill a Hole in Ceramic or Porcelain Tile (Quick Tips)

November 18, 2019

So here’s the question of the day: How do
you cut perfect circles or perfect holes in ceramic or porcelain tile for a shower arm
like this one over here or a tub spout in your tub surround? We’re going to tackle that question today. This is the tool that you use to get to those
perfect holes. So obviously this has been used. I’ll show you the packaging that it comes
in. So here’s the question of the day: How do
you cut perfect circles or perfect holes in ceramic or porcelain tile for a shower arm
like this one over here or a tub spout in your tub surround? We’re going to tackle
that question today. This is the tool that you use to get to those perfect holes. So it is the best wet tile saw
obviously this has been used. I’ll show you the packaging that it comes in. This is
a 1 ¼” diamond hole saw by Milwaukee. This is a retractable starter bit right here.
So this was the package that that hole saw came in. Like I said, this is a 1 ¼” diamond
hole saw. You can find this at your local hardware store or online. And this is the
packaging that the retractable starter bit came in. So this goes inside that hole saw.
So what happens is this retractable starter bit helps you get centered on the hole that
you need to make in the tile. And then you have the little slots here on the side. This
is what you use to push a screwdriver into to force out the piece of porcelain or whatever
it is that you cut. So this is a little hole that we cut out over here for the tub spout.
So this is your hole saw right here, and this is the starter bit, right? So the starter
bit starts in the center of the mark that you put on your tile where the hole needs
to go. So it’s as simple as the starter bit starting like that. And then your hole
saw grinds through the porcelain or ceramic tile and cuts out a perfect hole.
So what kind of power tool do you need to use this hole saw and the starter bit? Well,
it’s just a standard drill. This is just a ¼” drill. You can use a ½” drill,
but ¼” is all you need. So the way that you get the perfect hole and
in the right location is to measure off the edges and tiles or wall with a measuring tape
and find the center of that hole. Then you transfer those measurements onto your tile.
Now one way to preserve the life expectancy of these diamond hole saws is to continually
dip them in water as you’re cutting your hole into your porcelain or ceramic tile.
Now one thing I forgot to show you. There’s a little screw right here. You can loosen
or tighten it with an Allen wrench, and that will either help you retract this starter
bit or pull it out. Now in this case I had to pull it out a little bit because I want
to get this started into the tile. That way it’ll set in the tile and allow me to start
to cut out the 1 ¼” piece with the hole saw. So you m ay have to adjust the depth
for how long the starter bit is coming out of your hole saw.
Apply even pressure to the tile while you’re drilling it with the hole saw. What you can
do is dip the hole saw into water to preserve it or to extend its life expectancy. Now here’s
a hot tip: As you see that starter bit go through the other side of the tile, you can
flip the tile over and start drilling from the opposite side. This will help prevent
chipping of the tile. Go ahead and test this and see how it looks.
We got our spacers in place. Looks pretty good. So the top of this tile is lined up
with our laser level, which is lined up with the top of the main wall tile. And I had to
use… obviously we’re putting this tile on these horseshoe shims, but I have to use
two shims over here to get the tile to be absolutely level. But that’s fine. Not a
big deal. And so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and set the wall.
And we’re going to back-butter the tile, and we’re going to set this in place.
So I really hope that these quick tips on how to cut perfect holes on ceramic or porcelain
tile help you out. We just went over the Milwaukee diamond hole saw. There are a ton of other
ones out there. So if you have a recommendation for a diamond hole saw that you’ve used
for ceramic or porcelain tile, let us know in the comments. We’re always looking for
the best tools and the best accessories to help out with tiling. So add your comment
down below. I know this is a really, really quick video,
and we’re going to come out with another one that shares how to cut out a perfect hole
for a mixing valve in porcelain or ceramic tile. So don’t miss out on that.
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Oh, by the way, you can watch our last video right here, which was on how to tile a shower
niche. If you’re looking to learn how to tile and you’re doing a shower niche, this best tile saw for the money
video right here can definitely help you out with that.
Thanks so much for watching. Take care, and I’ll see you in the comments.
If you’re curious and you’re wondering what the heck are all these different things
on the wall, well these are Tuscan SeamClips, and these are horseshoe shims. They help us
keep our grout joints nice and even and our tiles flush without lippage. I figured I’d
throw that in at the end in case you were wondering.


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