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How to Design Your Own T-Shirt – Veterans Motorcycle Ride America

November 17, 2019

Today we’re going to design another
t-shirt on screen for client coming up hey welcome back everybody’s mat with
Mikey designs we’re going to go ahead and show you the process of how we go
about designing a t-shirt on screen this will be for client of ours it is for a
veterans run and I’ll show you what they have provided it is for a motorcycle
club it’s a veteran’s Run and it’s for dogs
for vets pets for vets this is that what the client has provided and this is
something someone else put together for them they want to make some changes but
we’re gonna kind of do our own little style to it mix it up a little bit that
way it’s not the same exact design we are gonna use some elements from this
design let’s go ahead and dive right into that if you are in the market for
Adobe Photoshop Illustrator or just Adobe CC in general be sure to use our
links down in a description by using our link it will help fund our channels that
way we can continue to make tutorials such as these for you guys and it
doesn’t cost you any more than if you were just to go over to Adobe comm and
purchase it from one of their links okay so first thing we’re going to do is I
was able to find this Eagle looks like the previous designer did use this
little bit of clipart here they did like that what they did not like they didn’t
really care for a font and they didn’t like the motorcycle so we’re gonna kind
of come up with something similar but our own little design so to speak so the
first thing I’m going to do I do see there’s some sort of road back here that
is a pretty cool element let me see what we can find as far as some sort of Road
so we’re gonna go to Google Images let’s type in Road and see what we get did kind of like the angle of that I
don’t want anything going back into perspective here and being that it is
Texas you might want to find something that is a little more flat but let’s
take a look let’s go to sighs let’s do large make sure we’re working with a
large image this is kind of cool but I don’t really like the angle of it I wish
I had some more options that weren’t just a straight back perspective look
who knows maybe that might end up working but let’s see what else they got
what else we can find grab this up some imagery from the good
old Google I don’t know that’s kind of cool it’s not the perspective that I
want but we’ll grab that up anyhow you let’s see maybe this will give us some
better options and I’m just gonna keep my mind open I’m not trying to knock off
that design in particular but always keep your mind open to something that
kind of catches your eye that’s kind of cool might be able to make that work
somehow the background probably will end up just being grayscale because we do as
screen printers we have six colors that we are limited to on our press just
trying to find something that’s not just a straight back image it’s just not your
perspective going back like that that’s one of the reasons I kind of like that a
little bit let’s see no it’s too hilly aha that’s not bad this seems something
a little more like you know come to think of it not in Texas they’re
actually in Arizona so I like this shot like how you can just really see the
gravel the the texture of the road so now let me go back and take a look I
probably should have thought about that generally we’re doing designs for
clients that are here in Texas but this is for client out in Arizona so you can
find some that looks a little bit more like it being in Arizona landscape I
don’t know I just really like it when it has that texture to the road I mean
something like this but then again I don’t know I’m not really seeing a
whole lot of options here where it’s not just a straighten back let’s see this
try curvy road Arizona and then a lot of these images just I
don’t know that’s all right it’s kind of cool what’s kind of need to take a look
at this kind of like that even though it is an image that goes straight back I
want to spend too too much time he muted back kind of image that’s in the
background but let’s take a look maybe this might work a good old shutter start
no we’re not gonna use him there we go it’s a wait for it to kind
of load it’s preview here it looks pretty low res that might’ve worked yeah
that’s pretty cool actually I kind of like that I’m gonna take this one as
well see what else we have here let’s take a look and see what we got
this far yeah that’s pretty cool that one will work you might end up using this one or that
one I kind of like the cloudy one the previous design did have some somewhat
cloudy images to it but let’s go back and make a new folder
we’re gonna call it design examples anytime I’m designing something I do
like to see what other people have done take a little bit from this a little bit
from that create my own design really so let’s say motorcycle club t-shirt design
see what pulls up and some of these I mean it’s kind of cool and everything
let um pull this off even though it’s not the look we’re going for do you like
some of the treatments here and some of the halftone dots in the background
let’s see what else we can find let’s see what we can find here hope
everybody is doing well today this is one of the very tedious parts to
actually designing something and you know we’re just scrolling through these
I’m not really seeing anything I’m absolutely just stoked about there’s
some cool stuff but they really do want a very kind of collage looking design so
to speak let’s try something else see you Harley harley t-shirt design something a little more along the lines
of this I’m going to drag this off and maybe use that as some sort of
inspiration that’s kind of cool so I mean we’re
going to try and create something along these lines here although I mean you look at stuff like
this and it what will show you how to kind of get there with that actually
illustrating the artwork were or on a time crunch and not only that we
don’t have time to sit down and actually illustrate something like that they need
it ASAP they need it today so that way when they go to their their club meeting
they will have something to present everybody and that’s kind of cool
however I think that’s what we’re gonna go for them I do you like the cloudy looking sky
there that’s pretty neat neat but I don’t think that’s the direction that
we’re going to go in it’s kind of cool so it’s kind of what I was looking for
is kind of a curvy road all right you have kind of wasted enough time here looking at some of these things all
right let me try curvy desert road see what that gets us see if we can’t find something a little
more what I was looking for I’m gonna take this one here and it looks kind of
cool okay I think that’s about all we’re
going to look for let’s just look up a cloudy sky make sure we’re still enlarged maybe
cloudy horizon saying something like that would be cold
however it’s got a lot of that’s pretty cool I think it’s a little too close to the
ground as far as the perspective goes you that’s pretty neat
let me take that and who knows I might end up just using
that I can’t quickly find something I liked it’s more interesting to me
one of the things about doing it t-shirt designed is just find something that
captures your eye there is no right or wrong way to do
this you just want to make something that looks good and that clients gonna
be happy with okay let’s see let me look at a couple more images see if we can’t
find cloudy horizon see Road I mean some of these were looking at is that to begin with already that looks
cool however I need something free can’t necessarily say that I want to go and
purchase an image for five 10 20 25 bucks whatever the case
may be and I’m not end up liking it and a lot of times you can grab an image
from I stock or Shutterstock use the mock-up image if they happen to like it
then you let the client know this image is not a royalty-free image we do have
to purchase it have them pay for it once they do take the full res images and
then just plunk it right down in place so that way you can get it essentially
get rid of these watermarks okay well free wise I think we can use
what we have here next thing I need to do is find a Harley and maybe parts on road make sure we’re using settings and I’m just trying to find some sort of
perspective then perhaps it’s a little bit more like like that I like that
motorcycle I think they would like that too these are veterans veterans do tend
to ride something that’s a little more Cruiser like like this one here
something a little more comfortable younger cats tend to like these here use
your chick can ride comfortably on the back of that ones so you tend to want to
go with something that’s a little more like that comfy for the long haul I want to worry about falling off the
back of it all time oh that’s a little too comfy there this
is pretty cool although with it being black I don’t
know I mean it’s going to go on a black t-shirt kind of hoping to find something
with a little more color but we may just take that and actually what we’ll keep is an option we’ll see it’s pretty cool-looking bike that’s pretty cool however I think the
photographs to Darden yeah it looks like a one-seater let’s not do that maybe if I knew the model of the Harley
I probably could find something along the lines of what I’m looking for although as I was saying a little
earlier don’t exactly want to keep a particular image stuck in my head be
open to stuff I mean I grabbed that went off that’s kind of cold
ah let’s see okay I think now we’re getting closer it’s where we need to be that’s that’s
pretty cool I like that looks a little more
illustrator like they might end up liking then uh I might be cool might
keep that as an option as well definitely don’t want someone sitting on
it okay well I think I might end up using
that one’s a little too classy look I probably might end up using this one
here you guys tend to lean a little more towards the darker colors let’s see what
else we can find if I had to show more I had a Harley it probably looks
something like that that’s a blow to lowrider ish although very cool I think we’re kind of
wanting something that’s going to appeal to the masses of the club okay so let’s roll with that for now
I’ll see what he thinks about it once it’s put into the composition and then
next thing we’re going to do we’re going to go to a thousand one let’s say
thousand one free fonts let’s do that one and my way of thinking is he really
likes the kind of style of this font here which kind of looks Western to me so let me see what I can find
Western wise Oh a guy that kind of I don’t know
mmm confetti confetti Western I don’t know kind of thought of my work but trying to keep my mind open to some of
these other fonts all right we might need to go 2001 fonts believe they are free 2001 frequency let
me down again here see what it pulls up hopefully we get
something as Lowell closer to what he likes about the jackets that they do
have for the club members you and this is just one of the more tedious
processes of actually getting in and designing something it might just be font hunting just
looking for fonts you that’s kind of cool
no it’s called carnival that they might end up liking something
like that you some of these fonts are a coelom I have
to go back and kind of ream maybe I have that font stuck in my mind alone too
much although I don’t want it to be one of
those situations where like hey can we get something closer to this thank ya
you know sure however you see what we’re doing here is going
through okay all right let’s try this let me go back to the beginning and see
if there’s anything that kind of sticks out that I think looks pretty cool not so much
Shh something similar to what is on their jackets saddlebag now cowboy is a new okay yeah none of these are really
catching my eye except for that one okay you’ll have to excuse me had to sneeze
there for a minute okay where were we at we’re looking for fonts okay I think for
the moment I’m not going to look at fonts anymore I’m going to switch gears
real quick thought for a minute and we’re gonna look for an American flag
eagle see if we can’t find maybe some other interesting image even though that
one is pretty cool so let’s see what other options we do have I mean there’s
there’s that image again that one is pretty low res let me go back make sure
it’s large and you can see that image does show up
quite a bit I do not I like to do like how the flag is in its wings that’s pretty cool-looking might grab
that up and in the process I’m going to organize this a little bit let’s call this American Eagle and find our American Eagle image I’m
gonna toss that in a folder make a folder called Rhodes Rhodes toss that in there see early we’ll toss that in this folder it’s that way when I’m getting to the
point of actually putting this thing together it’ll be a little easier for me
to let’s call this clouds make a little easier for me to go
through and actually figure out essentially what what we’re looking at
here image-wise makes things easier to find
so that way I had to sort through as much okay back to the American Eagle
just going to see if I can’t find something perhaps a little more
interesting that’s kind of cool we just pull that one off image of the Eagle that we had that
dumped it in the wrong folder I thought I’d pulled it off let’s take a look I had pulled the other one off maybe not
all right let’s take this dude and put it here make sure it’s actually showing
up let me go back to the top I think it was this one here
you okay click on that it will give us some other
images to kind of browse through although now it’s getting us back to the
low side of the images and why that one just keeps popping up doesn’t it however let’s see what we can find and do we have this one already and he’s too narrow cool thing about
that image is it composition wise it actually will fit quite nicely even though I’m not a huge fan of having
them flag behind it this looks pretty cool I
might just kind of feather this out that
feather better ba feather the edges of that that might end up being something
pretty cool this is pretty neat you might be able to actually take that and transpose some sort of
flag behind it maybe in some of these areas here that’s pretty cool-looking though I like
that how it looks like an eagle and then it’s the face it’s almost kind of a
two-in-one image so I don’t know
doing a couple options see what they think that’s pretty cool when it a little more kind of let I want to look a little bit more
like it was illustrated by hand I don’t know if we have the image here
we might actually have that when already yeah and that’s pretty cool however I don’t
know that that’s what I’m talking about guys when saying keep your eyes open for
something that might be interesting they might really enjoy what I have in mind
for that what is this here Shutterstock now murica doing it for America the a Mirko let’s see okay let’s yeah that’s kind of I don’t know now
that I look at it seems a little goofy to me so but
have that face I think I will find some sort of American flag image that might
look really cool behind it and that looks pretty cool to me so let’s call this American flag if you
guys are wondering out to create these folders so quickly just hit command
shift in that will create a new folder all right
let’s dump this into the American flag folder you
and that’s not bad-looking however looks like it was meaning tells vector or done
in Photoshop clients just texting away do apologize
let’s see I don’t know that first ones pretty cool let’s see what else we can find here that’s not bad and I’ll grab that you hmmm there that’s pretty neat I might be able to do
something pretty cool with that like how the sunshine is coming – that
might work with our clouds somewhat and I think I might might find just one
more image it’s kind of cool I have to do too much trimming for that
it’s got the looks like the Rocky Mountains in the background although that’s pretty cool in itself I grabbed that up like the kind of grunge kind of
watercolor splatter kind of look to it and ah way to go 1 2 3 RF
man that might have worked let’s see what else we can get that that looks
like that because it’s that’s pretty neat
it kind of has a little bit of that kind of just weathered vintage kind of look
like it’s been around for a while and it looks like I’m out yeah that’s
pretty cool you see here a little bit small of an image course
all the large images are paid for images however let me now that
one looks like it’s Illustrated a little too much let’s say we pulled off this farm that’s
cool let’s need also see this is a part where
we’re just kind of you can just really get creative with it
because I mean that’s pretty cool-looking and I don’t want to do a carbon copy of
what and the previous designer did I’ll tell you one of the things they really
don’t excuse it we are a business and the phone doesn’t ring so let me pause
this real quick okay you’ll have to excuse me so I was calling in I’ve been
getting messages and I had to see what the weather is doing outside and kind of
look outside eating out so let’s see what we got here
American flag wise yeah I did not drag one of these off this is a little low
rest but I really like it I don’t think it will matter to to much since it will
be kind of subdued in the background let’s take yeah it’s got a watermark in it there’s just all kinds of emails coming
and get out of the way let’s see is that the same image is it the same image it
looks like same one meme like that so at this point I’m gonna do
one more image search and we’re just going to look for
lightning cool I don’t know desktop background
something not too too crazy and once again let’s go to size and
large to go and kind of fine and naturally we’re going to have clouds
in there and I may or may not actually put this
in there because the last composition did have a little something like that this looks kind of neat although I
really don’t think this is 19 by 1080 like it’s saying it looks pretty low res
that looks kind of cool okay you know I like that let’s see let’s make a new
folder guess what we’re going to call it lightning lightning case ill
should have been all caps like Aang what looks pretty neat yeah I might grab that up go back and
after a while kind of looking at these images and
grabbing them sometimes going back you almost can have a fresh set of eyes
on it so to speak oh I know what Metallica’s ride the
lightning in the background not although cool album I will say all right
I think this couple images will work with what I have in mind so at this
point I’m gonna hide Safari I’m going to go over the Photoshop let me close that
out I do not need that let’s make a new image accidently hit open Bowman hit
command in or just click create new here I do know our maximum print size is 12
by 15 this will go on the back and I think I’ll do 200 dpi since a lot
of these images are somewhat low res and we’re screen printing it at 45 the LPI
200 is good if you can design it at 300 and your images are so large that you do
need to scale them down that’s ideal we’re going to make the background
transparent RGB because we will end up doing our separations in RGB you do not
want it in CMYK because this is not a process print it’s going to be simulated
or what we call spot process so let’s see what job never recalled this 50 84
pets for vets for pets for vets I might even have this
title wrong but I know what it means let’s go ahead and hit create okay so now at this point let’s go over
to our folder I think first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to create the
background and I think I like that went a little more
so let’s drag that in you know yeah let’s just go ahead and dragged it in I
was going to turn to grayscale but I have a way to get rid of the color
because we will not be using color in the background let’s just go ahead and
hit enter we’ll label this lightning I’m gonna
make a new layer we’re gonna call it background or you can call it black
t-shirt whatever you want to call it let’s actually do that we’ll call that
black t-shirt t-shirt drag that to the bottom hit D on the keyboard make sure
we have our default black option delete now I have ourselves a black background
you can see there is a little bit of a hard line here and with this image okay
so let’s make this grayscale hit command
you we can go to image adjustments hue separate yeah hue saturation what’s
about say hue separation but we’re not separating anything so just pull
saturation all the way back it’ll take all that color out you knowing the hit
okay next thing we’re going to do let’s find our road see which one I think will
look the best that’s pretty cool to flat and I don’t like the angle of it
that’s pretty awesome hmm so it’s either this dude here I’m
going to label it real quick or like that one it looks pretty cool but I
like the lighting of this so it’s this guy or this guy let me know
in the comments which one you like and I’ll show you which one I end up going
with and then kind of toggle back and forth between these two I’m really liking the lighting of this
one I’m gonna go with this one because of the fact that it is kind of a
kind of wanted to look a little stormy so I’m gonna pull that down
sorry about that actually only hit my mouth moved it around call this road aka
row ad you let’s see here Smart Filters mm-hmm
although I did not mean to make that a smart filter however command-u in this I may mmmm might have to back up
a step because maybe I can do something interesting with the cloud set it just
being grayscale because I do like some of the yellowish tones here so I’m gonna
have to think about that maybe I could do something cool with some of the
colors of this background so we might just end up blending these two together
so I just hit command + or just yeah command to select this other one as well
if you wanted to select and you can hold shift to select these but if I didn’t
want this one in the middle just hold command and you can select or control
for you guys on a PC out okay anyhow I might actually go back and
do something with Lightning here with the taking it from that to color
image I don’t know I might turn it to blue yeah let’s do that
get rid of that let’s take go back to this cloud or excuse me the lightning take this one again
it looks pretty cool but I’m going to drop this guy right in
there I’m going to change the color if it’s
that way it’s more of a blue rather than purple and we might just hit colorize flora
saturation up I think that will look a little more interesting because we are
going to need blue for the American flag so let’s change that I’m going to drag
it up and then my the issues I have going on
here so we do have the sky so I think I’m gonna kind of blend this out a
little bit I turn this off I’m gonna make a selection with my marquee tool
here and just the square marquee tool I’m going to go to filter or excuse me
select modify feather and I think I’m a feather that by 150
I’m gonna go to my road in the chair let me rename this one lightning again and let me just collapse this by
clicking that I don’t really need to see the filter
now I’m gonna hit you do a little bit of excuse me shouldn’t hit cancel command
you control you for PC guys and let’s kind of make that look a little more blue again released blue up here feathers out little more let me head
undo undo couple times I think that we’ll get
rid of our feather let’s make this 250 so I want a nice
gradual transition I’ll rename this after the fact after I figure out what
I’m doing here with these clouds okay so they command you again see now we’re
starting to get a little bit more of a fade and I think I might feather it out
just even that much more let’s just go ahead and make that 500 okay you can see this pinch down and
that’s because we got a really huge feather going on here so now let’s
change that see now we’re getting a little bit more of that that sky in the
background going my bump being a saturation bring some color in there and let’s make
it look closer to the other blue that we do have going on and win it so purplish
they bump the saturation all the way up just so we can kind of really see what
we’re working with here from the purples that way I don’t have
to use purple in anything all right so we got that we got this image here May and let’s go ahead and label this lightning
again so I’m going to
but hit command team smart smart filters applied to this layer will be turned off
temporarily while they transform sure wherever you save their so we’re going
to drag this down to the horizon I hit command T to do that just drag it down
and hit enter on the keyboard now I’m going to do a mask got this layer
selected I’m going to click this here go to my paintbrush and I’ll control an
option and you can drag your mouse up and down
like this so you can see the effect that is going on and I’m going to want to
paint this with black hit X on my keyboard and then we can kind of
gradually just blend these I blend that a little bit so I look like
it belongs okay so that looks pretty cool I think
I’m going to take the two of these most like the road in the lighting layer and hit command T
to transform it it’s that way and kind of fill up my canvas
I think I’ll pull this down just a touch because I am going to feather this out a
little bit let me hit undo real quick I think I went a little too far with it don’t want to lose just part of
lightning although I can go around it who knows
I don’t know sometimes I go back and forth with some of these things and just
part of designing things and okay so I think one of the things I’m going to do
I’m going to go to you and should be pulling back to the saturation
here it command D on the keyboard make sure
I’m not looks like I’m affecting the little filter we got going on command-u
I’m trying to pull back the saturation of this thing I went a little darker
you saturation is getting a little crazy
okay let me go to image mode adjustments brightness contrast and as we pull this back let’s see what
we get might want to bump up the contrast a little bit see what using
legacy gets us so I’m kind of wanting to just make it
somewhat dark looking even though these guys are not going to be riding and
weather like this ever you I’m going to make it look dramatic
happens when we hit colorize here obviously it’s going to make well I mean
if you really don’t know what when you do colorize it basically takes all the
tones and makes it almost like a sepia tone so at this point I’m trying to be a
little bit more towards the blue side huh I’m really not taking what it’s doing to
the clouds here and depending on what version you have
it’s you’re not gonna see some of these Smart Filters kick on which I recently
updated I’m not too big of a fan of these Smart Filters because it’s not the
results that I have going on here aren’t exactly
what I’m looking for let’s try this you
so I turned those Smart Filters off real quick
man I’m trying to stay away from those Purple’s okay
that looks kind of cool let’s turn okay all the Smart Filters are on go back to this road we’ll go to
adjustments brightness/contrast see what we get here and pull some of
this stuff back and you can just play around with it
whatever it is you’re creating just keep in mind you can just play around to
stuff and get it to your liking my personal tastes will differ from yours
so just bring this contrast up and I have to go back and ah okay yeah it’s looking kind of cool
all right so with this background I think one of the things I am going to do
well I’m gonna pause the video for one second okay now we’re finished with that
phone call all right um I think one of the things I’m going to do is let’s see
how we can incorporate one of these American Eagles now looking at this it’s
too illustrative that’s kind of cool they originally had that so I think I
might plonk this dude in there is one option so let me take this I’m gonna side drag
it in there and enter and I’m gonna make a folder we’re gonna
call it Eagles and we’re not talking about the band I’ll call this eagle one
and put it in that folder and while we’re at it miles will grab
the other Eagle one should I plan on doing something with
please try and see what we can do with it I’m gonna toss that in there and
immediately I’m going to just erase this thing here see I am not sure why you okay we’re going to use a mask because
I’m dragging dropping things in there rather and opening and copying it over
and I’ll show you what I’m talking about let me just get rid of that real quick
I’m gonna go to open go to my job folder here and click on art American Eagle and
I think this let’s see where’s it at there we are let’s go ahead and open
that up so now that’s open then drag this guy off hold the command option
down I’m gonna hold shift so it plugs right down the middle let me go back to
this window a command W to close it out now I hit command T to transform it make
it bigger see now it’s not linked to anything which that times are are a good
thing if you happen to erase some of your image having a linked image you can
always go back to the the original image as soon as I start
erasing this I mean the contents gone which with this particular these uh this wallpaper art here and I
don’t mind getting rid of this so let’s just get rid of that
okay we’ll call this Eagle two rips forgot to put two in there now and turn that off we got this eagle
here that we are dealing with one of the things I want to do is get rid of the
black background so I’m going to go over here to my magic wand tool I’m just
going to select this let’s hit undo a couple times I didn’t
let’s select that so I’m just gonna hit delete
let’s rasterize this thing that way we can actually and that’s how you get rid
of your linking just right-click and rasterize it but also we’re going to
show you how you can open it and copy it off so I hit delete now do you select
that now I’m going to go over here I think what I’ll end up doing is for this I’ll probably end up drawing
some sort of path and a little bit of white here it looks like someone went
back and toss that in there that take my selection tool here remove
some of these areas I don’t want deleted you use a pin tool to make him a a more
precise path but in this instance I am just trying to get
this done quickly so I’m gonna I’m free handed you get a real event and I’m just
holding option down to get rid of that selection I’m going to delete that get
command D to deselect it so that’s looking we got him in the
composition probably will need to go back and get rid of some of this as well
which I did not really catch to begin with get some of this here and I’m
going to remove some of this hold option down
I had delete there we go no reason were I mean someone’s black
makes up the shadows of this tell feathers and I’m just going to kind of
position this guy a little bit okay so we got our eagles all done I’m gonna
collapse this folder next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go to my car
lease and it’s pretty cool something tells me they
probably would like that better that one or that one more
let’s see come on get out of there let me know guys what you think down in
the comments which one you like I think I kinda like this cuz it looks a little
more cartoony and a classic looking this is kind of that modern flat black but
yet a classic motorcycle see them quite often on the road you so I think I will go with this one here
the Road Glide I believe is what it’s called because that’s what it’s labeled
who knows maybe that’s not what it is okay let’s go to that window close it
out so in this instance I am going to make a clipping path for this particular
motorcycle let me back up a step I’m gonna hit undo let me reopen that file
and I’m gonna go here it p on the keyboard we’re gonna make a clipping
path let’s think about just a touch and then hit caps locks that way I get my
arrows this is just how I prefer it and if you want to see the pin on yours
that’s absolutely cool a little option down drag that back a little bit the
angle is getting a little too crazy and I’m not gonna spend too – too much time this clipping path I’m gonna try and
make as accurate as I can but I’m gonna try and bang this out as quick as I can
hold option down get rid of that handle I can do something like this you last
and with me saying I’m not gonna spend – too much time and get it to precise
you’re probably thinking wow you’re spending more time I normally would but just trying to do this as quick as I can
I mean some of these details I generally would get take a little more time on
ever being a commercial designer or graphic designer commercial artist
whatever you want to call it I find you’re generally on a time crunch most
of the time well you won’t have a tendency just and really need to bang
these things out come down here make sure our antennas in
there and there goes the Thunder it is about to pour down I don’t know if you
guys can hear that hopefully it doesn’t get too loud don’t want it interrupting the tutorial
/ let me show you how I go about designing stuff and here we go with some
more phone calls let me quit that real quick let’s Shannon get the song okay you can see I’m just going around
clipping this thing out normally doing a just some sort of magic wand selection
won’t work because of the background and I’m quickly gonna try and blow through
this so it’s going around the motorcycle okay
this is definitely as you can tell is a very tedious process you hear Shannon
you’re not familiar with shin in the shop gnome she is she is the lady she is
steam she helps manage things around here
handles clients obviously and she was getting after mom getting after and
learn so you guys had our new to the channel we are a I’d say two and a half
person shop I do the art work I started this business back in 2013 had a
full-time job this is what I do for a living I’ve got
Shannon on board the amount of workload that since Shannon’s come in she’s
really help pick up a lot of the workload so I can get to doing
artwork and a screen printing in she actually helps with the screen printing
by stacking the shirts and it’s really thundering out their eyes that are just
appropriate for this tutorial with the lightning in the background it’s a
little too coincidental maybe so anyhow um yeah so two-and-a-half
person what I mean by two-and-a-half is I am training someone on the the screen
printing end so I can be in the office a little more I helped his name’s Panda
you’re watching panda which I doubt you will because he is a busy guy himself
however he does a lot of the screen prep and training him how to screen print so
let’s just say that business is going well and we didn’t our busiest here this farm it’s
just good it’s probably because of doing stuff like this so I actually got off
the phone with a client lo earlier today before I started this he was a good
buddy I went to high school with and one of the reasons they do keep coming back
to us is because of the artwork I mean they’ve tried other people and they try
and you know spread the work out but they keep coming back to us because of
the essentially artwork that we sent to them I’m really enjoying what we’ve put
together and apparently whatever sends other shops have been putting together
these haven’t been happy with and it is starting to get down out there well just
when we thought the rain was gone you so who was that was that well and which one is which one Shawn okay in the back up here what design was that oh yeah okay I know
she talked about now I’m getting ahead of myself again keep saying it’s a
shadow gotcha okay so we have completed our
path I’m gonna hold command down like this make sure we do have the combined
shapes thingy here no it’s okay I was just talking about our business because
at this point of doing this art is very tedious and there’s not a whole lot to
talk about aside from I’m drawing with it okay so I’m using the subtract from
shape now that we’re going to be cutting our path inside here generally you want
to do the outside first make sure it’s combined shapes and then as soon as you
draw the path on the inside where you want it cut out it will subtract that from the circle
selection and I’ll show you what I’m talking about here once we get this
finish and I’m just going to I mean I’m not going to make this too too detailed
some of these parts like this yeah I read and do it I’ll just make it kind of
square like that’s a part where I’m telling you I don’t want to spend too
much time on it come down here they’re just gonna make simple polygons we’ll make curve it’s pretty important
important part excuse me geez I’ll say one thing about
being a designer I’m not talking what during the day and I’m concentrating on
what I’m doing sometimes I can just stumble all my words so to speak you treyton on the task at hand so I tend to either not say things
properly or just I don’t know sometimes I feel like I sound a little foolish
let’s just put it that way when I’m nuts it’s almost like I’m kind of have a
one-track mind kind of can’t really multitask as much or as
well as I think I can okay I don’t like how that turned out it’s pretty
important that I will adjust okay last thing here at least I believe is this
part here okay I’m just gonna hit command s to save
that I’m gonna go over to my pass double click on that
I caught clipping path hit okay cover here to the right hand side select
clipping path 0.3 flatness if the higher is the number the harder the clipping
path will be in other words it will make it look more like a polygon so 0.3 is
generally my go-to okay now I’ll hold command down over
this you’ll get the little box here and then look at our selection so now you
see because innards are taken out if I hit command J and turn off the
background you’ll see that we got our motorcycle and you really need to put
that on new layer but I just wanted to show you guys that over to our marquee
tool command option shift plunk that bad boy right down in here and it looks like
I did forget to go in here and cut this out
let’s see if we just quickly punch some of the stuff out try not spend too much time on these
details but that’s pretty important so I’m gonna remove that selection and
we’re going to remove this as well three handed best I can you I add some of this I’m just holding the
shift button down and I’m gonna add some of that remove
some of the rim of the motorcycle here remove some of the calipers here add
some of that add this back in actually we want to remove that from the
selection so I almost get rid of that and I’m holding option down who’s
clicking and might be slightly polygon like but I’m just trying to hammer this
job out these guys are waiting on this they need it for their meeting alright
let me add that to the selection this is well that remove that shift an option
will go between the two shift will add option takes away now if you hold if you
hold option down you’ll get minus so I’m dragging dragging here right now I’m
going to let off option holding my mouse down hold option down again
now I’m getting a straight line so I’m gonna click and then hold down my mouse
let that go like or hold the mouse down and let go option you get back to being
able do a free-form tool a couple more pieces hold option down here but actually we need to do shift holding
shift now we hit undo so we’re gonna hit shift I’m gonna hold option down and see
we get that again and I let go the shift button play around with that you might
find that useful and again it’s just hold shift add I’ll start drawing and
then click option let go a shift Wow let’s see yeah you can still hold and shift down
at the same time so it bothers you let go
shift and keep holding it I’m going to remove this here okay alright one more little thing I’m
going to add this remove that add this or excuse me
remove them now we had delete all right now we’re
getting somewhere rotate this just a little bit and you make it a little bit bigger in
the composition man team Tifton option pulls that up let
me go back and see what they did in the last design and I use that as a basis
composition wise okay yes so the motorcycle is
overlapping quite a bit this is a bigger bigger motorcycle looks like a little
bit of an outer glow on the motorcycle mm I was kind of thinking of a drop
shadow however okay so we need to keep some room at the
top for the tags I’m gonna all right let’s call is Harley and then Ingle I think I will size him down a
little bit I think he’s taken up a little too much real estate and pull in
down move the Harley up some along with this Eagle and there’s hold command down to select
those two okay let’s go ahead and save this I don’t think we’ve saved yet and
shame on me when it’s terrible probably cuz I’m finally getting to a
point towards where I’m like okay this is just looking like something but we
got a long way to go okay I’m gonna take a couple minutes to collect my thoughts
figure out where I’m going to go with this next so stay tuned okay and we are
back at a moment to kind of sit back and kind of look at this I think with this
particular evil it is it’s very colorful and then the bike is you know it’s a
flat black so I think I’m gonna drop this down in the composition I like the
flat black bike more however I think it’s a little it’s not colorful enough
we need to bring some more color into design so I’m going to hold on to that
one though because I may see how it ends up looking in the other composition so
let me bring this in real quick this one I am NOT going to cut a path for because
it is on a black background I’m going to plug that dude right in there let me close these other windows out
close this one let’s go ahead and when you get rid of turn the background layer
back on we’ll still have our clipping path we’ll just save that into the JPEG
close it out so let’s go back over to our layers we will just put these guys
I’m going to select both of them put it in a folder we’ll call it Harley’s gonna collapse
this one here open this folder let’s call it red Harley turn this black one
off I’m going to enlarge it and I’m going to
use my magic one however I’m going to bring
the tolerance down quite a bit it’s too much let’s try 15 and a decent
leg come over here and select some of those
other stuff I do however need and there goes the phone again not a big deal I
mean rid of this portion of the selection
telemarketer good old telemarketers now nobody answered
oh my okay so this one may be a bit of problem it is not a very high res image not a big fan of images that are not
high-res so I’m going to do a very crude the selection of some of these parts
here make sure we got this tire and you can
see some of the okay
I’m gonna get rid of this make sure we got that tire and it is starting to pour down out
there I don’t hopefully power doesn’t give out cuz we
got a deadline to meet today here in a few hours so I need them crank this dude
out all right because I’m not sure that I’m
uses motorcycle let’s see let’s go over and type in red Harlem right harley-davidson
see what we get not quite the same motorcycle but you
know they might I like that that motorcycle that is in there I do like
the angle however you man and as long as we get something to
them they tell us they don’t like the motorcycle not a big deal they’re happy
with the font or whatever the case may be they’re generally always will be
changes that will need to be made but we need to get something to them first all
right let me go to filter and let’s see trying to think it’s not a filter I used
too often I’m gonna go to help we’re going to call it it’s called plastic
rap at least it was something looks like they may have gotten rid of it so let’s
go to our filter gallery so used to be called their artistic
and there this plastic wrap my looks stupid at the moment but I’m going to
pull it back this will do is kind of help look a little bit more just a touch more kind of illustrate it I don’t know but I
don’t like how that came out so I’m gonna close my mail app so stuffs
not constantly popping up okay so we’re going to pull this down the
composition a little warm might even size it down just a touch you now
quickly just put an outer glow on it see the outer glow make sure its wine and
I’m spread of it to be be fairly noticeable when I go to
overboard with it night I’m probably gonna have to fix this tire a little bit
because that just looks funky okay mm-hm opacity so you might bring that back a
little bit you and it’s just one of those things being
a designer you’re going to have to play around some of these things I’m gonna
call that good for now and I always go back and adjust it my concern at this
point is this tire let me just take mine you
tool here and kind of make this look a little bit more like a around a tire command ship I’m going to go over to my
race tool I’m gonna hit some of that and it looks like a rounder tire reason it’s
been too much time on this bike just yet as they might not like it so I mean some
of these areas here I mean obviously that kind of looks like Dede and this is a low whereas image I think
I’ll just click on this layer here let me say select modify contract and
contract it by two pixels and then select modify feather and go feather it
by two as well command shift I and I’m gonna head to
lead I hit it one too many times
okay so now our edges look a little better a little feathered out still not
a fan of what’s going on here see if I can draw something out that
looks a little better select feather modify feather to delete
okay that looks a little better I hit command new I think I might change the
hue of it to be a little bit more like the red of the eagle and okay there okay the things I do kind of want to do like what is going on back over here
well that just looks goofy yeah I’m not even know what that is but I’m gonna get
rid of that stuff make sure when I grab this handle select modify feather – okay
I’m hitting enter on the keyboard delete okay that looks better okay now I think one of the things I
might do with this eagle is I’m going to put a mask on it grab my
brush make it fairly large with a really like zero percent hardness make sure my
default color is black D I was hit D on the keyboard and X I’m gonna come over
here and I’m just going to fade him out just a touch I think I might have this
just a little too big let’s pull this back a little bit
it’ll help this motorcycle kind of stand out just a little more next thing I’m
going to do I am going to take this windscreen and I’m
– I’m not even a fan of what’s going on here
they fix that real quick slag – five feather for I’m I’m I’m on my motorcycle layer
right Harley delete that it looks better okay back to
our windscreen I’m going to make a really quick selection here and I got a little sloppy with it
holding option down so we go back to this thing I’m going to pull out some of
these parts here that armed motorcycle handlebars some of these other little accessories
I’m going to pull let me undo that I’m gonna pull this out this does look like
it is metal maybe it’s not and let me get rid of the selection of
this mirror here edit command shift J so that removed that from that layer and
I’m gonna pull it back a little bit that way we can see some of that eagle
showing that are just a touch make it look like it’s in front of it I’ll call
this windscreen okay commander let’s save that now
next trick is let’s take a look and see what we get when we go to brightness and
contrast see what we can’t do make sure it’s kind of balance between
the two and what – too much contrast okay that looks pretty good decent
enough time crunch people time crunch okay so I think with this road I’m gonna
pull back some I’m still kind of not a fan of what’s coming out here but might
not be that big of a deal down the road let me take a look at what
we got going on here Road let’s put this in a folder we’ll call it background you now for this road I think I will pull it
back not so in-your-face but you still get
the idea what’s going on it’s even America all right now I think at this point what
I’m going to do is either feather the edge of what is going on in the
background or I might do some sort of halftone thing so I’m going to save that
real quick I’m actually going to duplicate this background because I have
a feeling that I might want to do something different or the other Eagle image so I’m going to
turn that off because it’s obviously affecting what’s going on changes we
just made and
let’s see trying to think here sometimes part of
the process is thinking so I think with this background I’m just kind of feather
and then the other design I might do something a little more unique so let’s just put a mask on that
background layer I’ll take our brush and size it down a little bit
control an option my feather is out some you you so I do not want those
Edge’s you and I think what I might end up doing
now I got this feathered out here hit X on the keyboard I’m trying to get some
more X again make sure why it’s in the foreground and make sure these
lightning bolts kind of really stand out hit X again to get black back and then
some of these areas between it I’m going to pull that back just a touch whether
this will all bid okay so one of the things I think I’m
going to do is I’m going to right-click go to my brushes here see what we have and see if we can’t
change this you know if change this up since the 2017 version so
you’ll have to excuse me here trying to find the brush I generally like he’s on her special effects brush hmm that’s weird and it’s not weird but where’s uh mm-hmm
man they just keep changing things up restore the default brushes they open
this up see what we get here I’m looking for I mean it’s kind of okay let’s see how this works out for us
I’m going to make this 100% and I’m gonna give it a little bit character here basically is what I’m
trying to do I’m really not liking how this brush is working out was try this out and looks a little to splatter
like not exactly what I was going for that looks like leaves you I know it’s a nice hole as I’m brushing
around lightning here got lightning going out you’re going on in the
background there and so I’m just trying to give this a little bit of a texture and it’s
we’re getting closer to after kind of that grainy splotchy kind of
effect I think I may want to emphasize this
little more with a different brush that’s kind of cool almost looks a
little noisy let’s see what media brush is let’s see
what we get here this may be after I don’t know so I’m gonna play
around with this for a moment so it’s all part of designing stuff you have to
just really go through and because they have changed it I I’m not finding the
brush right away however we are gonna make this work
because we have no choice Kyle’s ultimate ultimate pastel brush
and see what this does NIR not so much drop the ball Kyle don’t
say maybe you I was like I have to really hold it down
that’s not what I’m looking for and some of these things here worked out
okay okay so one of the things I think I’m going to do with this eagle I’m
going to select it and do select modify contract we’re going to do by one
Schlag modify feather let’s do that by – command shift
I’m the inverse it and hit delete let’s see how that worked out I think I
might have to contract it a little more trying to feather the edge a little bit
so he’s not such a hard edge edges looking cut out let’s try it
again select modify contract I may have hit expand that might have been a
problem okay select modify feather do ok inverse
delete ok that’s a little better so now it’s not doesn’t have such a hard edge
and one of the things I may do let me go back to my Harley
but that glow will take that right click cop copy layer style go back to our Eagle right-click paste
layer style let’s see what we get too much of a glow so we’re going to double
click on the filter here let’s pull that back a little bit there we go I like that let’s see the
difference between the two it’s subtle but it works okay so I think we’re getting pretty
close to the where we need the beam I’m going to save this and I may
need to move the eagle up in the composition or I might need to just size
both of them down we’ll figure that out once we bring our text in so we still
have to create that bring that in let me do option two real quick so I’m going to
turn this Eagle off you know what I think I’m going to save these as two
different files so I’m saving this and I’m going to hit command shift s to at okay okay so now we got version two
I think I’m just going to get rid of this Eagle altogether and I think I may
hold on to that bike I’m going to turn this either you go on
let’s see what happens when we hit multiply that looks pretty cool let’s turn the outer glow’ off it’s on
the windscreen yeah so let’s turn it off sped the
windscreen and the Harley that looks pretty cool one of the things I do like about this
is his eyes so I think I am going to make a selection around the eyes go back to that equal
click on that layer hit command J we’ll call it eyes turn the multiply back to normal we’re
getting that white again however what we’ll do this we’ll just use a mask
layer take this brush let me get a normal brush here and I’m just going to come in here and
just want his eyes to stand out cuz I looked pretty cold me back tied up a
couple a hold option command Z you can back it up as many times as you want I’m
gonna make this a little bit more of a feathered brush I don’t want it quite as
big I really liked the the eyes how they just kind of pop off of this you can still tell it’s
American bald eagle and then we’re going to take that flag and we’re going to stick it behind this
and kind of let it sit in the background a little bit so let’s looking pretty cool now let’s take that kind more weathered
looking just really old-looking flag for lack of more creative just vocabulary I
can’t I’ve got a term in my mind but concentration is on what’s going on here
in the background okay so that’s the one let’s take that and whatever reason I mean it looks like
we’re still looking at this but where does this do that there we go god photoshop’s acting out
this is why I have stuck with 2017 for quite some times some of these programs
can be very bugging until they sort things out
all right so let’s call this call of American flag
it is in the Eagles folder let’s get it out of there they’re behind the Eagles folder now I’m
gonna let see what it looks like when we hit multiply now what about overlay still making things too dark our light that’s kind of cool Oh No let me go back
to slag here sometimes when your images are behind
the others you may need to lock it so I’m going to lock those real quick so
and grab this lag and I think one of the things I’m going
to do is I am going to kind of brush that into that original shape here if we
go back to it take a look we’ve got this kind of look in Eagle shape to its face
so let me see what we can do with them and still keep the lightning I’m going
to make a mask and I’m going to take my brush here I might even an option might
even come back to this original image and go select color range yeah why is the American flag showing up
there okay okay let me click on the layer maybe that’s why okay it’s like
color range there we go now we’re talking and we’re just gonna expand this
I’m gonna add some of these other tones in here see what that gets us and they
hit okay option click turn everything back on I have select modify feather okay inverse that X let’s back up now the American flag that’s where we were
at let’s see let me inverse that and delete see what that gets us looks
kind of cool you can still kind of see the American flag back there however for whatever reason I see why okay so
we’re gonna put some more of this slag back behind Eagle D on the keyboard
yeah I do X make sure we got widen and yeah we’re still in black let’s back
that up make sure it’s on the white layer I’m
gonna pull this back to thirteen fifteen percent something like that that’s a
little much back that I make it’s in strata five percent trying to pull in
okay instead of the flow let’s pulled back the opacity and see
what we’re getting now there we go now we’re talking and pulse
I can flag back into the composition @x I don’t like that red overlaying it on top the the lightning because now starting to
make it look purple you okay that is getting somewhere although
I think I may play around with it just a little more try bring some more this American flag
in here so that looks
I did it over here a little bit see what we get
so I’m really kind of wanting some of these dark shades here too
I really do its thing want some of the clouds showing as well all right with some of these clouds showing here
might even increase the background on this one so I think the background let me go ahead and save this
forget too far background wise I think I will increase
the opacity here just a little more that was on the other one and maybe even the the lightning
background okay it looks like we’re at a hundred percent there you
yeah okay and I think that’s looking a little more unique now as far as unique treatments go I
think what we’ll do is create a little bit different of a border so
let me think about that for a second how I’m going to handle that because I do
feel like instead of us being a fade we could do something a little more
interesting I think it works well for the other design but trying to make this
one its own design I mean it’s concept wise it’s similar but it’s different so
let me think about that for one second I’ll be right back
okay now that I have had a moment to think I’m stepping back looking at this
as motorcycle looks way too Bryant looks like it’s out in the Sun our image
obviously looks like it’s on a road and it’s about to storm so I’m gonna go to
filter and make sure we’re on the motorcycle layer first let’s go over to
our red Harley I think I may even duplicate that real quick get the wrong thing let me go over to
this new tab we’ll duplicate that real quick turn the other off I’m going to go
to filter render and we’re gonna head lighting effect and we’re going to change the lighting
of this thing up a bit and this is one of those effects
that really just you just kind of have to play around
with so I’m going to mess around with this
for a little bit and see what we get you dragna stood around a little bit you so we get one
around with some of these you different essentially just the right although I don’t want it to be too
dark and I think one of the things is I want
to emphasize the tank and the headlight here trying to pull it back in the
composition some so it’s not so it’s that way doesn’t stick out so much and one of the things I like to do is go
to my extremes and kind of work backwards from there I kind of like the gloss turned up
yeah talak turned up ambience too much okay I’m gonna come up here and I’m
gonna hit okay I like that that looks better going to save that one of the things I do notice is our
windscreen you
like we can pull that back oh man you okay liking how that looks let me see
how it looked before just trying to get some of the background the show through
that make it look like it’s actually sitting on top of that and then let me save that real quick man
it is pouring down outside hopefully we don’t lose power that wouldn’t be good okay next thing we’re going to do is
we’re going to I’m just going to find something let’s say grunge border and this is something along the lines of
I’m looking for just a matter of
something that I like that looks kind of cool huh see those that one or now know I forgot which one no not that one now it’s not that one hmm forgot which one I just had open
although I know so I’m going to take a look at some of these quickly you make a decision here in a minute okay I mean that doesn’t look too bad
let’s take this drop it in there I’m going to size it up size of our artboard and we’re gonna use part of this to kind
of get a little bit of this kind of a texture border going on let’s go to
filter sharpen unsharp mask and Sony’s edges of all burden levels things okay so now we’ll call this border real quick there’s a few ways you could do this I
mean you can essentially make this a mask and then go to the background let’s
see let’s go to select color range you can select this black I’m gonna pull
this down to about 100 turn that off real quick and let’s go to our background real
quick let me get this out of the Harley folder folder real quick collapse of Harley’s collapse the
collapse the Eagles excuse me background okay like we do not have a folder for those
okay I’m gonna go select save selection call it border hit okay just hit return
command D deselect this is our background for the most part along with
the Eagle American flag okay so I’m gonna take the American flag yeah yeah
we do have okay so in this case I think I’m just going to take this border so
I’m going to take this I’m going to go this channel select here let’s mass that off see what we did
let’s hit multiply okay so now we got a little bit of a border effect going I’m
gonna come back to let’s see let’s come back to this road that looks kind of cool I don’t I don’t
know now that I see it I think I kind of like the feathered thing
maybe I’m just pull this back a little bit have a little bit of both okay yeah I think I like it hold back a
little bit gives a little bit of a texture okay so I’m going to save that
real quick and then one of the things I did notice about this eagle is I think part of it is the nose the
beak really needs to be there so let me figure out some sort of way to wow that
Thunder is crazy right now okay I’m going to figure a way to make this beak
a little more substantial I’m going to clone this off actually listen option okay there it is
option and click on the eyes that’s trying the same I think I’m just I just
really want the the nostrils in this beam to kind of stand out more
so let me clone that really quick we turn the lock off of this and when we
take a look we got going on here okay so let’s turn this in normal and
perhaps maybe color burn let’s try hard light let’s go back to
normal see what the difference is okay so I think I may go to select color
range with it normal I’m gonna grab some of these Gray’s from this beak I’m gonna
hit J now let me pull this back a little bit so now we’re starting to get a
little bit more of the beak in there I’m going to clean all this up however let’s
see what we can do with some of these layer just I’ll stop my head I can’t think of what
it’s called at the moment but it is the the transparency the layer effects
blending the blending mode for the layer there we go
his head so let it sit on top of that for a minute I see I’m gonna call this a
graze pull note in there eagle and I feel like we lost a little something may
have changed something oh let’s go back color Dodge okay
run normal and that might be it might just need to just be the normal one let
me turn that all the way up different exclusion ohm subtract nope provide huh still not quite there
here to that dart known clover no veneer hmm enlighten when I pull some of those back normal and kinda looks like we’re getting a little
bit of the same cause the fact that going on here
just kind of want it to be more obvious that there’s some nostrils a beak okay
let’s try something here let me just change the color of it more of a
Lu you do you think I like the set
I’m pulled back someone let’s see you lightness wise let’s try that and then we’ll mess
around with this a little bit okay I feel like you let’s undo that real quick come and you
back and you do colorize saturation you you okay I don’t know
think that perhaps right there and we’re starting to see more the beaking see the
nostrils I’m just going to take care of some of this around the eyes so I think
I’m going to do a mask and I’m gonna feather some of this ah
feather it but that way we have some of these
really hard edges going on Cassie the mouth of it going happening here so there
okay I like that that’s cool ticking might bring out a
little bit more of the American flag on this side let’s go over here X on a keyboard rip then go back make
sure at the correct spot okay I don’t think that’s what I’m looking
for back up for a second okay so when our mask layer black let’s
say we need to make that whiten there we go now we’re talking let’s pull that back a little bit personally I didn’t want
Oh up those stars and stripes too too much but I really pull some of that back
out you get rid of it some of it here in the
nose you
Oh in brain a touchback there we go going to bad you looks pretty cool now that calls not to cover too much of
it with too much of it up with the text however I think I may have to condense
some of the stuff that text is going to go up here I don’t want to cover too
much of that but we shall see once we bring in Texas
so let’s do that next okay so the next thing I’m going to do
I’m just gonna save this out as a tiff real quick don’t need the Alpha channels or the
layers and I will just save that quickly close this out and bring back my other
design real quick and I might modify this thing a little
bit again I pull back that glow just a touch actually you know what might get rid of it all
together actually I think that looks fine just
about hardly there I think on the windscreen you may just
get rid of it all together going to save that say this dude is a tiff now what we’re
going to do is go ahead and set our text
save that close that out let’s go for it illustrator excuse me
let’s make this by 15
you let’s see what’s the folder called and copy that what’s called Mach for now you design one all this design to and we’ll bring in our command chief P
for place we’ll bring in our designs the the backgrounds that we have created
let’s go ahead and place those will keep them linked now click on the artboard
cut one time at eggs go to the other command V and I’m going to line these to
the artboard Center them up turn that one off do the same thing here going to go ahead and save what work I
have just done and let’s see American pate
let’s just go ahead and paste that in here client provided that’s words that that’s
not it that’s not it there we are double click on that paste
it okay let’s turn the make sure this document is RGB I should have done that
from the get-go this type said American
then Patriots RC our seemed to never MC should be MC I don’t know why it says
are seen as okay well every arm said of MC is RC not that familiar with
motorcycle clubs to tell you what that means you you we’ll do another one
called I’m just holding command and option to copy of that the run 20:18 now let’s go back
our fonts let me change that this real quick okay let’s see what we downloaded and
font wise yeah I think we only downloaded one so let’s install that
real quick just going to double-click on that stall font while we’re at it we’ll paste the other portion of this there now what font did we just install
Carville so let’s use perhaps we’ll make both these at
carnival Wow that’s pretty close they might
be the same font okay so let’s take this and stick this
in here I’m going to clone this off so we don’t lose that command ship zero let’s make it white for now actually
let’s go ahead and do let’s do a gradient get our gradient
going gonna click and hold shift and command H to hide the outline of this thing
now let’s use red top and these blue that the bottom here not
a fan of that blue make that 150 magenta hundred cyan actually let’s put a little
more magenta in there it’s a touch and then we’ll go over it
right again let’s compress this just a little more no let it be two purple looking
let’s try to change this to RGB Merle Clayton
a bit more of that deeper royal blue going on there will compress us again you you
I want too much in there
the red I am not happy with what’s being
a little closer to there okay let’s try that let’s go over to our let’s see graphic
styles let’s make that a graphic style real quick hit undo just a on the keyboard select that I hit
H you can see where my selection is you hmm so felt like that blue can maybe be a
little deeper let me hit undo go back to this blue how deep do we want to go with it
okay I like them now let’s go a command H hide some of
these outlines now we’re gonna go to effect war arc is hit preview but we’re
going to go to arch and we’re going to pull that down some
that’s not too crazy and we may end up importing some of this
into Photoshop as separate low layers okay first thing we’re going to do
let’s go to object expand it copy me I’m seeing command bean paste
in bag and there goes a fraud again actually you know let me fix you back up
a few steps before we converted this thing more ah Oh okay so one of the things you did miss
because I didn’t save things accidentally had the short keyboard
command for in order to revert this and I went back to the last saved part that
was out which was just these two background images so here we are we got
the font with our gradient on it it had to go back and recreate that I’m gonna
go to object expand appearance now I’m going to take this hit command C command
B I’m gonna make it black reason being is if I made it white you wouldn’t put
an outline on it you’ll start to see some of this stuff fill in so do not
want that so let’s do that again copy command be
pacing back you make this fill here none make it black command C command B copy
pacing back and trying to give a little bit of a similar text treatment so what
we got going on here so now I’m going to put a white outline on that and I’m
going to make that round and we are going to bump that up a
little bit now I’m going to hit command C command B
I’m gonna make that outline black I’m going to increase the point size on it you
and then let’s say let’s make this black a little
thicker command C command being one more time
make it white and then we’re gonna increase that and now we’re starting to
get similar effect of what’s going on here I think maybe it’s a little too
thick okay so now I’m going to take all this
groupid and in this case we’re going to bring it
in the Photoshop and we won’t have to put it behind the eagle’s wings I think I’m just going to double click
on this real quick actually let me ungroup it double click again man Jean
want that front layer I’m not quite happy with this red here
thank you I want it a little bit darker there we go maybe even compress that a little more
let’s go back to his red and might actually put a touch a blue in there and
pull this bag yeah let’s go back to where we were at and oh my god that’s
looking it’s trying to not make it look so purple here but it’s part of having a
gradient with red and blue save that so I don’t lose my work and I think one of the things you might
have to go back a step okay does look like there is a little bit but
I extrude here not sure how he got that white back behind it
we shall figure that out okay I’m gonna cut this front layer here
so let’s start this over again that’ll be easier
F paste in front and copy set it in the bag we’re going to make that black here make that black eye
so they need that wine okay so I do see what’s going on let’s
make this stroke go to the outside or hmm oops back that up a stem okay you let’s see here okay let’s take that
stroke off put it
like on it copying sensitive back make that stroke white there we go see how then they got it over here curly then let’s make it two point five the copying command C command B once
again make that black now let’s increase the size of this stroke here and bring that down just a little bit
now it command-c be pacing back and hold shift down and then hit deep down arrow
key once now I select all this – the background
copy command B and I’m going to put a white outline on it and we’ll start
putting stroke in there so we start seeing the white come up from behind
everything I think one of the things we did miss you excuse me my computer is starting to run
a little slow here cancel that you okay let’s delete that real quick let’s
go over here we’ll go over to our stroke let’s round that off I’ll smooth things
out a little bit do that again copy command being sent to the back I’m
going to go to object path outline stroke and I’m going to go over here to my
Pathfinder and I’m gonna unite that so that way I don’t have so many objects
going on it’s kind of slow my computer down a little bit
now let’s just make this Phil wide make our stroke wide and what
a touch you looks like our black maybe could be
thicker we cut that real quick actually you know what let’s go ahead
and make that stroke white excuse me black
Bob sublet that’s mother issues with doing all these copy-and-paste behinds
getting to your stroke that’s towards the back one way of doing it is holding
command down and clicking or you can just right click
select next object below keep doing that next object below select next object
below okay now we have our black make that a little bit bigger but I am seeing a little bit of an issue
going on here so let’s back that up until we get to our wide let’s just delete that real quick so let’s just put these on a separate
layer real quick I’m going to cut this a sit in front
turn that off cut this goes to this layer paste it in back okay turn these dudes off
you cut that one as well but to the next layer off Aling select the lock
let’s lock this back around select these here and these others on
lock them now let’s make that a little big this a
little bigger go again well now
copy those send them to the back object path outline stroke and unite those and
then put my white stroke on the outside you you and almost feel like the white
stroke here could be a little thicker let’s pump that up okay yeah it looks pretty cool okay I am
with that let’s unlock this we’re just going to group these get rid of this layer here it is back on design one and cut s paisans right I’m going to
save this real quick you you and one of the things I might even do
with this come light even take a cousin my
gradient a little bit of a darker blue at the bottom but I’ll condense that a
little more see how that looks okay it looks pretty cool next thing we need to do we’ll do treatment with the Patriot RC let’s see
maybe Spoleto will work let’s see what fonts we got here let’s get rid of that ass you what kind of songs we got Hey look the sun’s coming up okay let’s do type change case let’s
select the font first change case title case make that uppercase and that’s pretty cool font I kind of like
that let’s see let’s go script
let’s see what that gets us see what kind of fine
on here okay I don’t know this may or may not be cool
fun let’s go back to our thousand 1 fonts
doing fine script wise see if we can’t find something cool
something totally cool hopefully that’s not one of the facts that didn’t like but I think it was just the American
thing that other fonts pretty cool and this looks pretty similar so I’m
gonna go with that might choose something else and keep
our eyes open for something catch my eyeball he’s wrapped us up soon so we can get it
to them for their meeting and we’re just about there I mean as
soon as we find this next fun I think we’re just about home free okay I’m gonna roll with that because we
are getting down to the wire let’s go back to our job folder toss this in the fonts real quick I’m going to double click on that and
install it and
spawn is called Aisha okay so let’s I think perhaps it’s 2018 I will use the
same font here carnival we’ll see how that looks okay looks pretty cool let’s put Ayesha versa Asia I don’t know I changed case title case it looks
pretty cool I’ll look at that we are getting closer
to being finished guys I’m going to clone this off command Oh turn to
outlines command G on group I’m gonna take this and that make it a separate
group do you want to make that bigger or Pathfinder and join those
same thing here I’m group join it kind of had hope that would fill some that
and apparently not let’s look at her old design I’m safely and do some wool it
might be fine ok so let’s take this and we’ll grab this here hopefully we can
still see arc want to apply the same thing so to speak
and your object expand appearance you outlines in the black mmm
perhaps I don’t work let’s see what they got going on here okay I got an idea got
an idea so this doesn’t quite look with this blend to change that up a little bit now I’m
looking at it kind of cut the camera there for a
minute and I look back on everything what we have going on space it out just
a touch okay so I think what I’m going to do
with this I’m going to make some sort of mountain range looking kind of deal being this purple brain
I’m gonna quickly draw in some sort of mountain range so this might look a little silly ever I
may look just fine actually that looks a little goofy piqué maybe too much so I’m going to take this and then going
to divide it I’m going to double click on this
get into our grouping looks like we got rid of most stuff let’s get rid of that
this hair as well and we’re going to take these separate
parts here let’s unite those I’m going to take
these you nineties as well cut both of these
select command a select all command F we’re gonna paste that in front now
we’re going to do yes I think we’ll do something a little more YOUnique let’s say let’s flip that
around see what we got going on here
trying to think let’s see
well slip these out of the way back to the way it was originally condense this down you okay next thing we’re going to take this
blue do something a little unique within and at the top of this I do think I
might toss in a little bit of red just a touch bring this and a little
more you arrogance such
heartbreak you you
look a little bit more like a mountain range although I’m not completely happy
I don’t know I might go back to how it was
I’m gonna have to let that sit in for a moment let’s say you got rid of that generally
this works pretty well with similar colors but when you go to two different
colors it might look a little little silly um you alright let’s go over here we’ll select
that and we just might end up making this
side a little darker pull that in I don’t like the fact that it’s pink
here let’s and a little touch a red there and Hine
bring that animal there we go now we’re cooking okay I like them
alright let’s regroup them now let’s go back to the Patriot our
seam bring that to them
front command shift right bracket make that read it to a similar read
that’s what’s going on here so let’s pull that down some that okay so copying so into the bag by outline who’s setup does and copy command B since its back make that
black let’s boost that to about ten and I must do
sixteen do you think I will round this one off one around the stroke off of this well
command F pace that dude in front okay it’s looking pretty cool we do a
few other things in Photoshop Toccata and make this really stand out be its
own and we might even need to reduce this down some actually that looks a little bland to me
let’s take this a little bit of a gradient the feel here let’s go back to our
swatches get our default gradient and let’s make this 90 of
18 let’s join these guys up let’s come over
here do a little bit of this so I’m going to make this red let’s flop that around
I’m going to make this a darker red here give it a little more interest make it a
little more exciting let’s go back and let’s see for red there come back to this one and don’t make it
even that much more of a deep red and it’s just little
things like that that kind of really set things off to an extent okay that looks
a little more interesting than me last but not lease today run I’ll make this one red excuse me white and let’s see what we’ve been doing for
this read here should probably just save a swatch I was saying make a new swash of them well our
G be read that way I got a good basis to start
office huh you submit the swatch foot get
ourselves a gradient which copy command beam when we got to do the stroke that
might make it just a little more interesting my little happy accident
moments and we’ll do a rounded stroke there it’s our gradient tool make sure
I’m gonna hit undo redo alright grab our gradient tool and for hey you know see why our
gradient until didn’t want to work says we’re using this as a stroke okay so
that looks pretty cool I think I may I’m going to put some drop shadows on
each one of these let me go back double-click on my scale
tool skill strokes and effects D on the keyboard size this bad boy down and I don’t want to run in the bike too
much so we might have to adjust a bike a little bit we shall see now there we are
there’s our big 2018 toss this bad boy under here this dude into the composition as well
pull this down let’s center line it to the artwork
so all this can go up a touch and do you like how they kind of have
some of that stuff going around in the background so we might have to modify
ours a little bit because why one of the reasons when you
get into designing something you’re gonna make some adjustments okay
so let’s take this a on the keyboard select that and make a new shit sorry
about that excuse my French command ship G ungroup it select that
man ship cheat and regroup it and let’s try a different text treatment inside
from what they had going on command be pacing back black we went somewhat RGB black being sensitive back command-b now let’s
make that white make this slightly different
let’s round that out a little bit managed to hide in
okay so I’m going to cut that go to this here round it off man F paste it in
front yeah we’re sorry I’m running out of time
I’m not sure abs I’m absolutely in love with how this 2018 looks let’s see how
it looks with this fun yeah I don’t know like that one anyways
we’ll see what they think down to the wire so I’m going to go back to this white
maybe pull it back a little bit or expand it more this you
yeah that’s better I like that okay so let’s save this and then we’re
going to bring it into Photoshop and then fix a few things up here so that
way it’s not just black empty space okay so first thing I’m going to do I’m
gonna copy this American let’s bring our first concept gonna hit command B paste it in there
we’re gonna paste those pixels so we got a new company that moved in
right next to a company so it’s two a/c companies now and he’s pulling in
um Ken his name’s Ken he’s pulling in and he’s probably like oh man there’s an
AC company right next to mine that is let’s call this American but that would be like a screen company
screen printing company graphic design company moving right next to us I would
just kind of like what I don’t know that would be a little strange if you ask me okay mmm
you know now that that is in there okay I see why okay so so let’s paste it
in there looks pretty cool let’s take this little tidbit command C command
bean paste pixels let’s just hit enter on that and bring
it above the Eagle to call POW I don’t know that I like it right on his head
though you just so I might have to make him a
little smaller let’s go back and make our Eagle smaller
I’m gonna save this real quick and you can see how this is starting to
really come together I start look really cool we’ll call this Patriot RC and let me see if I can’t make our layer
paddle a little bit bigger needs more room here okay so Harley so that that’s in Harley’s I turn
that off okay I guess it’s not it’s an eagle layer which is fine
pictured our scene our lease
Patriot Arsene let’s see that’s strange okay it’s any goals as
well got it so I’m going to bring this above Eagles come over to my eagle I’m gonna make him
touch smaller so that way his head isn’t in the font
there in turn it will show off some more of
our background okay Patriot RC
I move that up just a touch now the next thing I’m going to do is
I’m gonna put a little bit of a drop shadow so what it’s these small things
that kind of make the difference really we cancel that real quick a mess with
the global settings okay just 19 let’s increase that
overpass see and see what we get this since you put a touch more distance
spread I think it’s fine sighs we’ll pull the spread in the sides
back a little bit maybe increase the opacity just a touch and it okay right
click copy layer style you go over to American right click paste layer style
so now we got a little bit of a drop shadow making it look like it’s not
popping off there a little bit but I may increase the spread size of this spread and the size maybe even they
opacity a little bit there we go looks pretty cool let’s save that out real quick well last but not least let’s bring in
and I may have to make the motorcycle smaller however let’s bring in our
elements first shall we I think I might just bring this in as a group you in there sure gonna hit return let’s call this
veterans 2018 don’t make it too long and we’re just gonna bring this up the very
top everything outside of that folder learner transform it
scale that down just a touch and hit enter a right-click paste layer style it
looks cool now the Harleen let’s grab its windscreen let’s
link those two together let’s transform it a little bit and you make this bike a
little smaller in the composition bring it up shift it to the left just a
touch okay let’s back that up and see where
we’re at to begin with your thing hmmm I think I might have made it just a
little too small let me just try that again scale it me doesn’t like you know it’ll be fine whatever laughing
they’re assuming what I look like the tire sit on top of the arm one of the things I could have done
which I’m going to go back and do that now I’m going to take this white and I am going to put a gradient on it going to use a little bit of a light
gray I think that will make it just touch more interesting I see small things guys these small
little things okay and we’ll pull this bag just a
touch okay I like that so let’s bring that back into the
composition once again I save that paste it in there so you feel like that
better they hit return on that here then take that in there we’ll make that two
right-click copy layer style go to our new layer paste layer style and I think
I’ll just toss that dude away now are centered
and all sizes down I think that might be a
little too small may get a touch bigger and then we’ll move it down some you
have to excuse me above my mouth there we go I don’t think that’s closer
to where it was begin with I move it up in the compositions more still tell it’s
a motorcycle might put a little bit harder of a drop
shadow on this one there we go okay we are about 95% complete I’m going
to as I’m pointing at my screen which you cannot see we’re going to bring in
some more there’s other stuff here and back down this way so let’s go back to
our background at this point I think we can just hmm as I opened that up we’ll leave that
there I was just about to delete it let’s collapse um of these folders here
collapse the eagle okay so we have our background our road and this is let’s see with our
background okay we did mask our background
okay so let’s go to our background mask bored they just pull some more of this
stuff back in starting to get hard for me to see the sun’s coming in sunshine
is coming out sunshine is coming out mix this here bump this up you what I’m doing here I back that up a
little bit yeah you
EDX I’m just want to make sure there’s no hard edge here okay I’m digging that
now I’m gonna go over to my lighting here there’s some lighting lightning let
me hit option on that yeah so let me go back to this actually
that needs to be white doesn’t now yeah I’ll start and bring some more that back
in and then we’ll just go back and mask it
off let me resize this real quick bring this up hit enter it’s hit command T on
the keyboard we’ve got a little bit of white here what’s up with that you let me back that up a few might have
just been alright yeah I’m not sure well we’re gonna fix it now that’s for sure okay I think I might make American and
patrons it’s a touch smaller so we can get a little bit of light
coming out why tis dude let’s go to window info I don’t waiting smaller than 10 inches
you okay so there we have it getting a
little bit of lightning showing up you all right okay it’s looking great I’m
gonna save that and then I’m gonna get rid of whatever is white here and then
just feather some of this out get rid of my info window there aha
so this lightning I’m gonna go over to this layer get my brush and said Exxon that I’m gonna get rid of
that kind of feather it out just a touch and PAL littéraire we’re done with that
one now I’m gonna get rid of this background
I’m gonna save it as a tiff excuse me I accidentally hit that little pretty
mature Lee let’s see we’ll call it a mock-up we don’t with the layers save
that real quick save transparency so all that should show up in there if I just
put it on a black t-shirt it will look just like that in my mock-up stage let
me save that out real quick now on to this bad boy okay
let’s toss our text in this one like I’ll reopen that other PSD the original
or I would say the kind of mock-up composition number one let’s pull this
dude off what we’re going to do is go we’re gonna grab all of our text from
this one and let’s just hold command down here option click and drag it into
the next one and Buttercup up a bow let’s see okay
obviously we have to rearrange some things let’s pull the veterans up to the
top I have to make the motorcycle a little smaller may even the American
know that a little bit bigger uh you know what it might be funny just where
it said so let me pull that up I’m gonna pull this to the top as well and grab my patriot here let’s move this dude to the top above American mm and pulled it down
just a touch pull America up and it looks kind of cool I don’t think
I might size it up a little bit more on this one even though you don’t want to
size it up should they choose this one I’ll probably just go back and repay
stuff in there guys okay I might yeah I’m gonna size this
Harley down so let’s grab our
Harleen or windscreen we’re going to link those together command team size it
down move it up some might make it just a
touch bigger and I’m not sure what I turn these off where this motorcycle is exactly coming
from that’s a little full weird so return no hardly
huh I’m kind of liking that in the composition I think I’ll just go with
the original red Harley here just mmm not quite understanding where
this one is coming from okay now we’re going to go through some
of our layers here it’s on the Eagle layer you huh okay so
some point I did something a little weird I know it was okay so is when I
did the gray I must have added the Harley portion as
a selection and we might do something I got a little bit of an idea I might even
go back to the the other but I’m gonna mash this off
I’m real quick okay there we go yes don’t want that
yeah don’t want that Harley look like it’s in there let’s turn the Harley back on so is this
dude that one there we go
windscreen if I click on it okay in the composition a little bit maybe
make the Eagles face just a touch smaller or I can just pull this thing
down and maybe make the Eagles face a little smaller Harley’s are eagle as eyes at that
but that as well let’s just link all three of these and let’s size it down or touch and see
what we get yeah that’s not half bad no is to be in there but and I might make this flag stand out a
little more here one more there you still tell us American flag however at this point if I got forgot where I
put it okay turn we got a little bit of a hard edge here we’re going to have to fix that let me
save this real quick we got some sort of weird thing going on with this border
here and guarantee it’s probably on yeah it’s
on the Eagle okay so it’s on the grace take our brush feather that on out got
it the American flag here we go
uh-huh we turn this a normal
I actually kind of like that bitter it looks pretty cool go back and at this wood just a touch of a feather
here on the edge that way we don’t get any kind of box
effect going on really hopefully hadn’t been too quiet I’m just
kind of talking through this and I do feel like there could be more contrast
to this let’s double that up hmm there we go maybe we’ll change the a/c
hardline vivid like to hard live better you
that looks pretty cool I think they’ll like that too okay I’m gonna save this get rid of this
black background you can see that a hard edge there mm-hm okay and I know exactly
where it’s at it saw me American came things it’s not about a eagle biting road nope
where is this thing at okay so we’re going to figure out where this art edges
axe we do not want that showing up in our composition we got our border going on here where is this thing in okay
so let’s turn the background off it’s probably in the Eagle yeah there we go so it’s this layer here
let’s put a little bit of a mask on it take our brush and we’re just going to
smooth that edge out you start our background back on let me
still got a hard edge here I think that’s on the flag yeah but those flags so
feather that on out my feathered it too much on that you okay that looks pretty dope I’m gonna save it get rid of this
background save it as a that’s still saving so you
got a little bit of an error just saved it again
okay command shift s I’m gonna save it as a tiff no layers no alpha channels and what do we call that will call this
mock up to save transparency okay
all good I’m gonna turn this background back on save it now it is mock-up time I
mean you guys want to stick around see me do mock up I’m going to go ahead and
do that real quick show you how to do that for a client we’re going to save
this close it out I am going to go over to my t-shirt
template so in templates and let’s see date modified proof template you we’re going to make these black this
outline gray make it a little bit deeper of a grain
colors I do know that there’s going to be lets lock now we won’t lock it to
shed okay we’ll just call this blue you
and let’s move this on over may
to resize his box a little bit you wider there you go colors I’m gonna say bass red blue yellow-brown I’ll call it Sienna Brown I
was what’s called brown keep it short and graeme make that similar grade to what
we would print down and call this one white or we’ll call it base there we go I go
ahead and save this real quick make sure I don’t lose my work as for vets or is it vets for pets geez now I knew
why it sounded so weird this whole time that’s for pets pets for like pets for
veterinarians vets for pet yeah you know sometimes I get I get things backwards
so when I do send this I’m gonna call this vets for pets we’ll call it proof and now I am going to let’s see so we
have our front art which is yeah dogs for vets that’s why I got it
backwards however whatever that’s what I think about it whatever
okay so one color front here you and then we’ll probably these are
probably gonna be some big guys so we print us that four inches so or by or inches wide by one and a quarter you
and then we’re going to bring in one of our pieces of art we’ll bring in our
first design and plunk that dude right here man that looks cool I’m really happy
with the way this is kind of come out it looks like it’s got a little bit of a
haze thing going on I think that’s because we’re in CMYK yeah there we go we’ll make this a true black true RGB black
there we go now we’re talking and if this is 12 inches wide 12 by 15
obviously that’s how we set things up twelve inches wide by 15 inches high and all right so now we’re going to take
this hit artboards command option shift clone that over take this we’re going to
go to links relink that mock up to and that looks pretty awesome too
okay guys we are finished just gonna save this out okay so we are finally all
finished with this design for those of you that did stick around and watch the
entire session slash tutorial I really appreciate it if you’re in the market
for a dhobi Photoshop or illustrator use our link down in the description it will
take a little bit of our Commission our way set way we can continue to make
tutorials videos such as these if you’re in the market for screen printing
supplies or equipment these are promo code Micha designs down
in the description that way you’ll get five dollars off that to will take a
little bit of a commissioner away so that way we can make these videos until
next time guys we’ll see you later


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