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How to – Cut Out a Image Using Affinity Photo

November 19, 2019

Hello and welcome to The Computer Lab
vids YouTube channel so today we are looking at how to cut out a section of
an image using affinity photo and the brush tool command I’ll also show you
how to save that as a PNG with a transparent background so you can
overlay that into a new image so please keep on watching to find out how. OK so
the first thing you obviously need to do is open affinity photo up but this is
just showing the start of panel so we will get rid of that so the first thing
we need to do is obviously open an image so find a image that you’re going to
use to cut the item out of a photo so I will pick one from this section here
I’ll just grab this in and drag it across and then that should open the
image okay so this image we shall cut out this man in the middle I’m going to
use him it because it can the way it works with the brush tool in affinity
photo and in any photo editing program it tries to define the edges between the
thing that you are cutting out and the item behind so this one might just get a
bit tricky around the bottom here and these sections of the windows purely
because it’s a very similar color and that will allow me just to show you how
to get around that problem okay so open your picture up and go across to the
photo selection brush tool on the left hand toolbar and pick this up and make a
note of this width size here this is the size the pixel size of your pointer so
if you can just about make that that’s tiny it’s 10 points and that’s really
good for going around the detail so if I was trying to go around the detail here
I could literally pick around his ear I’m not gonna go into really fine detail
on this video because it will just make it longer as obviously spend more time just
tidying things up so up to the width pick the size at you’re more suited to
so I’ll probably go for about a 30 px I think I’ll just have all of that looks
like maybe a touch more and I will just reduce that as we go along okay so we have got our cursor size and we have the bush tool
selected and now we just need to go around the image that we want to cut out
so I’m gonna go start on his hat left click on the mouse button and let
affinity photo brush tool and do its magic
so I’ve keeping my left finger and just dragging around the image and it is
picking up the line that it is trying to find for me trying to look for the definitions between the different colors you can see that it’s picked up on this section here
if I just zoom in this is exactly what I was talking about the ant tracks there
are going around this window as it’s trying to pick up the color so I can get
rid of that in a minute I’m not too worried about that at this point so we
will shall carry on going around this person and you need to make sure
you get everything in the middle so make sure you covering everything cause
you’ll end up with sections that don’t get cut across so again he’s picked up
this large section there it is picking up quite a lot well I will allow me to
show you like I say how to tidy up I’m just going to keep dragging around make sure you
get everything left clicking on the mouse button dragging around the image
that we want so I’m just going to try and speed things up a bit just because
at this point you will be taking your time going around your image no doubt so as you can see as I am keeping left dragging trying to pick up the edges
that I want to go to. okay so that sort of roughly what we want to do make sure
there’s nothing left in the middle just give it a quick scan over so now we need
to tidy up the image and make sure that the ant tracks follows around this
person’s head and the rest of his body so that’s the bit we’re going to cut out
so as you see it missed his peak here so I’m just gonna reduce the size of my
pixel pointer so I can get something like I’ll just get that in very normal
normally okay it’s picked up the rest here so we’ll just zoom it and now we
need to push the Alt key on the keyboard key finger on the ALT key and I’m on the
Mac the Apple Mac so it’s the Alt key I’m
here and I think it’s the same key on the Windows as well and all you’re doing is
doing an inverse selection so get the ALT key push on the ALT key left-click on the mouse and that will put the bit in back in and that we do not want to see so I’m
just left clicking as I’m going around letting affinity do its thing so again just tidy up the areas and like
I can go really into detail. So for if I wanted to sort of leave this extra
section here I’ve got that area route and leave a section there that maybe
wanted daylight through but I’m just going to do the whole image at this point
so again just tidy up and make sure you don’t leave any small little items in
the middle because it will just leave them as part of the image as well so I don’t if
you can quite make that but you can see there is a little ant track there we don’t want that one in so keep finger on the Alt key and click
as we go around I’ll just zoom back now just so we can get an idea
so keep using the brush tool and keep finger on the Alt key left clicking as
we go around left click and drag if with confidence enough it’s not going to snap
to the person or just something else we don’t want. So not looking too bad around here that’s
they’re looking okay for this tutorial video
that’s how to video we don’t want to like say be to fussy about at this
stage around the trainer and there’s a section there so I’ve been really
finicky I sort of zoom right in maybe put a smaller pixel width on and pick
this bit up here but I might just get away with it, but it’s not let it
makes it that is a similar shade it’s got it now but that’s not the actual
section there is a similar shade to his trainer so it’s picking up and I’ve just
worked my way around just going to zoom back out because like I say I’m not
trying to be too overly fussy with this so I’ve got all that section that we need
you know work around this area if you see the difference in contrast cause why
it thinks that little bit of a tree there is parts at this area so we’ll
just keep Alt key taking these bits off little point there I want to be part
of my picture okay again just try and pick this area up now we’re going round
his rucksack at this area here Alt key left click and we’re not looking to
bad I don’t think of that we’ll just check his hat small section there this
where the top of the hat is. Okay so now we have our area selected using
the brush tool in affinity photo we can now apply the magic so up until it layer
that we have selected currently I mean it’s locked at the moment you can unlock
it just be pushing the lock key but now we need to apply the mask there is a tool
that you can use which I do use now and again but sometimes it works against is
the refine option here lots of people apply this and what this
tries to does it it tries to feather the edge of the image around the person so
you can apply that and click apply you can always undo if it’s not worked out
because sometimes it sort of cuts into the side of the image but it does try to
apply a matte edge to the image but we’ll leave that off for now or not to
bold about the refine section so let’s cancel that so now we need to get this
man to pop out of this image so make sure the image is selected make sure you
haven’t unselected your little ant tracks so going around the section we
want down bottom right hand side you have a mask layer click on the mask
layer it straight away we have our guy who’s popped out so I’ll just make it a
bit smaller so we can see bring him back up to the middle so there’s a couple of
things that you can do with him at this point do with your cutout you
can copy and paste it across into and of a picture that you’re working with you
just want to place it on top of that one but I tend to
like to save these as separate files and so I can work with him later on so I do
mine uses a PNG so up to the top corner make sure that you have the all area
selected on your layers up to file on to export, export as a PNG you can do as a
gif or a tiff doesn’t really matter well it does matter but depending on how you
prefer to do it but we don’t want any background so that’s why we do it with a
PNG and you can do the whole document or selection without background once it’s
picked it up three point seven one megabytes click export
asking what want to call it will call it cameraman 4 Ive been doing a few of us click on the save let it exports it open finder up we shall just go to desktop find the
one we’ve just done and now we should have a picture of the man separate it from the
back image so that’s great now we can place him in to something we want to
work with so if I just quickly show you if I do it quick new window not Finder
window we want a new image window doesn’t really matter I’m just going to
place him on so I’m just create a layer here, give it a color maybe a green and
now go grab our man camera man four dragged him across onto the layer and
then I can resize him over I want him to look on this sheet spin him around and place him on my new layer and that’s
it. That’s how to cut out a image using the brush tool and affinity photo how to
create a PNG file to use in another image I hope you enjoyed this video if
you did please do subscribe to my channel please do leave us any comments
below and thank you very much for watching at the computer lab vids
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