How to Cut, Copy & Paste Using Shortcuts | Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

September 26, 2019

Hi guys, I’m Arafat. And today we will be taking a look at how
to cut, copy & paste inside Premiere Pro. I will also provide shortcuts for all of them
in this video. So watch till the end and let’s get started. So, we have a clip here. Let’s drag it to the timeline. Now to cut a clip, select this Razor Tool
or press C on the keyboard then click anywhere on the clip to cut it. You can also zoom the timeline and drag playhead
to see the location where you want to cut it. Then you can cut the clip exactly at this
point. So we have a few parts of the clip. Now, select this Selection Tool or press V
on the keyboard and select a clip. Then right click on it and select cut or use
Ctrl+X as a keyboard shortcut. You can see the clip has already been cut. You can undo it using Ctrl+Z on the keyboard. Again to copy a clip, right click on the clip
and select copy or use Ctrl+C as a keyboard shortcut. Now keep your playhead in the position where
you want to paste the clip and use Ctrl+V to paste it. You can see it has replaced the previous video
and audio clip which was in this place. If you don’t want to replace it but paste
it on another track, select the track where you want to paste it and deselect the other
lower tracks then paste it. You can see the clip has been copied to the
selected track which is lowest in rank. If it seems complicated, there is an easy
way to do it. Select the clip then hold Alt on keyboard
and drag it anywhere to copy. But if you want to copy only the video or
audio file, hold Alt first then select a file and drag it to copy only that file. So in this case only the video file has been
copied. If you are interested in other tutorials of
Premiere Pro, check out my playlist on Premiere Pro Tutorials from the link provided in the
description. That’s it for the video. I hope you liked it and if you did, give a
thumbs up and leave your comments below. You can also subscribe this channel and stay
updated. Thanks for watching and talk to you another

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