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How to CROP Instagram PHOTOS in LIGHTROOM: TIP From Peter McKinnon

August 4, 2019

How to post bigger pictures on Instagram? That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Criss from Eye Stocker, the
place where you’ll find Adobe tutorials and tech videos. Did you ever heared about Peter McKinnon? Well you should know about him. He’s my favorite youtuber at the moment. He’s a vlogger, he takes amazing photos
and videos and he also creates some very useful Photoshop and and Lightroom tutorials. You should check
him out. His latest video is called “Why EVERY photographer
should be using LIGHTROOM”. He is explaining how you can adjust all kinds
of sliders regarding exposure, brushes, saturation and so on. And that’s a very useful tutorial. And at some point in the video he talks about
the big fat vertical pictures from Instagram”. And he is showing how to crop your image in
Lightroom using a custom ratio of 5 by 4. And this blows my mind because I always wondered
what’s the perfect ratio to do this. I am following some landscape instagram accounts
and they always post like this. So instead of posting square photos at 1 by
1 ratio, they try to use the maximum vertical space on the phone. And I tried doing exactly like Peter but it
didn’t worked out for me, until I finnaly found what was missing from his explanation. He just missed a tiny detail but I’m gonna
show it to you in this video, cause it can happen that you’ll have the same problem like
me. Peter is editing a photo shot in vertical
mode and he is entering a custom ratio of 5 by 4 while he is in crop mode. But let me show you what happens when you
have a photo in landscape mode. I go to the crop tool, and here is the command
which was missing from Peter’s video, I press on X to switch between the portrait
and landscape aspect ratio. Then I go to this drop down, press custom,
I can enter 5 x 4 and It works now. If you don’t press the X to switch between
the aspect ratios this will not work properly. Then I can easily make the crop bigger by
dragging one of these points, reposition the crop, hit enter, and there you go. You export the file, transfer it to your phone
and this is how it looks like on instagram. So Peter, thanks for the Instagram aspect
ratio tip, if you’ll ever watch this video I’m from Europe, Romania and maybe we can
meet up to drink some good coffee sometime, I know you are a big fan of it! Ok guys, drop a like on this video if you
enjoyed it and subscribe by pressing the circle icon on the screen. I’m Criss, catch you in the next one!


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