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How to creatively Blend Two images in One. Image Composite In Photoshop

November 9, 2019

hello everyone welcome to iLLPhocorphics now today we’re starting another exciting adobe Photoshop tutorial
today I’m gonna show you how can you create awesome blending composite in
Photoshop and see till the end of this tutorial so that you can learn something
from the tutorial and check out my other tutorials over about the adobe
Photoshop and I hope you’ll learn and I really hope you will like my tutorial
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further or do let’s jump our Photoshop now you hear the magical world of Photoshop
now I’m going to use this image and I’m going to another image to make a
composite and I’m going to create awesome blend mode on this image
now to just go to file open now I just use this image and I’m going to use this
one just open it and now just it okay now
just please unlock this image and take that and drop it down here now we’re
going to walk on that image so that it must be need to be non-destructively so
that’s why I’m going to make a smart object on this layer so that it keep
that resolution of this image so just right button on the mouse and convert to
smart object now this is okay but you can see on this road this yellow line is
kind of annoying on this image and we need to remove that to do that just
invisible this little puss and take this there like a tube lick it there and just
press ctrl or command T to make a duplicate layer it’s a shortcut key then
select the layer go to this healing brush tool now take a sample just make
the brush is a little bit bigger to make the brush bigger just press alt or
option in Mac then write pattern in Mouse and just drag it on this side it
will make this brush smaller or bigger and this is bridge take a sample from
here and then paint it over here now you can see it just move smoothly now this
is bridge now take another sample and try to remove that all these things go
like to remove this take a sample and try to match up this one now we just remove the airline from the
road it is okay now just visible the swing earlier and take that layer and
make this there are just a little bit bigger this press control or command T
and just make this it’s not too much this a little bit bigger and this is
okay just hit that one and this okay we’re done
no take a quick selection we need to select this one you don’t need to be
perfect this means a quick selection just like this one as you like to select
because we’re going to use mass so we can adjust this one and later
so doesn’t happen it’s not a big deal just make a selection first as you want
like this this one and this is perfectly done just then press that mask icon now
it will mask this image and remove that now we are working mask so that we can
add or remove any kind of pixels in this image so just select a layer take the
brush and paint it just fog in color of this white and make the procedure run 15
and also the flow you can hundred not first into it add this one just this
area where you like to add in this case this kind of this this is perfectly we
like to add on this one and just add this one first
don’t worry about this one first add some color back to this image and make
this bigger just a little bit and then add it now will pretty much Janet we just add
up water on this layer and we just need to know we need to convert this one into
just add if I press shift and caught that you can see some of this shadow in
this area and we need to add the shadow on the road so that it that it’s this
image to look more realistic just press shift again and real that now you can
see some of this area just changed it fog in color black and make the opacity
or per city around under the chalghi or 50 that 20 like that as you want then
remove that just a judge this one and this is perfectly done now this one now
we’re going to add this erase some of this area if I go to say you can see
this Walters falling behind this swimmer we need to add this one to do that just
don’t worry just change that one to fog in colors white and add this area back
again and and just yeah this is perfectly done and this one is correctly
okay no changed or change it to white and adjust the size a little bit smaller
and then remove this area well like don’t like this case this is this
yellows the blackest area we need to remove that we will find this side to
make this image more realistic now this you can see this one is eternal and I
hope that it is and smaller this one and remove the blacks now your frame is done just you need to
do you find this some of the edges a little bit more and just try to fix as
you want but you don’t need to be hundred percent accurate we’re going to
add just this one to match with the background color and so that it’s really
going to match up but try as possible as can and match up the background with the
background so that’s perfectly now we need to add this shadow on this area to
do that just bring down the opacity around another 50 and flow around 20
that’s okay make the brush a little bit bigger and add tinder profile until it’s
white and then add this shadow to this area to make this image more realistic
now you can see is adding the shadows on that area to make this image more
realistic not you can see it is added and this is some of the just we need to
repent that endured and match up and who is that a positive on that then this is
perfectly done you can see that’s had now we had our subject to the road in
this case this is the road is perfectly on but it’s not looking realistic and it
doesn’t make it doesn’t match with the background image to match up the
background we need to fit the color this is this the swimming-pool
sine color we need to face and we need to fix over color to make this image
more realistic to do that just go to move tool now we are done pretty much
okay then go to adjustment layer and take the hue saturation the hue
saturation is the color is the color changing adjustment layer take this
handy tool this one and first to go closer they stick the handle and click
and drag down bring down the saturation now it is okay then select this one and
again take this one bring down the saturation then again
come up this area and bring down the saturation know you can see it’s match
up this one with the background totally isn’t it cool
no why it’s making this color Rickett if I go back respond to Z controls it
controls it and if I go again and then go do this to saturation
take this handy tool and if I press here you can see it’s changing the color if I
go back take again hue/saturation you can see this is the master color if I
take that and when I click over here it changing the color now is cyan now if I
go to check down it will desaturate all the sine color of this image now do the
same thing again and then click and drag now this time it’s changed the color
into green because in this area there is a green color not bring down that and
this now if I trick click here you can see it’s changing the yellow because in
this area there is some yellow in this image now if I drag down you can see
totally match with the background and because we disagree the color of cyan
green and yellow to match the color with the background now this is great thus we
just may mess this up that’s pretty much done isn’t it that’s very cool now you
can see it’s totally match with the background and if you want to happy with
that you can happy with that you don’t need to be add more adjustment on that
you we can remain it that bad and in this case I’m going to add more
adjustments color to show you that how can you experiment on your image and a
blending of is to make more realistic to that just go just go to this I’d just
Miller check cuff because there’s so much foggy and kind of shadow overlay of
white color going to fig that let’s take down here and this case this is perfect
and bring down bring up that now you can see this is the
of that is match up the color with the background socially no this is perfectly
done go again and then take this stem take vibrance because we’re going to add
some vibrance on this image to make the color pop up this increase increase
increase in this case this is perfect if you get one like to add saturation you
can add but in this case I don’t like to add saturation because we will saturate
the subject of this image that is going to not going to really see now this
saturate that a little bit perfectly done and match up that week and this is
perfectly done now you can see the difference and it’s match with the
subject with the background now this is great we have done it and now you can if
you like to add more color adjustment on this image they can do that but in this
case I’m happy with that and I am happy with my image now that’s the way to
create awesome blend mode effect in Photoshop and this composite is very
easy for any kind of Dickie I want to learn how to compose it and subject like
that with background so that’s for it and I hope you like it if you liked it
smash that like button if you learn something if you want to learn more
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travicom so that’s for it today see you next video till then bye and I was
important in guys I Wally say to you keep learning


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