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How to Create the Double Color Exposure Effect in Photoshop – Easy Photoshop Double Color Exposure

September 6, 2019

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this Photoshop video we’ll be doing this Photoshop Double Color Exposure effect. Now if you like this video make sure you hit that Like button, and of course Share, you can support my channel through Patreon, and don’t forget to Subscribe. I do new videos every single week, there’s my current schedule. Also take a look at my training course for Photoshop and you’ll find the link for that right down there in the description. All we need for this project are two photographs and the only real tricky part is finding the right photographs so you get a nice interesting composition in here. Let’s close this one down I have my two pictures right back here there’s one and there’s the other one if you want I have links to download these on the support page for this video you’ll find the link for that in the description let’s get these both into the same file I’ll just take this one here background drag it over there there we go and close that down so I have both pictures now in the same file now come down double click on the background layer to convert that to a regular layer and that’s adding a new layer there does not pull out underneath so I have a new background layer let’s just fill that with white I mean hide those there we go now the white paint bucket click in there and fill that with white all right now let’s quickly change the coloration in here we’ll do our top one first behind that one just in case here’s our top layer we’ll be changing the hue/saturation on this one go up to image come down to adjustments and hue/saturation right there first thing is to colorize it makes it all one color we next need to find our heal and the one that I used was 209 right there it’s got a nice bluish color in there bring the saturation way up and I actually had mine set at 70 and then adjust the lightness so it’s lighter so we don’t think it’s real strong blacks in there and I have mine set for 45 right there so hue at 209 saturation at 70 lightness at 45 and that one’s ready to go okay it’s hide that and bring up this one same trick image come down to adjustments come down to hue/saturation click on colorize now the hue is already in the right place clear to the left hand side add zero let’s put our saturation up at 70 and it’s bring the lightness up to 45 exactly the same as the blue 70 and 45 sis’s colorized zero hue saturation 70 lightness at 45 inches okay now we need to blend this layer our blue layer into our red layer and that’s simply changing the blend mode here to multiply and there’s the effect now I have left to do is just to grab our layers and move them around I’ll put the blue layer to the right let’s move the red layer to the left find a nice spot where it looks good let me just do a little bit of a adjustment shift in here just about like that there we go and there it is quick and easy to color effect just by doing a hue saturation shift on your two photographs and then multiplying the top line now it doesn’t matter which one of these is untucking I’ve read on top and blue and bottom doesn’t matter as long as the top layer is blend multiply so I go a real fast real quick really easy effect and very interesting look with this dual color exposure and like I mentioned at the beginning the hardest part about this whole project really is just finding the right two pictures so there you go how to do a quick Photoshop dual color exposure effect [Music]

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