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How To Create Stop Motion Animation Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial ft. GorillaPod 3K PRO

November 13, 2019

‘Upgrade kit identified’ Hey you guys it’s Gal here I hope you
guys enjoyed that opening stop-motion animation
featuring the new Joby GorillaPod 3K PRO that you guys can use with your
mirrorless cameras and it has the arca-swiss tripod plate and new aluminum
legs so I’ll put a link in the description box below if you guys are
interested as well as a link to the upgrade kit if you want to turn it into
a vlogging kit thanks Joby for sending me these products and sponsoring
this video and yeah what I really want to show you guys in this tutorial is how
I actually created that stop-motion animation so we’re gonna jump into
Premiere Pro and I’ll show you how to put it all together so the first step to
creating your stop-motion animation is to grab a partner or use a remote and in
this case I’m going to move my subject just subtly little move by move and
after every movement I get out of frame and then your partner or you can use a
remote to take the photo of it in action now I’ve made a full tutorial on this
already and I’ll put a card up in the upper
right of this video so you can watch that but the key is to use a tripod so
the movement stays steady and after you take all the photos of the action you
are ready to import them into Premiere Pro to put it all together so here
inside of Premiere Pro I’ve imported all of the photos inside of this folder
called m3 because we use the Canon m3 with the nifty 50 lens to shoot all of
the photos and right now I’m in the icon view but if you’re in the list view you
might see this but I recommend going to the icon view because you can quickly
scrub through and it will actually preview what the stop-motion animation
looks like so if you make this icon bigger and we scroll up to the top you
can start to scrub through and see it in action which is pretty cool and this is
the beauty of doing stop-motion animation is because you take a photo
and basically it’s already edited together you just have to put it all
together in the timeline so it’s here and what you can do is you can kind of
scrub through to see if there’s any shots that you might need to delete so
if you accidentally had your hand in the shot you can make sure to delete those
shots so they’re not included in the stop-motion animation so let’s go ahead
and make this smaller here now that we have all of the photos here the next
step is to determine the duration of each shot so as you see here all these
number fours are on all these photos now that means that each photo has a
duration of four seconds and we don’t want each photo to last four seconds
because then the stop-motion animation is going to be really long so what we
really want to get this down to is the fraction in the hundredths of a second
so what I’m going to do is click inside of this folder here this bin and hit
command A to highlight all of them that I’m going to right click on any one of
the photos then go to speed and duration and here I chose for this animation to
change this to zero and just three zero three and this will apply it to all of
the photos that I have selected so now you can see it’s three hundredths of a
second now what we can do is we can go up to the very top the very first photo
hit shift then scrub all the way down and select the last photo and drag and
drop it into the timeline and now you can see it’s just a bunch of photos
lined up each three hundredths of a second now you can see the photos are
very zoomed in we actually need to change the motion scale to fit into the
1920 by 1080 on HD program monitor that we have up here so to do that we’re
going to reframe the first one by finding a shot with the Joby in it right
here and let’s go ahead up to effect controls
and let’s scale this down until we see it in frame so that looks good so what
we can do is we can select this clip which is just this one photo hit command
C on a Mac or ctrl C on a PC to copy that then we can just lasso and
select all of them right-click directly on all the clips here and paste
attributes and then select motion and hit OK and now if you play it back you
have your stop-motion animation it’s a really easy way to do it I would highly
recommend taking photos and not doing a video because you’ll have to cut out all
the frames here it’s already cut for you you just have to put all of the photos
together in a timeline just like I showed you and that’s it so that’s how
you make a stop-motion animation inside a Premiere using stills it’s really easy
to do I encourage you guys to go out and make your own stop-motion animation I
love the aesthetic and once again huge shout out to Joby for sponsoring
this video don’t forget to check out the new 3K PRO for shooting on the go so
that’s it for this video and I’ll see you guys next time


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