How to Create Prototypes (wires) in Adobe XD (Preview) | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 16, 2019

Hi there in this video I’ll show you how
to create prototypes in Adobe XD let’s say have my design finished in
it’s now time to prototype my app so I can tell the story of my app to developer to a stakeholder so I can convey my message my story for that let’s use a
sample file as I have some designs there and here you start in design mode to
create prototypes you have to jump to prototype mode so on the top left
click on prototype now in prototype mode to start things off to move one thing
from another to start screens to move you have to wire items to other art
boards for example let’s say I want to say that as soon as the user clicks on
sign in and i wanna jump to this art board do that I’m in prototype mode I select
this item the sign in button and I click on this arrow
on the right and I just drag wire to the art board I want to go to in this case
will be slight left so it will slide to the left and when I click on this icon I
want to go back to my first art board so i cant say ok this should be a slight
right now alright when everything is done I can
click on the preview button I start here this is my home art board I can see it’s my home art board
because of this home icon here I can set home art board to be a different art board but in
this case this one and as soon as I click here sign in and click back my interactions
just works remember I said I could change the home art board let’s say now this
one is the home art board or have nothing selected this is the one that shows up first
I can wire multiple art boards if I want to remove a wire I click on
the arrow and I just drag to the middle and then that wire is removed that’s how I create prototypes easily in Adobe XD on behalf of the whole Adobe XD team thanks for watching

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