How to create light in your photo | Lightroom Tutorial

September 12, 2019

in today’s episode I’m going to show you how to turn the lights on hello everyone it’s nice to see you guys here again my name is will and I am a travel photographer my name is will and I am a travel photographer I do photography tutorial videos and travel vlogs okay so let’s get into the topic okay so today I’m going to show you a quick Lightroom tip on how to use radial filter to make your photo pop a little bit more so take this photo for example I took this shot in Venice I really like this photo because it’s got the perfect leading line I got the gondolas and the pier pointing at the beautiful background here and I even got a dramatic clouds but I still feel that this photo is missing something I really wish this light was lit when I was on site but it’s okay we can add the light back in by just using radial filter in Lightroom so let’s go to the radial filter and let’s drag a circle which is roughly the size of the light right about there and now we have to invert the mask so the filter only effect the area of the light but since we’re adding in something that wasn’t on the scene so it’s important that our adjustment have to make sense so then let’s crank up the exposure make it lighter and of course the light has to be warmer and I want to make the light to be softer so I’m gonna drag the dehaze slider to the negative side gonna make that a bit wider I can now it’s looking pretty good I’m just gonna make sure the feather is smooth so the light is more natural okay now that we have done the light it’s important to not forget about the reflection reflection otherwise you won’t look natural so let’s just duplicate what we done with the light and drag it down onto the pier and of course the reflection has to be darker than the light itself so let’s let’s drag down the exposure and it a little bit cooler and let’s restore the dehaze effect and bring down the white okay so let’s see now I think it looks pretty nice so it gives a visual interest point which makes the photo more interesting to look at and another thing and we can also use the radial filter to soften harsh light in the photo so let’s take this shot that I took in Rome for example I’ve got this very beautiful bridge and a very nice castle here but this light here in the foreground is really harsh so I’m gonna use radial filter to soften it still let’s invert the mask first so we’re only affecting the light and let’s place it directly onto the light source and also make the filter size roughly about the light and now we’re gonna make it warmer maybe a little bit warmer but somewhere like that and just darken it slightly we don’t want it to get too dark otherwise it won’t look realistic and now the most important part let’s use dehaze effect to really smooth out the light here right so let’s have a look okay I think it’s a bit too dark so I’m gonna bring that the exposure a bit let’s see yeah I think it looks pretty good now maybe I maybe I was a bit agressive on that dehaze slider so I’m gonna drag it back a little bit more okay thinking that’s better so let’s have a look okay so this is before and after and I find this more visually pleasing to the eye okay so that’s it for today if you find this video helpful please leave a like and if you want to see more in the future please subscribe to my channel and if you like the way of how edit my photos I have Lightroom presets available on my website I’ll link it in the description and I’ll see you in the next one [Music]

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