How to Create And Add A Subscribe Button Across All Videos On Your YouTube Channel

September 25, 2019

Hi This video is about How To Add A Subscribe
Button To All The Videos On Your YouTube Channel Herman Drost
My previous video showed you how to add a subscribe button to just one of your videos
using a subscribe annotation. Click here to get that video
But what if you want to add a subscribe button to all the videos on your YouTube channel?
You’ll save a ton of time because you won’t have to add a button every time you upload
a new video. When someone clicks on the subscribe button
they’ll automatically be subscribed to your channel
Here are the steps to create and add a subscribe button across all your videos…
Click your profile image Click Creator Studio
Click Channel Click Branding
Under branding you have 2 options You can add a branding introduction
This adds a short introduction clip to some or all of your videos or you can add a branding
watermark This is a channel branding element to overlay
on your videos Click add a watermark
Here it says upload a watermark For best results use transparency and just
one color Create a transparent image that we can upload
to our YouTube channel So let’s go and create that transparent image
now Here’s how to create your transparent subscribe
image using the free online editor Click on Pixlr editor
Create new image Name your image. In this case we’ll call it
“Subscribe” Set the presets to 300 width by 100 height
Click “transparent” Click “OK”
Click the text box. In this case we’re going to put “click here to subscribe”
Leave it at size 30 Make Verdana the font.
We’re going to center it. We can also move it here and center it
Click OK Then go up here
Click save We’ve got the name “subscribe’
Now we’re going to select PNG transparent full quality, 3KB
Click OK Save to your desktop
That’s it! Choose the file that you just created
Click subscibe.png Click “Choose”
Click save Click save again
It says “showing on all your uploads” Choose a custom start time from the drop down,
end of video or the entire video Let’s click ‘entire video”
Update Here it is it says ‘click to subscribe”
Click on there and it takes you to your YouTube channel
Make sure you’re logged out of your channel to see the subscribe button
If a person has already subscribed to your channel the subscribe button won’t appear
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