How To Create A Youtube Banner

October 6, 2019

Hey friends, welcome back. It is day 3
on your 90-day journey of becoming a YouTuber and today’s a fun one. Yeah,
today we’re just going to talk about printing up your channel. In the last
video, we showed you step-by-step how to create your channel. Now that you’ve got
it, you want to start making it look nice, make it attractive. This is your
storefront where you want to attract people in and let them stay for a while.
Now, at this point it’s really important that you keep up, which means it’s going to
be really easy to get bogged down and say like, “oh my gosh, I don’t know exactly
what image I want to use yet and I don’t know what I want my banner to be”. We’re
going to encourage you to set up what’s called a “placeholder”. Meaning, something
that I always call it my brown paper bag in business like, it’s so important to
get something out the door rather than waiting for perfect. Because a lot of
people allow that perfectionism to actually get in their way. Trust me,
you can always change your icon, your banner or your name and upgrade them
later down the road. Rght now, we just want you to keep up and get some
spaghetti thrown on that wall, so that you can get on your journey to becoming
a YouTuber. Yes, crushing your expectations, you’re not going to have a
perfect channel right out the gate and despite what you might think, millions of
people are not going to all of a sudden start watching your videos. Just because
you’ve created this channel is, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that nobody
knows it exists. Even though it’s public, nobody’s going to be watching it, nobody’s
going to be looking at it. So, it’s a pretty safe playing ground just for you to mess
around. So, we’re going to focus on three things in this video. We’re going to talk
about how to make your icon, how to make your banner or at least update them and
then focusing on your channel name as well. Now, I got to ask you a real quick, I
think most people here probably understand what the banner is but what’s
the icon? Okay, so when you log into YouTube channel, at the very top of the
channel, it’s kind of like the header it’s the storefront if you will. There’s
a banner, you know where you’ll upload a graphic but then there’s this little
square icon down on the bottom left. Now, that could be a picture of your face, it
could be your brand, logo or it could be anything else that you wanted to put in
there. But that is basically, the face of the channel. So, we’re talking about the
icon, we’re talking about the face of your brand, the face of your channel or
the face of your message. Perfect, and the banner just supplements. Yeah, awesome,
alright. So, what do you want to start with? Here’s how you actually do it. So, we
created a YouTube channel yesterday. Go back to your YouTube channel and you can
do that by going to and in the top left corner, you’re going to have
three bars and if you click that, you’ll get a drop down message where you can
click on my channel. Oh, I like that there’s a button right there that says,
“customize my channel”. That’s right. So, as soon as you got your
YouTube channel started, you hit that big blue button, customize channel and it’s
going to bring you this format where it says right in front of you, “add channel
art”. Now I got to tell you, I’m so excited about this because I’ve actually
never been through this. I know that you… this is my first time like, I
know it’s a little while… And how many YouTube channels do you have? Four. But, you guys
do need to know out the gate that some of you are like, totally hands-on like
Mr-Do-It-Yourself over here and you’re like, “I got to know how to do this”.
I’m the opposite, I’m like, I have a belief if you want it done right, give it
to somebody else. So, I just want you to know along the way that as you watch
these videos you’re either going to say. “Oh, my gosh I’m so excited about doing this”.
And some of you’re like, “I know this needs to get done but I don’t want to do
it.” We just want you to know that on our website, you can actually connect with us
and we’ve got some options of how we can have experts do this stuff for you. I
still think it’s important to know how to do it, So, I’m enjoying the tutorial
right along with you on some of this technical geek out stuff. Perfect, I
personally do enjoy getting my hands…I’m not calling you a geek by the way. But I do
take the hard road, I do. It’s a hard journey, it’s an uphill battle and my
life would be a lot better if I just followed your example…
whatever makes you happy dude, you love putting your hand on the wheel. If you’re
in a position where you can get the experts involved then you can just
outsource everything, it’s going to save you a lot of creative time and energy. So you
can focus on being a creator. So, I want you to start thinking from the beginning,
how can you get other people involved? But in the meantime, we will show you
step by step how to do it yourself. So, show me how to do this. Alright, so we’re talking about, what’s
the icon and you can actually see on this display the top left-hand corner,
there’s a green square with a little picture of a person. So, this is pretty
intuitive. That’s where you put a picture of your person or your brand. And the
channel art is just anything that’s going to supplement that. That’s, you know,
could be a texture of a brick wall or it could be, you know, brick wall with your
name on it or anything else. And in the next video, we’ll actually talk about
some tools or resources you can use if you don’t know how to graphic design
some of this stuff yourself, some sources you can go that are very cheap. Can we
actually go to our channels and actually take a look at what we chose to do?
Because it’s really just a matter of clicking the button and uploading it. So,
if we go over to my channel, just for example, You know,
I have to say I haven’t put a lot of work into this banner, it’s pretty much
the same when I’ve had since I had a million subscribers but he’s
done the job. Did you guys understand? don’t make sure your in a roasting
on like the wrong things, right? I mean every time we hit another million
subscribers, I just go back and I update it from like 8 to 9, 9 to 10
etc. Awesome. But you can see here, we’ve got this banner and then down here, we’ve
got this little circle with the King of Random logo. Now, this is kind of cool
because when I do think of your banner, so, when you actually look at Grant’s
brand, it’s about this guy’s and tools and hands-on and make stuff happen. So,
actually doing like the metallic background there and the way that he did
that, that’s part of actually creating a feeling for his brand. Very much if you
actually look at his icon, he’s got that famous triangle, it’s like the famous
caution symbol and they’ve got that sideways turned crown in it, this King of
Random. But you didn’t have that the very first day you started your channel. I didn’t. I started my channel two years before I made the
King of Random. So, it was just kind of in limbo… Did you hear that?
did you hear that? Everyone knows him today is the King of Random but for two
years prior he was putting out videos and he wasn’t building a specific brand.
You just got to get out there like, seriously, today’s homework assignment is
load up and a picture of you and then put a brick wall if you have to in the
background because it’s good enough for getting yourself started. And the
pictures you upload don’t even have to be a view. We just want to walk you
through the process, so that you at least experience it, start to finishing, you
know how to do it. So, then maybe you go out and get a professional photo shoot
or you get a graphic designer to help you but for today we’re just doing
placeholders. So, jumping back here, this is how you’re going to upload your artwork,
whatever graphic you have, I mean you can just take a screenshot of your computer
if you want it to you and use that instead. But as you hover over the
banners, the first thing you’re going to notice are little pen like icons that
pop up in these top right-hand corners. We’re just going to do a screenshot for
this example, we’re going to totally copyright the YouTube logo. Oh, share
your screenshot and snap. No, thanks. Yeah, he’s got it,
he’s got two levels of push depth onto that laptop. So go to your icon, hover
your mouse over it, click the little pen editing button. It’s going to ask you to
edit your Google profile. So, it’s going to take it into Google here and you
have an option to upload your photo. Okay, that’ll automatically upload it and then
you’ll have an option to actually crop it. So, you can drag the crop bars to
where you want to look good. Make it
“YouTub”. that’s better, leave off the “e” it’s less
copyrighting… “YouTub”, beautiful. it’s like “Self Mad” and “YouTub”. This is easy, this
is awesome. Perfect! And while we’re here, you can also do the banner in the
background as well, which…here we hit that camera button and we’ll do a
picture of us. If you just want to search for an image really quick, you can go
onto Google. You can do a search for anything. Go to images and then you can
click the drop down menu under tools and you’ll see a banner for reuse or usage
rights. And if you click that and label it for reuse,
you can find pretty much any images that you can download and use. So, we just
found one here that’s got a bunch of social media. Alright, so, we have just
hacked together our profile image, we’ve hacked together our banner and it’s
important to note this is all happening on the Google+ account right now but it
will translate to YouTube. Okay, so, we got our icon updated. Let’s jump back to the
YouTube page and if we hit refresh, you can see now that our YouTub has been
populated. Time to do the banner next. We’re going to go over… So
professional looking, too. I like that. You know what, it works, it works. So, now
we’re going to take our image for the backdrop. Now, this is an image that we
just grabbed right off of… You can pull
that part of the Google image search. Now, it’s important to note that your
image has to be at least 2048 pixels wide and 11052 pixels tall. So, if
you don’t have one that big, you’re going to need to find one. Alright, so, we’re going to
go to Google and what we’re gonna do is, we’re going to look for an image that we
can use for our banner. Now, you can create a custom image but for the sake
of this video, we’re just trying to snatch and grab one, so, we need to show
you how easy it is to upload one. And right now, one of the things that Grant
is doing is under tools. He’s making sure that we’re searching for things that
don’t have copyright issues, so that we don’t get flagged by anyone for using
something we’re not supposed to. I think that’s a really wonderful, that’s
beautiful. Now, the question is, is it big enough and it probably is. Okay, so we’re
going to copy that image, save that image to the desktop, it’s perfect.
Test banner. So, here’s a little bonus Photoshop tutorial, we’re just going to go
and resize the image and right now, we switch to pixel as you can see, it’s 1280
we wanted that to be like 2200 or something.
So, that should work. Now it’s going to distort the image because it’s blowing
it up. So, we’re going to lose a little bit of quality. But for all intents and
purposes that’s just fine. Now, we’ve got a bigger image. Let’s see if the system has any
problem with that. Uploaded! It’s looking good, alright. And it does look
great. Now you can’t adjust the crop, so, you can
take these little boxes at the corners and the edges. You can go ahead and
adjust the crop, so, you can actually move it side to side, you can adjust the
little tabs, so that it’ll looks good and you can test on the different devices,
you can see it on your desktop, let’s go to my desktop, what’d it look like on TV,
full screen, how it’s going to look on your cellphone, awesome, cool. So, that looks good.
Let’s go ahead and select that and badda-boom. Check that out dude. We are
YouTub live with firey waves of awesomeness as a banner. That’s right. The
only thing we have left to do now is update the channel name. So, what do you
want the name of your channel to be? Well, this is John Smith and let’s just say
that his channel is actually about lighting things on fire. You have no
experience with that. Fire! Well, I like that fiery background. Okay, so, if you
want to change your name, there is a little process you need to go through. First we’re going to look at the top right hand corner where your channel icon is
in that little circle. When you hit that, you’ll get a drop down message and if
you look closely, you can see there’s one little button that’s got a gear icon on
it, do you see that? So, you want to click that gear icon and it’s going bring you
to your account settings page. Now, at the very top here, you’re going to see a picture
of your icon as well as your name right beside it and you see right beside your
name, it should say “edit on Google”. So, let’s go ahead and click that. It’s going to
bring you to an edit page where you can see your first and last name. Now, if your
channel name isn’t your first and last name, you’re going to have to get little bit creative and just divide it
up. On my page, we have “the King of Random”. So, in this case you know we could
do something like, “The John of Smith”. Me as well. Go with “John Smith on Fire”. “The
John on fire”, that’s even better. What if we go like, “MY PANTS ON FIRE,”.
Dude, that sounds like a great channel. “MY PANTS ON FIRE,”, okay, cool.
So I capitalized all the words just to make them look a little more official.
It’s going to say you’re going change your name and yes, we’re going to change the name.
Now, there are limitations to how many times you can change your name, I believe
it’s like three times within a 90-day period. So, don’t spend a lot of time
playing around different names because you will get locked in for a certain period of time. So, be
very careful. Now, check this out. You got your YouTube, icon, MY PANTS ON FIRE, let’s
just see it updated on the YouTube page. Now, if we go back to the YouTube page,
we’re going to click the three bars on the left hand side for the drop-down menu
and click “My Channel”. When we get to “My Channel”, you’re going to see everything
updates, we’ve got “MY PANTS ON FIRE”, we’ve got the banner, we’ve got the little
YouTube… Dude, there you go, check that out.
And it’s looking pretty good. Dude, that’s awesome. So you’ve done it! At this point,
if you’ve been following along, you It might not look great but the purpose of
this experiment was just to walk through it, so that you know how to do it. Now, you
can spend a little bit of time figuring out the quality. In the next video we’re
going to get into some professional services that you can use for very cheap
to make your site look amazing. Your homework assignment for today, is to
update your icon, your banner, your name and then join us tomorrow on day four
where we’re going to launch into the professional services to take your
images to the next level.

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