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How to create a STOP-MOTION LOOK in Premiere Pro

September 2, 2019

Hello creative filmmakers. Thanks for watching Orange83. Today i’ve got a very
short and simple Premiere Pro tutorial for you. In this one we’re going to add
a fake stop-motion effects to our footage. To achieve the real stop-motion
effect you need to shoot a lot of photos and adjust the scene
between each photo and then stitch them
all together and post. So it can take hours
to shoot a short video but the results can be amazing. I really admire
some of the people that are very creative
and patient with this technique. Often i’m not that patient. So that’s why we’re going
to fake this effect and we’re going to add
a stop motion look to our Clips. Obviously this won’t look
as good as a real stop motion, but you can still get
some cool results. Let’s jump straight
into Premiere and I’ll show you how it’s done. Inside Premiere i’ve
already imported a clip into the project panel. First we’ll need
to create a new sequence. Right click on the video file and then select a new
sequence from clip. This will create a new sequence
based on the settings of the video clip. If I give this playback, you’ll see that the clip
is played in real time. And when I pause the video, you’ll see that there is
almost no motion blur. That’s exactly what we want. If you want this effect
to work you need a clip that is recorded
with a high shutter speed. It just won’t work as well if you have a clip
with a lot of motion blur, so try to avoid that. Okay back in Premiere
we’re going to add the effect that will give us
the stop-motion look. In the effects panel
we’re going to search for the posterize time effect. You’ll find this one
under a video effects time. Select this effect
and then drag it over to the timeline to apply it
to the video clip. Then if you move over
to the effects control panel, you’ll find the effect here. This effect will give you
the option to lower the number of frames per second. It all depends
on the type of content, but if you want to create
this stop-motion look you should go for something
between 2-8 frames. So for this one, let’s start off
with three frames per second, which looks something like this. Now if I change this
to eight frames per second, it will look like this. Here you can see the difference
between three and eight frames per seconds. Sometimes it also works better
if you slow down the footage. This is speed at hundred percent
with four frames per second. And this is how it looks
on a third of the speed with two frames per second. In Premiere you can slow down
or speed up a clip if you right click on them and then select
a speed and duration. For this video we’re going
to slow it down to 33 percent. Okay, next we’ll apply
the posterize time effect and then set it
to 2 frames per second. With this same posterize
time effect you can also create an old school film
look from the 1920s. Let’s take this
clip for example. We’ll add the posterize
time effect and then change the frame rate
to four frames per second. Okay. Now this same clip
looks like this. Next we can head over
to the lumetri color panel and then go
to the creative section. And there we’re going
to increase the faded film look and will decrease
vibrance and saturation. Next we’ll head over
to the vignette section and you guessed it
we’ll add a vignette. And as a bonus will also add
an old film look overlay. Here I’ve got a couple
from envato elements. You can find the link
in the video description if you want to check them out
and I’ll also link a couple of free alternatives. You can now simply drag
them over to the timeline. And then go to the opacity section
in the effects control panel and then set the blend mode
to screen and lower the opacity. That’s all and now
it looks like this. That’s it for this
stop-motion look tutorial. As always I hope
you enjoyed this video. If you did then please
like the video, that helps a lot. Thanks again for watching and I hope to see you
back soon for more. See you next time on Orange83


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