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How to Create a Mystical Mountain Composition in Photoshop

November 1, 2019

Hey, everybody! Howard Pinsky here with a
brand new photoshop tutorial and we’re going to be doing a little bit a photo
composition in today’s tutorial. We’ll taking this image right here which has
shot a few days ago in colorado angane transforming it into a mystical mountain range when i initially shocked the photo would
look great on my camera but when i took it into lightroom and i did some toning it just didn’t
give me that affected i was looking for so i figure inside this door in his
image in the trash i’m gonna grab some photos from shutterstock dot com and to take this image to a whole nother
level and i’m gonna end up with something that
looks like this so let’s go ahead and begin now before even touch the stock images i wanna make sure to isolate the sky
from the rest of the image at all loudly to ease the gravel stock images of the
difference kaise and put them right behind the mountain
range of this image and to do that photoshop has a lot of
different selection methods that we can use but i mean he used the quick
selection tool which we found your tools mark because i found for situations like this
it works fantastic he works almost like a brush weakness to
brush over the areas of your image that you want to turn into a selection so if my right square bracket ki and
increase the size of my brush and simply start brushing over top of
the sky and clouds just like this you’ll notice we now have the marching
ants going across our image and that indicates that area will become
selection they might notice fight zoom into this
area here some of the mountains were selected as
well sorting easley decrease the size of a
brush with my left square bracket ki and hold down my option key on the mac
or all turkey in windows and brush in that area to diesel like that area it with my space bar held down i contend
the image to see if they’re any other areas that need to be d selected sorrento here there’s a little bit the
mountain that were selected targets of the whole democrat rookie and click and that area will be comfy selected and up and over to the left over here
and the rest of the mountains are looking pretty nice as one more little area that was
selected over here so i hold an optional more time and simply click to be select effect as commander control zero i can
see the whole image on my screen now at this point we have the sky
selected but we actually want them out in selected so we can get rid of the sky it’s just easier to select the sky
rather than everything else below it so we want inverse the selection we can go to the select menu and that
inverse working is the shortcut commander control shift and ari now once that’s done because we’re
dealing with trees and a little bit of rock we want to refine the edge of our
selection this will give us a much more defined in
accurate selection then we have right now it’s a little bit sharpened jacket sobered up here we have the refining
edge feature which can also be found under the select menu as well and i’ve done a few tutorials on the
path of this feature some other go over all the options but basically right here you’ve a few
different ways on how you can view results you can view it as marching ants
with space in this election all the way on black on white black and white and so
on i prefer the black-and-white option as
is going to allow me to see exactly how much selections can be turning out and what you have your view set all we
really want to do is turn on smart radius and increase the release value and you’re going to see if i sumi
overhear we have a much more accurate selection for shop is actually going in
between the trees to make a more accurately defined selection so if you’re dealing with a subject that
contains for or hair or trees he deftly why use a smart reviews
feature as the selection will be much more
accurate and we go ahead and had the stock images
behind the mountains it’s almost may be seamless so with that said the only other option
that we want to set is the output on the select layer mask which will allow us to hide that’s kind
of background but want to leave the completely so i
was gonna be there for me to later on and when i press ok photoshop and hide at skype leaving us with only the mountains one
more time commander zero or control zero two fifty image on the screen afropop over here to my latest panel you can see we have that same image boeing now happily or mask on it which is heat in the sky if i hold down shift and click on that
layer mask you can see that the sky still actually there but its head and using that mask so at this point we now go ahead and add
those stock images into this image going to go over here to this image here this guy’s going to be on the left side
of my team son grab my move toward it’s only dry get on top of this
document and places right here now initially it’s gonna be on top of
the mountains but in the layers paley can simply drag
right below and place it behind the mountains and of course you can grab the move
toward him and positioning anywhere you like i’m in
a position at right over there next let’s go to our next document of
the night sky again drag on top of this document and
place it right there and with my move toward moving right
like here’s something should take note because we’re gonna be bringing these
two sides together we want the top sky which in this case
is that night sky on the right we don’t want a place it too far to the
right to get the blending won’t look that national walker right in the middle
school one actually plays a little bit to the left is right around here which will give us a little bit room to
blend it with the image in the back and give us a nice transition in the
middle of our image and want to have both skies in place one
at a later mask this image so we can go ahead and women really
nicely so the bottom of your latest panel br
click on the layer mask icon right here is going to add a blank layer mask as
you can see to the right of this layer yet to blend we’re gonna be using the
group radiant will which can be found in your tools bar on the left right over
here and when that selected you want to make
sure at the second grading option is selected
which is for brown to transparent anyone to make sure your form and color
is set to black because if you know anything about later masks you know at
black hides portion of your layer and white reveals that and when that’s at all you have to do is
go to the left side of the top image which is our night sky hold on your shift key to constrain that
gradient and drag it to the right you want to go
too far but somewhere right around here when you
let go he’ll now have a nice transition between the left sky and the night sky and of course they’re not happy with it
commander controls each undo and you can we do it so in this case i cannot get
hold down shift and write a little bit further to the right to get a little bit
more of a transition and that looks good right there so at this point we have the skies in
place we have the less guy which is a little bit of a dusk sunset type sky and then the rates guy which is more of
a nighttime look but obviously there’s a little bit of a
problem if you take a look at the mountains in the foreground they don’t
really match the skylight in the background so we need to fix that and to do that we’re gonna have a few
adjustment layers on top of the mountains so in the layers panel you
wanna make sure to have the top layer selected which in this case is our mountains and right at the bottom organic at an
adjustment layer the first one already adding is photo
filter this will allow us to warm up or cool
down our layers but when he first an adjustment layer it adds it to a all of your layers what we need to do is clip it to the
mountain there so it only affects the mountains in the grass in the foreground and that can be doing a properties panel despite con right here which will clip
it to the layer right below it so that we’re talking affect the skies
that we have in the background hated senior latest pair we have a little down
here indicating at this adjustment layer is clipped to
the layer right below it as for the adjustment itself we do want
a warming filter cuz we r gonna b working on the left side of the image
first and then we’ll move to the right side and for shot does have a few types of
warming filters and go through and see which one works best but really want
increase the density into the mountains become nice and orange just like this if you go down to the bottom of her
latest panel and hide it even see the difference is make so there’s the before and there’s the after we now have much
warmer mountains now they do seem a little bit washed out
right now over to take care of that in the end
when we had a final curves adjustment so don’t worry about that too much we’re just warring warming it up on the left side and then
calling it down on the right side but even though we went ahead and clit this adjustment layer to the mountains
below it the right side of his image which is
supposed to be cool is now warm so how do we deal with that
well adjustment layers come with all their mask if you take a look beside the
adjustment layer on the right you have a blank layer mask so just like
we were able to blend the two skies together we can use a black gradient to blend helped the adjustment layer so i still have the greeting tool
selected and with the layer mask on the adjustment active i can go to my
document hold down shift and right from the right side the image to the left you’ll notice it’s going to read of the
adjustment on the right side of the image only believing the warming filter on the left side so again if i turn off
the filter and back on you can see that that photo filters only
affecting the left side of the image which is exactly what i want to napa digestion has done we’re gonna
add another photo filter to affect the right side of the image so
again i wanna bring ’em i just want layers and had another photo filter but this time i want to change it from a
warming filter to a cooling filter and that increase the density and told
it’s nice on the right side of the index somewhere right around there now obviously just like we did in the
last step we don’t want this filter affecting the
left side of the image so with the greeting tool still active angle air mass elected i’m simply drag out a green from around
the middle of the document to the right it’ll get rid of that cooling filter on the left side leaving it nice and cool on the right and of course just like with the
previous adjustment layer that we added you wanna make sure to clip it to the
previous layer so that’s not affecting the skylight in the background good so at this point we now have the
new skies in the background blending nicely together if the sunrise
on the left and and night sky in the right and on the mountains we have a nice
warming filter on the left and my schooling filter on the right but
like i mentioned the four rounds a little bit washed out so one thing that i love to do you want
to come into the end of a project is that a lot to add occurs adjustment
lucas to sharpen up the image and fix some of the tones that may be washed
down so one more time to grab adjustment
mayor i grabbed occurs adjustment layer and simply make some adjustments and to
bring down some of shadows just like this bring up the highlights just a little
bit just a sharper not that image to give it more contrast may bring the shadows down just a little
bit more and you can see we no longer have that washed out look and with this address earlier you may or
may not want to click if i go ahead include the gist of the
mountains the sky is a little bit washed out it
doesn’t really match so i’m actually but un clipped which gives us a nice high
contrast effect so looking back at what we’ve done so
far we started out by removing the sky using selection and refine the edge and we have those stock images from
shutterstock behind the mountains needling them
really nicely together using the later mask and then we added a few adjustments to
adam is warming effect on the left side and cooling effect on the right side so
that they match the skylight in the background and then we finish it off using curves
are just a layer to sharpen up the image and given uh…
nice high contrast effect and with the same techniques you can
bring in additional images like this move over here i can grab this
image here with my move toward drag over to this document and i can add a nice moon to this image are we still a little bit too big sonia
and jeffrey transform of commander control t inning commander control zero so i can see the whole document
including the transformed our homes and a dragon downwards just a little bit
like this press return enter to accept anger dragged my layers panel right
below the mountain’s american position it where like signed
up put it in the top right corner right around here yeah obviously five
fifty in which the screen you can see that we now have republic border around
this image of the moon so how do we fix that well there are few things you can
do including layer mask and selections going to start with when my favorite
little-known features a future that lot of people don’t using photoshop and that’s blend give a double clinton this layer to bring up
my layer styles and down here at the bottom we have the
blank if section and in this case who really want to suck
up some of the shadows of the slayer so down here we have this slider right
here if i hold on my option can the mac all
turkey and windows i think dragged the right side this
letter to the right to transition some of the shadows out of
this layer is still going to have a little bit of a
border but if i press ok we can usually deal
with that using well outlier mask so one more time to sort of done with
all the other layers i had a wear mask and with migrating tool pressed boutique
in the keyboard an assembly at a very slight greeting from the left side this
layer this great around here transition that
out and from the bottom which will leave us with a nice seamless
mood in the background ever image and of course if you need to all of
these layers are completely edible which is a huge advantage of using adjustment
layers so if you go back later ronny decide he won a little bit more contrast
in the image you can simply click on the curves just earlier and make changes as needed just like
that and it’s not just the adjustment layers it’s also the mask as well so if you take a look at your image and notice at the mountains are a little bit rough
around the edges or you want to bring that mask in words a bit you can simply click on the layer mascot
in the properties panel you’re gonna see the mask properties and you can actually
go ahead and click on mask edge to bring up that dialogue box again and make
changes as needed so you can go ahead and ship that edging towards a little
bit if you notice that some of the sky was leftover upon the mountains and what you press ok is to apply that
change directly to layer ask and that just about complete it using a
few stock images a few adjustment layers and some asking to take a print mediocre
image and completely transformed it into a mister gold mountain range i hope
you guys enjoyed this tutorial let me know if you want more tutorials like
this is going to check of the written version
of this tutorial or you want to download the full rest final image of this result check out my website ice flow studios
dot com picture to subscribe to receive future updates follow me on facebook twitter google
plus all that fun stuff and till next time


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