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How to create a DISPLACEMENT MAP in Photoshop CC

October 21, 2019

I’m gonna show you how to use a displacement
map in Photoshop. This effect will allow you to put a text or
different types of graphics on objects and make them look like they are printed or wrapped
around that object. If you follow the guidelines it’s easier
than you think so stay tuned! Hey guys welcome to my channel I’m Criss
and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram @eyestocker. If this is your first time here, on this channel
I make photo and video editing tutorials but I also started to make some tech videos. If you like the content make sure you subscribe
and hit that bell to be notified when I publish some new stuff. And now let’s jump into Photoshop. This is the image I’m gonna work with today. Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning, you
just throw your MacBook on the bed, and take a photo from above like this one. And then you say.. You know what? I’m gonna throw some text here, maybe a
cool quote, or a lyric… a funny one.. And make it look real, like.. It’s printed on the bed sheets. But before that you need some preparation. You need to create a displacement map In Photoshop. To do this you enter the channels panel and
choose a channel which has the most contrast. You have the red channel, this is the Green
and the Blue. In my case the Green is what I need. So I right click on it and choose duplicate
channel. For document I just choose New
You can enter a name here, I will just call it Displacement. Hit ok, and then you can see up here that
Photoshop created for me a new document which represents the green channel that I just duplicated. Alright, the next step is to blur the image. Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur. Basicaly you need to get rid of any texture
and depending on you image size you use this slider to choose a low value, making sure
that any texture on the photo will not be visible anymore. And for me in this case, 3 is a good value. I’m gonna hit ok and save this document
anywhere I want, I name it displacement, I will choose my desktop real quick. The file is saved and now you can close it. Ok, so I’m gonna go back to my image
with this Apple computer and I don’t know why but in the last months everytime when
I heared the word apple, it reminded me about this… the PPAP song, where this guy has
the following lyrics: I have a pen, I have an apple… Apple Pen. This song went viral by the way.. With these lyrics. 57 million views right now . OMG Back to my screen, I’m gonna choose the
text tool by pressing on T and first I will choose a 50% grey here. Don’t use white, don’t use black, use
50% grey. It will look good and realistic in the end,
trust me. And I will write here.. I have a bed ..and then I’m gonna hit a
few times enter and write “I have an apple”. Apple Bed. And guys just a quick question.. Did you enjoyed that original PPAP song? I mean, was it fun for you, or your kids? For me it was fun in the beginning. Put your answers in the comments section below,
just for fun., right click on the text layer and
choose convert to smart object. Now go to Filter – Distort – Displace. These numbers will have to be the same. The higher the value is the more intense the
effect will be. I usually use 5, 7 something like that, but
if something does not look as it should be, these are the numbers which need to be changed. Make sure Stretch to fit and Repeat edge pixels
are selected and then hit ok. Photoshop will ask you to select the displacement
file that you want to use, I will select the displacement.psd which I created earlier. Hit ok.. And Photoshop has applied the displacement
map. Make sure the text layer is selected and change
the blending mode to Linear Burn. Now if you zoom in on the text you will see
that it’s too sharp comparing it to the image, so with the text selected I will go
to Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur and choose a low blur value. I will choose a 0.6 pixels and I can check
here the preview to see the difference. You can see it here, the edges of the text
are a bit softer and they look more realistic. The text looks fine but It still needs some improvement. I want to see the bed sheet texture a bit more
through the letters. So right click on the text layer and choose
blending options. And there is this Underlying layer section
where if I drag this highlights slider to the left, the bright parts of the bedsheets
will start to be more visible through the text, but this is a bit too harsh so I’m
gonna bring this back to default and I will press the ALT or option on a Mac, I will drag
again the slider and now the 2 handles are split and the transition is much softer than
before. So I’m gonna hit ok, and the last step is
to lower a bit the opacity of this layer. So this is the final image, you can see how
the letters are following the curved surfaces of the bed sheets. However, never print your bed sheets with this
text. If you want, you can check and uncheck the
visibility of the displace effect so you can see how the text was before … and after. Keep in mind that, if you double click the
text layer on its thumbnail, because it’s a smart object the layer will open up and
you can modify your text. So for example I can write in.. “I LOVE.. SUNDAYS” then I press CTRL+S to save the
file and if I go back to my main document, you can see that the text was replaced. Another important thing is that If you want
to move or change the size of the text , make sure that after you changed its position or
scale, you right click on the displace effect and choose Edit Smart Filter, Photoshop will
ask you again what’s the displacement map file, you hit ok and now the text is adapted
on the surface correctly. Otherwise if you just move the text without
re-adapting it, it will not warp correctly onto the surface underneath. Alright, if this video helped you in any way,
smash that like button, subscribe if you don’t want to miss anything and thank you so much
for all your comments and feedback on my videos, you are really really awesome. I’m Criss, keep Photoshoping and catch you
in the next one!


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