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How To Create A Dangles Card in Photoshop Elements

February 27, 2020

Hi, everyone, this is Olivia from the
Alexandrienne channel and today we’re gonna do something a little bit
different. We are going to create a card front similar to the one that you see
here using the dangles alphabet. Okay, so to begin with, you go to file, new, blank
file and you fill in all the variables. We’ll give this the name of Joy Card Front and we want it to be a 5 by 7 because that is a standard greeting card size the
resolution of 300 that’s a good one and RGB color and we’re going to keep it
with a white background for now. So once you have all that filled in you just
click OK, voila! Here we have our blank card front that we get to have fun and
create with. So now you want to go to wherever you have your dangles alphabet
stored on your hard drive and find the letters and in this case it is the J for
joy, you click on that and click open and you’ll see that it puts it down here
with everything else in our project bin. So, you just want to repeat this process
until you get all the letters that you would like. One more time we hit open, we go down to O, click open, one last time, open, find our Y and click
open, there we go. So everything we need is in our project
bin now. Okay, we’ll click on our blank greeting card front and now we’ll go to
the J and you can see I’m hovering over it. So you want to with your left mouse
click hold down and then drag it on to your blank card front. So we
have a J but it looks too big and you’ll see this little box that it’s in and there
are little boxes in each corner and what that will do is if you click and hold
down and drag it will either reduce or enlarge and we actually want it to
reduce because it was too big, then when you’re done you just click OK
and scoot it over a little and then you repeat the same process with the other
letters. Go to your O, click and hold, drag on to your card front, grab a corner,
click and hold down and drag it to the size you want it, click ok. So now you
just have one more letter which is the Y. Once again you’re hovering on top, click,
hold down and drag. Now we went to pick a corner and make it smaller. Okay, there we have
it. Now you can adjust the size any way you like. I tend to like if you’ll see on either
side about the same amount of space unless I am deliberately putting
something off the page like so, but we don’t want that with the letters. Alright, so we’ll put the J up here a little bit and I also pay
attention to the space between the letters. It depends on how the letters
are formed, like I think this might look good with the Y above it and anyway, you can just play around with it to see how you
like them. But in this case, we’re going to stagger the height, J is on top, you
have about that much space, then your O, then drag your Y down to about there, I
think that looks a really quite good. It’s got a nice pretty consistent angle.
But if you’ll notice, I have a lot of space over here and not much space over
here; there’s a very easy way to correct that, just go outside of your letters,
click, hold down, drag across and it will grab each one of your letters and
temporarily group them together. So what you would do from that point is you
click and hold down on any one of these letters and then you can drag all three of them
together. So we’ll kind of center it a little bit where we think it looks good.
Say that looks good, okay, and when you release you’ll be able to see that
they’re still grouped together because they’re all in this one little box. Now
if you go outside of it and you click, it’s released them. And say if you wanted a different color
background on this you would go over here to, this is a foreground color, we’ll
click it and then you can go to this bar and
select any color. And then go within here and whatever color you click on if
you’ll look over here that is the color you were going to get, but since the word
joy is a happy word we probably would like to put something in there that is
just a happy bright color so I am going to personally go with yellow and
once again, whatever color you pick within this yellow will show up here.
This would not be a good color for that image and we want a pure color but this
is so bright it would just kind of swallow up the word so we need it to be
more pastel. So we’ll try that and see how that works. Once you find your color,
see it there, click OK. Make for sure you have the
background highlighted not any of the letters. Then you come over to the
left side to your toolbar and click your paint bucket and then somewhere over
your background you hover and then just do a left click, voila there you go. Now once you get everything exactly the way you would
like it come over to file and do save, and I’ll save it as a PSD which is the Photoshop
file that way anytime I want to I can come back in and change anything I want,
it will save all of the layers. Then I will save it again, I’ll do a
save as, same title only this time I’m going to do it as a JPEG that way I can
go ahead and print it out or whatever it is that I want to do with it.
Save, and I want to save it at a very good quality, so I hit okay. That’s all
there is to it. So, if you found this video helpful I would really appreciate
it if you would give it a thumbs up and subscribe. Comment below if you have any questions. Thanks so much have a wonderful day and much love.

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