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How To Convert Images sRGB In Photoshop For Web And Amazon Merch Image Profile

December 13, 2019

in this video we will see how to convert
images to srgb in Photoshop and if this is your first time to our channel please
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when you upload your images on the web it’s recommended to upload images in
srgb rather than Adobe RGB or prophoto RGB so let’s get started open an image in
Photoshop you can edit it with watermark images next click Edit option
in the top menu next click convert to profile option here in the pop-up window you can see
it’s a a dope RGB profile image here srgb is already selected as my
profile preference if it is not srgb select srgb profile option in your
settings next all other settings is as is with no
change and finally click OK next to save the image click file in the
top menu and next click save as option and save the image in jpg format as you
always do now if you bring both the image and test
the profiles of both the image is a dope RGB while the saved one is sRGB profile
image with this we come to the end of this
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