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January 14, 2020

PDF JPEG to PDF PNG to PDF JPG to PDF Similarly, Word, Excel, PowerPoint document How to convert to PDF Or How to convert pdf to an image format Or How to convert pdf to Word, Excel, Powerpoint How to edit pdf How to Lock PDF file with Password How to unlock pdf without password How to split pdf pages How to crop pdf file How to compress pdf file size Or any work related to pdf How can you do it for free without using any software? Let’s know To convert pdf to another file Or to convert any other file to PDF Many websites are available on the internet. Like Hipdf Pdfcandy Freepdfconvertor There are many more web sites like this There are many more web sites like this. There are many more web sites like this. That is You do not get to see any kind of error in You will not find watermark in PDF of And the biggest feature That if you create PDFs from any other website Then the size of your pdf will be larger and smaller according to your image size If your image size is large then any page in between will be bigger and smaller If the image is small, any page in the middle will be small any page in the middle will be small also has an option to select page size You can select page size here And after that, if you create a PDF, the entire page will be of the same size So is the best website to convert PDF So how do you convert any file to PDF Or how to convert from pdf to another file For that you have to go to any web browser If you are in a laptop or computer, then you can go to the web browser Open the website If you are from a smartphone, then you have to do same procesurethere also Go to any web browser and search As soon as you search, Website home page will open And on the homepage, you will be shown plain service As you see here there is PDF Editor Compress pdf You can reduce the size of the PDF by using it You can delete a page in PDF using the delete page You can merge 2 & 3 PDFs using the merge page you can split the pdf If one of the pages of the PDF want to extract, one page can be extract by using the extract page Here is all Services are available If you want to convert a PDF to Excel then us PDF to Excel Want to convert pdf to japg image Pdf to jpg Pdf to text Pdf to word Look under that guys jpeg is pdf In this way you can use all the services See below it in security Pdf can protect PDFs can be used for passwords You can unlock pdf with any password If you have a watermark in a PDF, you can remove it from here So in this way you can use PDF’s all Services So how will you use these services To use it you have to Like if we want to convert the JPEG image to PDF then we click on jpg to pdf Next page will open in front of you by clicking See below it, here is some information It is telling that whatever file you use here will be kept private. And it is automatically deleted from their server within 2 hours. Soo, your information is safe here It is mentioned in the line below that If you want to use this service for free So here you are converting to pdf PDF pages must have a maximum of 30 pages PDF size should be up to 5 MB With this website, you can do leg over 3 tasks for free If you want to do more than that, then you can also do more by using the ignito tab So now we have to convert photo to PDF So, we have to Click On Upload Image File On clicking, you will be exposed like this So select the images you want to convert to PDF. Then you have to clcik on Open The image is uploaded instantly as soon as you clcik Now you have to See 3 options shown below the image The first option is image size You can select what you want to keep the size of the pdf page from here In which the A4 size is already selected So if you click on it, Then all the sizes that are in PDF will come here So you click on the size that you want, that size will come after that, Page orientation option are there It has portrait and landscape option So you can select who you want to choose Or you leave auto After that the option is margin Friends, you can select from the margin If none is selected already, So, there will be no space on the side of the page If you want to give margin, then there are two options, small and large So i select small Then see that the space in the page after the image will increase slightly If i select large Then you will see a little more space And then click on Convert to pdf See your PDF is being converting See this very quickly converted it into pdf After converting PDF you will get the download link So, Click on Download You can download that PDF by clicking on Download Watch this pdf is downloading So see this, our pdf is downloaded So i open this pdf and show it I uploaded two photos, so see two pages are made in this PDF Each page of each photo is made So look at the size of both pages here and it looks very good And this pdf does not even have any kind of Watermark So in this way, friends, you can convert any photo to PDF So now it comes That we can use other services related to PDF, how can we use it You don’t have to do much to use those services The way you clicked on JPG to PDF In the same way if you have to convert pdf to excel Or PDF is made to JPG Then we will click on pdf to excel means, Click on what you want to do As soon as you click will be redirected back to the next page If your pdf is a raw file Like if you are converting from pdf to another file So here comes the option to upload PDF If you are converting from PDF to another formate So here will be the name of the second file which you have to upload And then after uploading the way we had set the size there After setting the same way You will be able to convert to pdf Or you will be able to convert pdf to some other file Pdfcandy is another website like this In PDFCandy, you get all the options on the home page itself Excel to pdf JPG to PDF pdf to jpg pdf to word All such options are available In the same way, the third website is In this too, you get all the options on the homepage You can this website also like So there are many other websites like this Using the website you want You can convert anything to PDF Or you can convert pdf to another format This all website is for such condition When you want to convert two or more photos to PDF Or you want to convert from PDF to some other image But when you have to convert one image to pdf For that’s another very easy way to That’s the way Like I want to convert this photo to PDF So we’ll do it right click and go there on the option Open With Then here you will have an option to open the photo from Google Chrome Then you have to open with Google Chrome Often there is no option Then we will do it Normally open the google chrome And after opening From here, plug the photo and go to Google Chrome Bring it to Google Chrome Then that photo will open in Google Chrome After this, we will try to print it by pressing the Ctrl + P Then it will open here like this See here, there is an option of Save As pdf, this will allow you to select the default If a printer is connected in the computer, then it will also show the name of the printer Even coming, you can also select Save as PDF here There is also an option to select portrait and landscape After that when you click on that arrow So look at the bottom is an option for background graphics You can also set the size tag using all these options Can set margin of pdf And the last has background graphics if you tick it So here the pdf background will be black If you leave it free then it will be white again So what you have to do is by doing this whole setting Click save Then here we will ask for the pdf file name So fill whatever you want to fill in the file name And then clcik on save Then see it will be ready as pdf Open the pdf and show it see this In this way you can convert any one photo to PDF So now you must know that how can you convert any file to PDF. 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