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How to change voice in a video 🎢🎢🎢

October 31, 2019

Hello! I’m Daria and today I’m going to tell you
how to change a voice in a video. This is the Movavi vlog, let’s get started! In earlier vlogs, we talked about how to deceive
the eyes with amazing special effects using Chromakey and Zach King-style illusions. But what about playing with the sound? Why might you want to change a voice in a
video? Maybe you want to make a funny video, prank
your friend, or even turn yourself into Darth Vader. Our experiment turned out to be funnier than
we expected, so we’ve decided to share it with you. So, how can you change a voice in a video? Let’s reveal the secrets! In this example, we use Movavi Video Editor
as it has a built-in collection of different audio effects. You don’t need to buy or download any plug-ins,
everything you need is already there. At First, add your video to the timeline. Click the Settings icon and go to the menu. Choose Audio. In the open window, you’ll find tools like
speed and reverse that can be used to change voices or any other sound. But if you want your audience to be able to
easily understand what you’re saying, go to audio effects. There’s lots to play with there! For example, applying a very low pitch makes
you sound like Darth Vader. A very high pitch will make even the lowest
voice sound like the Gummy Bear. If you make a movie about an alien invasion
or the rise of the machines, the Robot effect can help you channel extraterrestrial intelligence. If you need to make your voice sound as if
it’s coming from old news reports, choose the Radio effect. Audio effects are the easiest way to make
a very funny video. Try to apply a couple of effects to your own
voice and not laugh. We couldn’t do that. If you don’t know how to record a voiceover
for your videos, I recommend you watch this tutorial. As always, don’t forget to subscribe and ring
the bell below to be notified about our latest videos. Bye-bye


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    Follow the link to watch our voiceover tutorial where we recommend some mics for quality sound (a new version of the tutorial, 2019):

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