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How to change the color of something in Photoshop using Hue

November 19, 2019

High there and this video we’re going to change the color of stuff case we’re going to change it green and make it pink and then actually pick any color we like. Same with this one here we’ve got red shoes and red sea creatures. All right. It’s super quick it’s super easy. We’re going to use the hue and saturation adjustment panel. Let’s do it now in Photoshop. All right to get started. Let’s open up two files. They’re in the same color folder hoping working in open up. Oh. And. OK with your one open. Let’s go to adjustments and to change the color we use this one called hue and saturation look on him and what we want to do is under hue. OK this huge slide to hit grab this little I call it The Little House White House K little thing there click it holder and drag it lift and slowly but surely updating the cage during the ride as well. OK that will be ether your full range of colors available. And one thing you might do that’s going to pick any sort of color you. And the other one you might play around with is saturation. OK so they say the colors not quite. I’m Poppy enough for you. Click hold and drag it up a little but I’m going to max mine out Geiger’s goes bit too high. But you can kind of can just raise it up a little bit. Q And I want you to do the same thing for this is the one we worked on earlier levels. K hugot to do the same thing. Open up human saturation. It around see if you can change the color and easy and fun just a little side note here is. And I’ve worked on a few jobs where I’ve been in charge of photographing say a product let’s say it was glasses case so we photograph there was the same style but a range of color. So what we did is we will whatever one does is that you photograph kind of one of them. OK so we pick the color red and we photograph it we get the right angles and we try a few things with lighting. We get it right and instead of you know when you’re on Amazon or eBay and you’re going through the different color options and somehow magically that shirt or those glasses or they’re in the exact same position but different colors you know like how did they line those up and photograph them all perfectly. They didn’t say it was somebody like me. Yes let’s just do one. And later on in Photoshop I’ll go and adjust them. And yeah I just sit. Like I said they were the glasses I went in the blue color. And then I grabbed the slide and went with the blue color. But looking to the glasses in my hand and looking at the guy. Yes close enough hey and it was that it’s like I feel like it’s a confession. OK but and yeah that’s you know that’s the easy and quick way you know color matching is super hard regardless. You know lighting and stuff effect. And if you like me had no budget and just needed to get them done. It’s a quick and easy way to adjust the hue. All right it’s a practice with Hugo too. And I will see in the next video where we start looking at selectively adjusting the hue. I’ll explain more in the next video.

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