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How to Change Properties & Style for Text in PixTeller Graphic Maker

September 6, 2019

Hi everyone, I’m Alex from PixTeller, and
today I will show you how to add, remove or change the properties and styles for text
elements that you can use to create your own graphics, videos, and GIFS using PixTeller
Editor. Let’s start by opening the Editor. In order to add a text element, click the
“Text” button located on the left menu section. Once the panel is open, click “Add Text” and
a simple container text element will be added in the top left corner of your design. You can now move it or update the container
width to the desired size. You can also align the text element using
the top bar buttons. This helps you position the text very easily
on the canvas. Now, let’s change the text. To do this, you can use the input box from
the left menu, or you can double-click and change it. For this tutorial, I will use one of my favorite
quotes: “Creativity is madness”. To align the text on the center of the container,
you have the option in the properties panel from the left. Other options include Left, Right and Justify. To change the font for my text, click the
Font family option from the font menu. In the new panel that just opened, you can
see that we have over 100 fonts for you to choose from, that are filtered in Serif, SansSerif,
Monospace, Handwriting, and Display. For this tutorial, I will use a Display font
family. Scrolling on the list and having a preview
of how the font looks like, I think I will go with “Built Titling”. As you see, the text is updated instantly. Next, let’s change the text size. In order to do this, you can use the slider
as in the example, or just input a value in the size box. The + and – buttons give you the ability to
incrementally change the size for a better fit. Remember, you can edit at any time the text
by double-clicking on it. To choose the right color for your text element,
you must click on the color button located on the left panel. Solid and Linear options are available. Let’s go for this example with the color red. If you need to quickly replicate the text,
you can use the copy/paste keyboard shortcuts CTRL+c and CTRL+V. Just as I did right now! I will change the second text by writing my
name, update the size, change the color and position of the container. Let’s have a look at the text filters options. As you can see, you can change the Border,
Shadow, Skew and Scale values. You may also adjust the shape Brightness,
Hue, Saturation, Lightness, and RGB. What is awesome is that you can add a Blur,
Noise or Pixelate effect on your design text elements. I will go with a horizontal skew effect of
minus 25. A very common option for text elements is
“Line Height” and “Letter Spacing”. I will add them both using the default value
for line height, that is 100%, and going with 15 pixels for the letter spacing. I think the text looks really nice now! Another great thing that works really well
for single line text elements is that you can add effects like Circle, Concave, Convex,
Warp, or Triangle Warp. This is all for this example. I hope it now makes it easier for you to understand
how to add, remove or change the properties and styles for text elements. If you need to delete what you created, select
the element, and just hit Delete on your keyboard. You can also right click and select the Delete
option, or use the delete button from the top menu bar. Remember to rename and save your design once
it is finished. You can also change the privacy from the Editor
before doing it. Now, my design is finished and I can download
it and share it on my social network. Thank you for your time. See you again on our next tutorial. Bye.

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