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How to Ceate HTML Web Photo Gallery in Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC

November 3, 2019

Hi guys, in this tutorial I will explain to
you how to create web photo gallery in Lightroom Classic CC. Photo gallery created in Lightroom Classic
CC can be exported in HTML format or uploaded directly to your website. Consider creating collection or collections
with photos which you want to use for web photo gallery. It is easy to display the collection in the
Web module where you going to create a photo gallery. The first step is to switch to Web module. On the left side, you can choose a photo gallery
template in the Template Browser panel. There are a couple of template collections
plus user templates. Expand collection then hover the mouse over
template name to see the preview in Preview panel. To use some template click on template name
and wait a couple of seconds. To display the collection in Filmstrip panel
click on collection name in Collections panel. There are a couple of options to instruct
Lightroom which photos to use for the web gallery. From the Use drop-down list choose All Filmstrip
Photos, Selected Photos or Flagged Photos. If you choose Selected Photos then you must
manually select photos which will be included in web photo gallery. To rearrange photos in Filmstrip panel what
will change and order in a web gallery, deselect photos then click on the photo and drag it
to the new position. Customization options are available on the
right side of the screen. You can customize Site Info like to type site
title, collection name and description, contact info, mail or web link, or to include and
customize Identity plate. By the way, some customization options depend
on which template is in use. There are also options to customize the color
palette, to customize Appearance, Image Info where you can include a caption or some other
image metadata, to add watermark in Output Settings and so on… To save customized web gallery click on Create
Saved Web Gallery, give it a name and choose the location where to save it. To preview gallery in your default browser
click on Preview in Browser button. When you are satisfied, expand the Upload
Settings panel and Export gallery using the Export button. To upload web gallery to your server click
on Custom Settings then choose Edit to open Configure FTP File Transfer dialog. So thanks for watching and cheers. If you like my videos please share them with
your friends and subscribe to my channel.

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