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How to ANIMATE a Still Image in Photoshop

January 25, 2020

Today I’m gonna show you how to animate
a still image in Photoshop by using some simple techniques. The result is very simmilar to the Plotagraph
effect, and If you’re not familiar with it, you can check out, where
you can find amazing photo animations. It’s really impressive how you can bring
your photo to life using this method so if you’re excited about the video, hit the
LIKE and let’s start the tutorial. Hey guys I’m Criss from Eye Stocker and
welcome back to the channel. Here we are in Photoshop and If you want to
download this amazing photo to follow along with me, the link is down in the description. And before starting this tutorial, what do
you think about this new trend of animating still images? Leave a comment below. So, make sure that you have the image set
as a background layer and the first thing I’m gonna do is to select the crop tool
and set the aspect ratio. And I will go with a 16:9. After I cropped my image I also want to resize
it to 1920 by 1080, this is just to work faster and it’s also a good resolution if you want
to use the final animation on Facebook, Instagram or any HD video project. Next I will enable the quick selection tool
by pressing on Q or by clicking on this icon. I hit B for the brush, choose a 50% hardness
and a medium size brush and then paint over the image on the parts that I want to animate. The selection doesn’t have to be perfect
from the first time because I will refine it after the animation is ready. When I finished painting over the clouds,
I hit Q once again and Photoshop will create my selection, but I will need to invert it
so I go to select and choose Inverse and now only the clouds are selected. With the active selection I press on CTRL
+ J to duplicate it on a new layer. I hold down SHIFT and move this selection
to the left because I want to make some room for the movement of the clouds. This layer is now out of the frame on the
left side so I will stretch it back until I reach the right margin of the photo. And just to make it more clear for you, I
extended this layer so that I can move it to the right in the next step. I go to Window, activate the Timeline panel
and I click on Create Video Timeline. I want to have a 2 second animation so I adjust
my work area accordingly. I’m doing the same thing with the clouds
layer, and I make sure to activate the Loop option by clicking on this wheel and checking
the Loop Playback option. Great, now I can create some keyframes. I make sure that my cursor is at the beginning
of the sequence, I click on this arrow here and add a Position keyframe at the start. You can see it here, it’s like a yellow
diamond. I grab the cursor, bring it to the end of
the sequence and add another Position keyframe. Now I hold down SHIFT and use the right arrow
on the keyboard to move the clouds layer. And I move it just until the left side of
the layer reaches the margin of the photo. So I made the movement of the clouds, I hit
the spacebar to start the animation, it looks good but when it’s looped and it jumps back
to the start it’s very harsh so I need to fix that. The only way to fix this is to add at least
2 more cloud layers to make this animation much smoother. So first I would like to duplicate the clouds
layer, but if I do that right now, you can see that first of all it creates a long layer
on the timeline, and secondly it doesn’t duplicate the keyframes from the previous
clouds layer. However, there’s a nice trick to solve this,
let me undo some steps, and with the layer selected I press CTRL + G to group this layer. Now, when I duplicate it, the new grouped
layer is the same size as the original one, and also if I open the group, I can see the keyframes like on the previous clouds layer. I drag the second layer to the right, until
I reach exactly the half length of the layer below. Then I go to the transitions, drag the fade
effect and place it on the first half of this second layer. You can see that the sequence just became
longer than 2 seconds, but I will fix that in the next step when I will adjust the loop
to be seamless, because I still have a hard jump to the start here and it doesn’t look
good at all. I make sure the second group is selected,
press again CTRL+J to duplicate it, open the group, and add again the fade transition,
but this time, on the second half of the layer. After this step, I can click on the fade transition
from the first half and hit delete, because I don’t need that. To make the loop seamless, I push the third
layer backwards and make sure it ends at the 1 second mark. This way it will play only from the second
half and it will fade out. Also I reposition the end of the sequence
at the 2 second mark. Now, the second layer will fade in and play
only until the half of it and then the animation will jump to the start where the layer plays
from the half to the end. And this will make my animation seamless. Let’s hit play. I have a seamless loop now, the animation
looks good, the clouds look good as well. Now, you can have some weird parts during
the animation like these ones for example. You usually see this when the animation jumps
back to the start of the sequence. How can you fix those parts? Very simple. You select the background layer, you make
a duplicate with CTRL+J and you position it above all the layers. It needs to be layer number 1. You take the layer in the timeline, you drag
it to the start of the sequence and you adjust the end of it to stop at the 2 seconds mark. With the layer selected, hold down ALT and
add a negative layer mask. Hit B to choose the brush, make sure white
is selected as the foreground color and start painting on the areas that don’t look good
when the animation is looping. This is not a hard step at all but it should
be made just because small details always make a big difference in the end. And if you want to be a professional editor,
you need to take care of the small details, right? This is how the final animation looks like,
I think it’s pretty good and it’s a fun way to bring photos to life. Guys, I am very active on my Instagram account
lately, I post travel and nature photos so make sure you follow me there if you like
what you see. And also, some while ago I created a group
on Facebook where you can join, feel free to post your best photos, ask questions about
Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere and also give feedback on other photos. You can join the group at Make sure you give a like on this video, subscribe
if you aren’t already for more cool photo and video editing tutorials. I’m Criss, have an awesome day and see you
next time.


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