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How To Add Or Change Music On YouTube Videos With YouTube Video Editor

February 3, 2020

Hi this video is about How To Add Or Change
Music On your YouTube Videos Using The YouTube Video Editor
Do you want to add a music track to one of the videos on YouTube?
Do you you want to change the original audio with an audio track from YouTube’s audio library?
Herman Drost Now you can add music to your video from the
library of approved tracks on YouTube. The audio from an added track will
replace or overlap your clips’ original audio by default.
Here are the steps to add a music track to your video using the YouTube Video Editor:
Google “YouTube Video Editor” or go to Here you’ll see all the video uploads that
are on your channel So I’m going to select a video drag this one
down here to “drag videos here” Now I want to change the audio so I have music
in the background I want to replace that music with some different
music I click “drag audio here”
So I want to replace the music track with a different audio track
You’ve got to come up here “search audio tracks” I click on “Genre” and I can select from all
this list here I’m going to choose “Acoustic”
Let’s select “What’s It To Ya” Drag it down here
Notice the video clip here is 12 seconds long I’m going to move this handle to 12 seconds
then let’s play the music It’s a little loud so I reduce the volume
Bring it down a little bit more Ok let’s create the video
Click “create video” It says “sit tight your video edits are about
10% done. Come back to this page in a little while”
So I’ll come back to that page in a little while
Notice that you’ll have a new video created called “my edited video” and you can edit that video while it’s being processed.
So you can simply click on the pencil icon Put a new title here, put a new description
then put in your tags, change the privacy settings from unlisted to private while you
are optimizing your video Click “save changes”
Once you’ve got your video fully optimiized change it from private to public then click “publish”
In this case we are going to leave it at private Click “save changes”
Let’s check the video Here’s my edited video
As you can hear the original music track has been replaced by a new music track
And that’s it! Now you know how to add or change the music
on your YouTube videos with the YouTube video editor. Keep in mind that you’ll
be creating a new video. Get 21 more advanced strategies for generating
traffic and leads to YouTube videos by subscribing to my free e-course “21 Ways
To Get YouTube Traffic” Click the box above or click the link in the
description below this video Thanks for watching
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