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How To Add Closed Captions To Youtube Videos

September 5, 2019

all righty guys welcome to today’s video
my name is Kevin Lehner and in this video today I’m gonna show
you a tweak that you need to do to help your YouTube videos rank higher in the
search engines okay so stick around you’re gonna want to see this whole
video we’ll be right back and get started on that right now hey guys welcome back to the video as I
said earlier I’m going to show you a way today how to tweak your YouTube videos
so that they rank higher in the search engine okay first of all if this is the
first time you’ve been to my videos or you’ve been here before and you have not
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new videos okay alrighty great and for those that are new to the channel or to
my videos what we do here is how to videos
affiliate marketing videos and anything to do with making money online videos to
help you live a life of freedom and once in a while we’ll throw in a motivational
video for you to as well okay alrighty great well with that said and
all out of the way let’s go ahead and get started in on this now the video
that work that I’m making for you today and this is going to show you how to to
get closed captions turned on on your videos so that the deaf people that may
be watching you’re rid of people that can’t hear or people that are hard of
hearing so that they can read the words that you’re saying in your videos now I
noticed I begin to think about this here a few days ago because I happen to run
across a video that had closed captions the signature on it the CC signature at
the bottom of the video and I got to thinking about that and I thought what
what good does that do to help me as the to maker I knew it helped people that
are deaf I think what is the deaf community in the world today is it’s
about maybe 20% of the population of the world maybe I maybe that’s too high I
don’t know but there’s a certain percentage of the population that can’t
hear or hard-of-hearing so close caption helps them out which is a good thing but
I got the thing well what does it do for me as far as my channel or anything does
it help my channel at all so I didn’t know a little bit of research here and I
come over to the Google search engine here as you can see on the screen I
typed in up here in the Google search ins I said will turning on closed
captions help my videos rank in the search engines particularly Google right
because Google owns YouTube is that right I think so now and look what comes
up first the first thing here it says yes adding closed captions and
transcripts to videos does increase search engine optimization seo including
search traffic page views search rank and engagement okay and that says the
closed captions and transcripts can be crawled by search engines so that they
can help with ranking the YouTube videos when people search for them okay so the
answer to that question is yes it does help the person who’s making videos rank
their videos up in the searches a little bit higher well I noticed that when I
come over here to my channel now you see that I’ve done a few of my videos it’s
where it says CC down here under I was able to find out how to turn that on
because I was wondering how to do that so I found out how to do that and that’s
what I want to share with you guys today is how to do this and first of all I
wanted to point out to you that it is important it will rank your videos
higher in the search engine so you definitely want to do this I found out
and I realize that because not every youtuber is doing this about I’m going
to say probably around 60 maybe 70 percent of youtubers are not doing
are not turning on closed captions on their videos for the deaf or
hard-of-hearing so that’s not very not a very popular I guess or a well-known
thing I suppose I don’t know what the right words is for that but there’s not
many people doing that there’s about 40% of the youtubers I
think somewhere around it that are doing it and about the other 60 that aren’t so
but anyways after I learned about like I said that it’s good for search engine
optimization I decided to do it to all of my videos
alright and that’s what I want to show you today how to do this alright so
we’re going to go ahead and get in on this now that we know the reason why
we’re going to do this and not for two reasons no to help the deaf and
hard-of-hearing and to help your YouTube channel rank higher and your videos rank
higher in the search engines right alright so getting started with this
what we want to do first there’s a couple of things there’s a lot of steps
to this but it’s the easy way it’s easy how to do it but the first thing you
want to do is you want to make this sure that the captions capability is turned
on on your channel if you have a youtube channel or if you’re thinking about
starting a channel this is good for you too you want to watch this video as well
now first of all how does this matter in terms of making money or online
marketing well it matters for online marketing if you’re if you have a
business on YouTube where you’re doing using YouTube for your business like I
am it matters because you want your your videos to rank higher up in the search
engines right and click putting on closed captions definitely helps this
out alright so let’s go ahead and get on with this now I’m ranting on on and on
about it here all right so the first thing we’ll do is we’ll make sure our
channel is turned on alright so I’m gonna come up here up here at the upper
right you see where your your account picture is that right here click on that
you want to come down in the menu that it drops down you want to come down to
where it says settings here okay so we’re gonna click on settings and that
brings us over to the YouTube settings and you see your account information
here over here in the column on the left you see that there’s some things to
click on here what you want to do is you want to
click on where it says playback and performance here
alright click on that and that brings us over to this here playback of
performance control your video viewing experience for your viewers and then it
says that this playback settings applies to this browser only now I’m using opera
browser or I’m sorry Google Chrome browser here now when I use opera if I
happen to bring youtube up what’s that don’t very often I would have to do that
again on my channel according to what I’m reading here I’d have to do that
again for this browser opera opera browser or whatever browser you’re using
so so we definitely want to make sure that we have the browser turned on to be
able to use closed captions on your videos okay we’re in your channel all
right so now down here where it says captions you see right here you want to
check make sure that both these boxes are checked or it says always show
captions and then show automatic captions by speech recognition where
it’s available when available alright so make sure that you have both those boxes
checked and then you want to click on save to save that ok that turns it on on
your channel for the capability that does not put closed captions on each of
your videos like I’m going to show you here next you just want to get this step
done first and then save it and then come back to your channel and just click
on the hamburger symbol up your an upper left and you get the menu just click on
channel my channel and then it click on the videos you guys wearing this down
here so I don’t here and then now at this point once you’ve
got it turned on on your channel you want to click on right here where it
says you to YouTube studio beta now they’ve changed it here in about the
last three weeks I think they’ve switched and it used to be creator
studio remember the button here it was labeled
creator studio next to customize channel well they’re trying to get everybody
used to the used YouTube studio beta and so but anyways nevertheless you want to
click on that and that loads up the beta version of the YouTube studio beta you
see up here and this is them they’re working on it
it’s still a little buggy yet that’s why it’s still in the beta version and
everything but that’s not what we want we want to come over here to the column
on the left and come down here to where you see it says creator studio classic
you can still get to the creator studio by clicking right here so we’re going to
click on that now you’re going to see this pop up YouTube is asking you
thanks for using creator studio beta which is the YouTube studio beta and
then tell us why you want to go back to the classic and then you can go through
this if you want but if you want just do like me and just click on skip over here
and skip past that and it’ll load up the classic creator studio here alright so
what we want to do is to come over here now I’ve done already some of my videos
of course I’m going to use mine as an example but it’s the same steps to do it
on your channel as well here okay just follow along with me now
in the column on the left over here I’m going to come over here and click on
video manager or you can click here view all the videos right here there’s a link
here too but it’s either either click on video manager loads it up here and you
see all the pages and all of your videos that you’ve uploaded on your channel ok
now I know that on my channel I’ve been working on this already I’m about about
halfway through some of my here so I’m going to scroll down I need
to go I know where I left off at the video that I left out often before
making this video here for you guys and it’s on page 3 so I’m going to click on
the penile why they don’t put this up there at the top too you know
instead of you having to scroll all the way to the bottom but maybe they’ll have
it better in YouTube the studio for YouTube here but I’m gonna click on page
3 here that’s where I know I’ve left off on my last video and I’m gonna use that
as an example it’s once it loads up here okay so we scroll down you can see next
to these videos you can see where it says like CC here CC CC that’s closed
captions turned on now you can see that this video right here was the last one I
did and that I stopped right here on this one so this is the one I’m going to
start with to show you how to do this so like I said you come in here to creator
studio classic and your videos are going to be the same way once you get in here
click on video manager to load it up so you can see your videos in this format
here on this type of page here and then you’re just going to click come to the
video that you want to set closed captions for and if you want to see the
edit button here and the little drop down arrow right here to the right of
the edit button don’t be concerned about this one right here but it’s this one
right here click on that button that drops down a submenu and if you can see
that enough the submenu here and you want to come down to where you see it
says subtitles and CC for closed captions okay click on that now it loads
up that particular video that I clicked on right now you’re going to see
something like this once you turned it on remember how we did that in the first
step we turned it on for our channel now that shows that you haven’t published
this video right here shows this don’t be concerned about what you see here
this says this does not mean closed captions are published this means that
this video is publicly published on the YouTube platform or on my youtube
channel right and it’s published in English and I have
my channel set to English as automatic or my my default language now you can
click up here where it says add new subtitles or closed captions in whatever
language you want you can search it doesn’t matter whether it’s Hindi German
Russian it doesn’t matter any language in the world and you can set that set
your video to use that language your audio okay so mine of course is set to
English now what you’re concerned about is you want to click right here where it
says English automatic or your language automatic all right click on that and
what that does is to bring you over here and you see it says view publish
subtitles and closed caption English set to automatic and you can see real like
letter here that it picks up all of the words in my audio on this particular
video ok now we want to turn it on so that the person can view it so we need
to set that now what you want to do is come up here to word do you see the edit
button click the edit button and then that should load up and here you see
transcribe and set the timings now you see here it darkened up the words it
picked up all the words that I spoke in this video here you want to click on the
button here where it says actions click on actions it drops down a menu make
sure you click the edit first you’ll see the actions button but if you don’t
click edit first you’re going to get a different menu here you want this menu
right here has auto generate upload a file and download now some people have
asked the questions how do i download my closed captions off of my videos well
this is how you do it right here you come to this portion of in the Creator
classic like we just got here I showed you and then you click on download right
here and it’ll download it in a file for your problem maybe an mp3 or something
like that I haven’t done it yet but this is where you would do that and you can
up your own closed caption file that you
create on your computer up here on to this video as well but what we want to
click on is Auto generate so if I click on Auto generate and you see you wait
for the bar to show up where it says Auto generation completed with the check
mark okay and then you want to come up here to this button over here where it
says publish the edits publish edits click on that alright and then you’ll
see you should see it come up here in a second and there you go it says
subtitles are published now with the blue checkmark and look down here
remember you just saw this bar before we’ve talked about that this video is
published in English on YouTube platform or your channel now look it has this
down here this is for your closed captions right here this tells you that
they’re turned on ok so then once you’re done with that that video is finished
you’ve got closed captions turned on for it see it right here now that that
little icon showed up before but it wasn’t active until I turned it on right
here like we just did so then you just met that one you’re done with that video
that videos face and then just click over here on videos in the left column
again and come back and then move to the next video and do the next one so I’ll
walk through one more for you here now if you need to don’t worry about just
come back and watch this video over and over until you get these steps down so
that you can do this because this is going to help you rank your YouTube
channel and your videos up higher on Google and on YouTube as well all right
which instead okay incidentally at this point if you guys like this video reach
down there and mash that thumbs up button for me and give me a like ok
alright so let’s come down here and let’s try another video just so you can
see it one more time through the process here so come down and pick where I left
off at got CC on all these here come down
see here keep scrolling down until we find the one that doesn’t have it
and well it looks like I’m off still on the first page let me go back I thought
it to take me back to the third but it did alright my back so we’ll we’ll catch
it here so you come back here to your videos scroll down to where you left off
at let’s see here see see right here this this is the next video that’s the
one we just done right there has the CC buy it now alright so the same thing
take the video you want to do it on click the drop down arrow next to edit
come down to where it says subtitles and CC or closed captions click on that and
you come over to here and you see this now we want to click on the published
button here bar and then at this point one want to click on the edit button up
here because if we don’t we come over here to actions first like I told you
earlier and you click down the drop down on it you’re going to see something
different you can download it and let you download it here in different types
of file types here but that’s not what we want we need to click the edit button
first to change up the menu under that action button alright alright give it a
chance to load and then click the actions button and now we see where it
says auto generate and that’s what we want to click on auto generate alright
it says with the check mark auto generation is completed and come back
over here and click on publish the edits and then wait for it to load now you see
it says subtitles were published now you see the extra bar or button down here
for that that tells you that it’s now published and turned on for that video
closed captions are alright and then to just go mater going back and do the neck
video all right well that’s it guys that’s pretty much what I wanted to show
you today that’s a that’s how to get closed captions turned on on your videos
so that they can rank higher in the search engine and get a little bit more
search engine juice to your channel and your videos alright
alrighty guys reach down there below and click that link where it says mentor
with keV comm and get started in a business where you can sell high ticket
products and learn how to market those high ticket products and make big money
for yourself all right check out my bonuses in there and and I think you’re
gonna like those as well also make sure you click down there and click subscribe
took the Bell get notified and I’ll let you go and I’ll see you again here on
the next video in a couple of days all right
you guys take care and have an awesome day I’ll see you later bye bye

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