How to add brushes in Pixlr ?

October 4, 2019

Hey guys,you can visit my blog on this tut is for adding brushes,as the title suggests. i am opening a pic here by link,as i am unable to download it,you may add from your computer as well. For making the pic look big,and adding a brush,i am making the size of the pic more big…800*600, i am even cropping it as it is huge,and there may not have been a fixed size for this… with the use of move tool and free transform,i am making it look bigger again i am coloring it with black as the background color in this pic,i’ve edited is black it isnt necessary to do that,as i need space,hence i m doing this,, Now go on, to MORE add the type of brushes you want,i am going on misc and bubbles option it has loaded,now go to ADD choose any sort of a brush and make its spacing 0 and diameter less as its quite big…but its your wish for the size and spacing choose the color you want,i am choosing pinkish red double the times you spread the brush,as it may turn out to be more clear like this… i am adding text from pixlr and i am making many.. duplicate layers as well and posting them on different places with the overlay this may give the edit a lil funky look,you see its your wish to add it or not… i am merging all the layers as it may be easy adding other brush as well i ‘ve chosen another brush and i am adding it on my edit,to make it look a little good… done,^_^ you may read above now thankyou for watching buddies…

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