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How to add a Black and White effect in Pixlr Editor [CC]

October 1, 2019

Hi there I’m Terry Smith here today and I’m going to show you how to add a black and white effect to an image in the Pixlr Editor First thing we’re going to do with our adjustment tab Is to go on down to desaturate Selecting that will strip the image of all of it’s color another way to go about desaturating is to hit up the hue/saturation tab and dragging our saturation slider all the way down Press Ok to apply that Another, not as efficiant, way is to hit up our color vibrance and dragging this all the way down several times Applying this effect will eventualy create a 100% desaturated image I’m Terry Smith here today and now you know how to black and white an image using the Pixlr Editor If you have any questions please comment and I’ll be sure to answer them

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