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How Our Videos are Made

August 5, 2019

So Lenovo reached out to us about making a sponsored video For their new Flex Five line up of powerful 2-in-1’s like this one These are great for creatives, so we thought, well hey why not show our actual use case For devices like this here at Linus Media Group So Edzel actually just recently upgraded from having just a desktop PC and a pad of paper to to having a Lenovo 2-in-1 and we figured well since its Ed’s Job to be involved with everyone else’s job why not do a behind the scenes of how our videos get made. So with out further ado then I give you, A day in the Life of Editor Extraordinaire and Professional Cat-Herder Edzel Yago We release a video every single day including weekends and that takes a lot of planning and management because each video has lots of people doing different jobs Over a period of several days. It’s my job to know at what stage of the process each video is at, at all times and to coordinate everyone so our videos get released on time. It’s not always easy, there is construction, things breaking people breaking things and top secret products that have to be announced at exactly the right time. The week starts with me telling the writing team how many videos need to be made so that we hit our target and not be screwed the next week which can happen if someone goes on vacation or parts we ordered arrive broken. Hey do you guys think we can do 8 videos…. (hell no) Positivity Then all the projects are added to our video tracker spreadsheet which contains all the deadlines and progress info for all our projects We use fancy conditional formatting to make the colors change automagically then the video status is updated and we use the exact same project names here on the server and on the calendar so that every part of the project is easy to find no matter where you’re looking This is where I start cracking the whip. I harass the writers to update me on their progress so that I can schedule a time for them to sit down with Linus for script review. The more people we hire, the tougher it is to get one-on-one time with Linus But at the same time these script reviews, even though they can take as long as an hour or more have become more important than ever to ensure that even though Linus has written less than 25% of our videos this year, all our content still maintains a consistent style d*ck jokes and all…. (shove you in here) Sometime I get to eat my lunch Sometimes… The first major hand off is from the writers to the shooters the people behind the camera I assign one shooter to film the A-Roll. that’s the footage of the host talking and another shooter to film the B-Roll. That’s all the other footage you see like shots of the product or silly skits or whatever And next time you see a product appear in 5 -8 locations consider that it can take up to 45 mins to wipe the finger prints off the product set up the 2-6 lights being used and wrangle up any actors you may need Hello Hollywood, I’d like one actor please. The writers meet with a B-Roll shooter to collaborate on the visuals that will accompany the host’s voice over By the time this meeting is over, nearly the entire script will have what we call Guidance And we call it that since it is a suggestion for how it should be done But we don’t want to take all the creative freedom away from the folks further down the production chain Brandon and Max are our regular shooters but if we are in a hurry sometimes I just grab whoever is available since most of our editors are actually pretty handy behind the camera too. Hey! I need someone to shoot something. Real quick. Dennis, I know you’re not doing anything. Lets go Dennis: I’m busy Next, the shooters have to ingest their footage. Putting it in a specific location on our server for the next people in the assembly line, the editors, will know where to look for it. A lot more went into hooking up our ingest stations than just hooking up an SD card reader We’re able to ingest footage at 200 to 300 megabytes per second. Keep your eyes pealed for an upcoming video all about our ingest process and server infrastructure upgrades. Once all the shots are on the server, the editors can get to work, putting it all together. They use the writer’s guidance to arrange all the shots and of course add their own flair. Some of which is subtle and some of which is pretty obvious. But it’s not always smooth Sometimes the editors find out that a shot is too short compared to the voice over Or maybe the host misspoke or some shots are just flat out missing. Then we’ll have to find someone available to shoot a pickup so that the editor can keep working After Taran pulls an all-nighter and uses all 200 of his macro keys finishing up the video. It’s time for quality control. The writers sits down with the editor and reviews the video to make sure the information is accurate and that no unreleased products or email address accidentally wind up in the background. Then another editor usually me or Taran reviews it for glitches And then finally assuming that we can find him, Linus reviews it And finally its time for you guessed it. Our wonderful thumbnails! We try to shoot these on the green screen and then use Photoshop to make them more how you say clickable before posting them online And that’s it Big thanks to Lenovo for sponsoring this video.
Colton: woah woah woah… Hold on a minute Ed, we didn’t mention anything about the sales team This video wouldn’t even be possible
Ed: GET OUT! ugh sales people Find out more about the Lenovo Flex 5 using the link in the description below Smash the like button if you liked this video or otherwise you know what to do And as always be sure to drop by our forum and merch store. You’ll find the links in the description below


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