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How Much Do Video Editors Make?

February 11, 2020

Alright. So we’re making this video on
the topic of, “How much do video editors make?” I know a lot about that. I have a
whole team of video editors. But the answer is probably not what you expect
and it’s probably not what you want to hear. So… But stay tuned. It’s important. Okay. So, the reason that I introduced it
that way… Think you’re proposing that it’s not what you’re going to want to hear
is because I’m guessing that you’re thinking about doing a career in video
editing. Or maybe you enjoy video editing and you’re wanting to get hired for it.
Okay? So, you can make actually some really good money, video editing. But
there is some maybe bad news to you being a video editor and making a
fortune. Okay? -Okay, well what is it? -When I have offered my services for video editing,
I’d do a lot of video editing for myself. But when I say, “Hey, I have a video
editing service.” I started charging. My starting rate was $50 an hour. If you
start $50 an hour, you can make a pretty good living. 160 hours a week. -Maybe
if you’re a single guy. -Do you remember when I had my laptop up the cat
coders and I said, “He remember that number”? What was that number? -8,000. -You
can make $8,000 a month if you charge $50 an hour and you work 160
hours a month. -That’s pretty good for… Yeah. -So, that’s… That’s almost a
6-figure income. Alright. So… -If you’re working every day. Day in, day out. But I
mean if it’s just you doing that in your own… As your own business, most people
don’t work 40 hour work weeks. -If you’re if you’re talented, you could… You could…
You could charge $50 an hour or more. Okay? So… Yeah, you can make a decent
living at it but I haven’t gotten to the bad news yet, okay? I’m not getting to the
bad news yet but some other challenges are. It is really hard to keep a full
schedule. I wrote down some challenges that I had is… -Which is why by the way
while you’re looking. Why people would probably charge more than $50 an hour.
Because they simply don’t have as much work to sustain an eight-hour day, five
days a week. -So, I’ve worded that as jobs were sporadic. I wrote down that, that it
was very tough to please clients. Because each client has a different expectation.
They have a different filming style. And they’re picky. And so, it required
different editing skills on each video. -Well and you’re not talking about
editing feature like films here where you’re spending six months in
post-production. You’re talking about somebody saying, “We’ve got, you know, 5
minutes worth of film video. We need to make a 30 to 60 second commercial.” -Yeah,
whether it’s a YouTube episode or Vlog or commercial like you’re talking
about. That’s the… -That’s regular people stuff,
yeah. -Alright. So, here’s the big, big problem. So, I’ve got 7 over my 10
team members. They’re in the Philippines, okay? 7 over my full-time or seven
employees, full-time work, I pay on average of about $500
per month. And that’s each. 500. Each of them make $500 a month per month. So
we’re not… So… We said you could potentially charge 50 an hour and make
eight thousand a month. But I would never hire you. Why would I hire you for $8,000 a month when I can find somebody who has the same skills as you
for 500 bucks a month? -This officially is the bad news. -That’s the
bad news. -In case you weren’t paying attention.
-Okay, but before you hang up on this video… Do you hang up a videos? -Sure you
can. -Before you hang up on me, I have some very good news that’s
better than the bad news I just gave you. -Okay, good. -It’s better. -It supersedes it.
Okay. Should I get to the good news yet? -The good news is that the army will pay
for your college education and it’s not too late. -Okay, I’m just going to get to the
good news. I don’t know I don’t remember what I have in my notes. Because I just
didn’t want to take the time to read them. -Right. -The good news is… How I’ve
applied it. So, I no longer offer video editing as a service. What I now offer is
video production. I do filming. My team in the Philippines does the editing and
whatnot. Let me rephrase the good news. The good news is you can build a company
and you can hire people in the Philippines for $500 a
month to do editing. You don’t have to… You don’t have to be paid $50 an hour to
make huge amounts of profit. If you were the one spending your time doing the
editing, yeah, you’ve got a charge a good amount of money. You’d have to charge
more than that to be able to make a good living. But you can make a great living
by you building a team and hiring people in the Philippines. Like I do. And I can
send that great news. Like… Yeah, maybe it would be awesome if I could charge $100
per hour, $200 per hour for video editing. But ultimately, that’s not going to help
me accomplish what I’ve been able to accomplish here where I’ve got a whole
team and I just reached up to a person that’s morning.
Wanting to hire one more video editor because we’re growing. That’s a huge
opportunity. You might not see it that way. But the way the reason that I worded
is it’s a bigger advantage than the disadvantage. Is because it really is… You
can make 7 and 8 figures in your business. If you really create a business
around it. -And there may be… There may be a few of you out there who are saying, “I
don’t care about all that. I just want to be a video editor myself.” So, you go back
to the $50 an hour model. You go back to the sporadic work. And if it makes you
happy, it makes you happy. But you could also have the best of both worlds. You
could still be a video editor, who charges $50 an hour and still have a
team of editors who charge you 400 a month. So that you could take on more
projects and have your own hands on several of them yourself while you’re
still overseeing the work that the other people are doing. I mean, in other words,
you’re right. The business opportunities become bigger and bigger and you find
yourself getting more work. It’s like the more work you have, the more work you get.
Is generally how things work. -Oh, yeah. -This weird universe. Because people hear
about you, they see what you’ve done, work generates work. And we have other people
that are doing some of that work for you is the same… It’s the same formula. So the
question that you asked or we’re hoping to get answered by watching this video
is how much do video editors make. Like let’s… Let’s change… Like what, what’s the
potential? Can the potential for you is is maybe you could get a six-figure
income as a video editor but you have you know, got all those downsides but
you’ve also got people in the Philippines as competitors. Because
they’ll charge… They’re only charging $500 a month. That’s what they’re asking
for. And oftentimes… -And they do a great job. -Yeah, they’re
really talented. And oftentimes, we were looking at some resumes earlier today
and a lady was asking for $388 a month. That’s
what she wanted for full time work. So that’s… That’s your competition and they
are very talented. So… Anyway, that’s my challenge for you. Consider
entrepreneurship and if you do seriously have a desire to find out how
you can hire people in the Philippines, we talked about this in another video
and I demonstrated the tool that I use. it’s called
It shows like that But it’s for
Filipinos that want to work for american bosses. -And there’s a lot of them. -Yeah. -We
hear… The filters, there’s a thousand or more. -I mean, well… We filtered it for
people that consider themselves experts at YouTube, we filtered it for like
people that have updated their profile in the last month. We really narrowed it
down and you still have… We still have a whole bunch. So, So hopefully, you found this video helpful.
I always share my opinion and my bias of things.
-You sure do. -But if you agree with it, if you like it then subscribe. And if you
don’t, just leave a comment because it’ll still help me out but then you don’t
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    This video was very helpful. I had no clue, how, it worked. I get overwhelmed with editing and the whole process of uploading vidoes, especially, since I have a full time job. I do everything in little bits, just, to keep my sanity. Thank you.

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