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How Many of These 13 LITTLE-KNOWN Photoshop Type Keyboard Shortcuts Do You Know?

February 23, 2020

Hi. Welcome back to the I’m Jesus Ramirez. In this Photoshop tutorial, I’m going to show
you 15 little-known type keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts will allow you to work faster
and better with text. Let me know in the comments how many of these
shortcuts are new to you. And if you see at least one that you find
useful, then click on that “like” button. And of course, don’t forget to subscribe and
to click on that “notification” button. Okay, let’s get started. I’m going to select the type tool, and with
this first keyboard shortcut, I’m going to show you how you can rotate, scale, and move
a new text layer. Let me show you what I mean. When you click with the type tool in Photoshop CC,
you’ll get dummy text. And you can of course type whatever you like. For example, the word “text” and the word
“layer.” And if I want to move, rotate, or scale that
layer, you can hold the Ctrl key, that’s the Command key on the Mac, and you’ll get access
to the transformation handles. So you can click-and-drag to transform it
and scale it up. I can click and drag it to move it, and I
can hover just outside of the bounding boxes until I get the double-sided arrow and click-and-drag
to rotate, and this is still editable text. Did you know that you can fill with the foreground
and background color on a text layer? Let me show you what I mean by that. With the text selected, you can press Alt
and Backspace, that’s Option Delete on the Mac, to fill with the foreground color. If you just have the entire text layer selected without selecting a specific part of the text and then you use the same keyboard shortcut,
Alt and Backspace, Option Backspace on the Mac, it fills the entire layer. To fill with the background color, you can
press control backspace. That’s command backspace on the Mac. If you want to create a new text layer near
another text layer, sometimes when you click, you might accidentally activate the previous
text layer. So you would have to click away, far away,
and then move this text layer onto the space that you want to put it in. However, what you can do is use this keyboard
shortcut when creating the new layer. So, I’m going to select the type tool. Then I’m gonna hover over directly this area
and hold the Shift key. If I hold the Shift key and click, I create
the new text layer near the previous text layer, and it doesn’t activate. Notice what happens if I click on the same
area and not hold the shift key. It activates the previous text layers. So remember, hold the shift key if you want
to create a new text layer near a previous text layer without activating it. To change the size of your text, simply select
the text that you want to adjust. Then hold Ctrl Shift and the greater than
key to make the text larger. That’s the same key as the period or the less
than key, that’s the same key as the comma to make text smaller, and you can see how
that adjusts the text side. You can quickly make the text in your layer
all caps or underlined by using a keyboard shortcut. And you can do so by selecting your text and pressing Control Shift K,
that’s Command Shift K on the Mac, to turn your letters
into capital letters. And to underlined, you can select the text and press Ctrl Shift U, that’s Command Shift U on the Mac, to underline. To quickly make your text bold or italics,
you can highlight the text and then press control shift B, that’s command shift B on
the Mac, for bold. Notice that the bold font weight was added. If your font does not have a bold weight,
what will happen instead is, Photoshop will add a faux bold to your text, so keep that
in mind. And for italics, you can press control shift
I, that’s command shift I on the Mac, and the same thing will happen. If your font does not have the italic weight,
you will add a faux italic. This next keyboard shortcut is one that not
a lot of people know, but I use it all the time, and I think that it’s worth remembering
since it can be very useful. In the characters panel, you will notice that
I have enabled all these formatting options. To quickly reset them all to default, you
can double click on the text layer thumbnail to select the text and then press control
shift Y. That’s command shift Y on the Mac. Notice how now, all these buttons are disabled,
and I can continue working with the text with the default formatting. And by the way, if you’re enjoying this tutorial,
then you might also enjoy some of my other Photoshop text tutorials. I have a playlist on YouTube where I keep
all my text tutorials, tutorials such as the Black Panther text effect, some 3D text effects,
and even some beginner tutorials such as how to type in a circle in Photoshop and how to
place text behind anything. I’ll place a link to this playlist right below
in the description. Now I’m gonna show you three really important
keyboard shortcuts. They will allow you to change the letting,
kerning, and tracking, and so that you can see what I’m doing, I’m going to enable the
characters panel under window. I’m going to enable the text, and I’m first
going to show you how to adjust the letting. That’s the spacing in between the lines. So, you can select text, and if you hold alt,
that’s option on a Mac, and use the down arrow key, you can move the text down. Notice the values here in the character panel,
and I can tap on the up arrow key while holding Alt to move the text back up. If you add the Shift key to that, you can
change the baseline shift, which moves the selected characters up or down relative to
the baseline of the text. So I’m holding alt shift and tapping on the
up arrow key. To move the text below the baseline, tap the
down arrow key. See that? And you can see the numerical values in this
text box. So you don’t have to remember
the keyboard shortcuts. You can use this dialog box if you’d like. But you can do things much faster if you remember
the keyboard shortcuts, and to change the kerning, click in between two characters. Then hold alt and the left arrow key or the
right arrow key, and this changes the space in between two
characters, and you can see how this text box is changing as I make those adjustments
with the keyboard shortcut. If you’re working with paragraphs, and you
want to disable the hyphenation. these hyphens. you can enable the text, press Ctrl A, command
A on the Mac, to select all the text. And then press control alt shift H, that’s
command option shift H on the Mac, to toggle the paragraph hyphenation. And I can bring the hyphens back by using
the same keyboard shortcut, and this is not going to be a technique that use a keyboard
shortcut. But I still think that it’s valuable, and
you can consider it a bonus. If you want to reposition an active text layer
without exiting the editing mode, then, you can hover just outside of the text until the
cursor changes into the move tool icon. Then you can click and drag to move it and
release after you reposition it. Once again, hover over just outside of the
bounding box. You’ll see the cursor change. Then click and drag and release, and again,
if you found any of these keyboard shortcuts useful, then click on that “like” button now, and let me know down in the comments below
how many of them you knew already. If this is your first time at the Photoshop
Training Channel, then don’t forget to click on that “subscribe” and “notification” buttons. Thank you so much for watching, and I will
talk to you again in the next tutorial.


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