HOW I MAKE MAGIC LOOPING VIDEOS | Ari Fararooy and Zach King Tutorial

October 10, 2019

What’s going on everyone, Kellan Reck here,
and today I want to go over something that I think you’ll find pretty cool
check this out have a look at this Hey so that’s a video I made with Jackie
Bradley jr. recently and we wanted to do something to spice up his Instagram give
it a cool looping feature you may have seen tricks like this with Zach king or
re Pharaoh Roy and some of these awesome awesome loops so today I want to show
you exactly how we did it what the shots were what the breakdown was and what the
editing tricks were to make the perfect loop for this video check it out so if we go in after-effects here you’re
gonna see the composition breakdown of what I actually built here’s the full
project now it looks a little bit complex you can see a whole bunch of
different layers here but really it’s just two or three shots that are cut and
masked to create the final look so let’s break this down
nice and easy first we’ve got one shot of Jackie Bradley jr. riding in on his
scooter now you can see if we scrub along here he rides in casually we have
a stand-in here interacting and he rides right on bypassed the pillar now
remember here with the camera is sitting on a tripod so it’s standing perfectly
still no movement at all we also had cloud cover so there were no real
shadows that would have gotten in the way of the ground because the shadows
can change up things and make it a lot trickier so that was really nice there’s
a second shot here where it’s just Jackie Bradley jr. riding by again a
slightly different variation didn’t need to have the shot I just wanted to have
two different versions of him cruising by so that’s why we have two different
shots there finally we’ve got a shot of him yelling at himself so this time we
have him walk in where the stand and walked and we had people walking by so
we just need to reset and you can see he just casually walks in yells at himself
where he would have walked and continues on now there’s a few things in the shots
here that make this work so well number one were on a tripod so there’s no
movement in the composition of our shot number two you’ll see the framing that
we have here you can see that when he scooters on from off-screen he goes back
behind this pillar here which makes for easy masking to get him off the screen
you’ll also see when he walks in on this side in this shot to yell at himself he
doesn’t really cross that line that we’re gonna be masking behind so he
stops right there in front which is nice now we do have two variations of him
coming out yelling one he throws his arms up and one earlier on he just kind
of speaks but we use both of these in the video to spice it up make it a
little more entertaining so what do we do at this point well the first thing
that I like to do is make a large comp where there’s no movement no artificial
camera movement because if you saw in the final video we have an artificial
well the first thing I do is build a full cup here where I can do all of my
masks so what you’ll see in this full comp is everything is masked out as we’d
expect I’m just gonna lower this so we can play it back and you see this in the
full video see we’ve got multiple versions of him all the masks are
happening but what you’ll see without the artificial camera movement is that I
didn’t actually hold out the shots of him yelling for long enough so he’s just
gonna cut off frame that’s where we need to bring in our camera movements to make
things work so look at this he’s walking on screen and if you don’t have the
camera movement he just poof disappears just like that and the shot keeps going
so that’s why we need our artificial camera movement and we will get to that
but if we look at a full shot breakdown what do we have here well we’re just
dealing with masks so our first shot here we’ve got a mask that goes right
along the edge here of this line so that he can still go behind it and if we get
rid of that that’s all you’re seeing there for that one shot the mask does
slightly move to account for some shadows on the ground as he walks but
again not too many shadows because of the cloud cover our next shot that we’ve
got underneath is my apologies just a moving mask here with Jackie Bradley jr.
in the background so obviously we’ve got the shot of him yelling over the top
here but behind it we’ve got this shot which is masking along as he goes and
finally we’ve got a shot below it which is the outside shot you can see this one
by itself is underneath so it’s just a full shot with no masking and then we
mask once another Jackie Bradley jr. appears behind that makes sense so we’ve
got a full frame followed by the mask that he appears behind so you can see
that it’s just really a looping motion where we’re slowly adding one behind the
other adding one behind the other and on top we’ve got him coming in to yell at
himself and this is again just a pretty easy mask it’s able to yell at himself
they never cross paths and you just have a nice mask there now some of the keys
to this particular shot is that we want to have a smooth loop well because of
the way that he steps in a frame and steps off this part on the
right here wasn’t ever gonna be able to loop I had to make it disappear and we
use the camera to make that happen you can see there’s another version of him
over here Reid puts his hands up he cuts on and off here as well so the
left side here we were able to make loop because we have them coming from
off-screen left to off-screen right so we can do the full loop so basically I
had to make sure that the first frame of him here was the same as our last frame
here and you can see that’s exactly what happened so anytime you’re doing a loop
you need to make sure the first frame you’re using is the exactly the same as
your last frame and what I’ll usually do is if we have our first frame I’m
starting here I just duplicate this clip bring it behind our last frame and drag
it out so that the beginning is there which is exactly what I did here it
might be a little confusing to explain but really the key is making sure your
last frame is the same as your first so when it plays back on Instagram or
Twitter it’s seamlessly looping back around so
once you have everything masked out and I know this is a quick overview but I
want you to just understand what is going on here it’s all just masks and
layering of clips once you have this all masked out I bring it into a new
composition so I bring this entire tire thing the yelling and himself
comp into a new composition that I call final and this I frame the size that I’m
going to want for the internet so in this case I did a composition that was
fifty eighteen hundred by fifteen hundred so it was a little bit more
square for Instagram and then all I’m doing is using a position and scale
keyframe to make an artificial camera I’m also using a blur but we’ll get to
that in a moment so you can see as we ride along you can see that we’re
actually keyframing so we’re just having a camera go from left to right it’s
punching in on the scale when certain things happen it pulls back when other
things happen so what I had to do here cuz we know that he’s gonna disappear in
a minute I had to make sure that we quickly panned left so that we got him
off frame when he disappears you see what’s actually happening in the frame
this can help you cover up shadows and bad masks too we swing back right when
we know he’s gonna appear again throw his hands up and then we swing back to
our initial keyframe where the initial action was starting so we get that
seamless because remember we had the looping
motion but now we need our artificial camera to loop as well so you can see
that that happens and it just starts fresh again on the loop now how do I do
that for fresh loop I need to make sure that my keyframes that start this for my
position and scale are the same that ended now there is one trick that I use
on the position that makes this all work really well if you hold down option and
click on the little stopwatch here for position I do something that is called a
wiggle animation or a wiggle notation here so I type wiggle parenthesis 2
comma 30 and parenthesis and I get that little subtle motion that looks like
it’s kind of a handheld camera that’s bobbing up and down if you don’t do that
you’re not gonna get that realistic camera artificial camera feel so that’s
exactly what I do I have the wiggle I have position and scale animated as well
on various key frames I’m punching in I’m pulling out I’m panning tilting all
of that and then what I do is I make sure that I add a little Gaussian blur
so every time that I’m going in doing a little punch in as if you’re using a
real cameron’s and zooming in snap zoom I kick it out of focus a little with the
Gaussian blur so I jump in this case from 0 to 25 you can see it up here in
my effects control right here the Gaussian blur and then I have it come
back to focus so it looks like you’re zooming in losing focus a little and
then pulling it back and I do that a couple times just for subtlety makes it
feel a little bit more natural so you can see that’s exactly what we’re doing
here we’re just adding an artificial camera adding blurs making it look real
and again for this artificial camera look there are a few keys as I’ve said
you want to have that blurriness you want to have that wiggle you want to
make sure everything is scaled with a nice ease to make it look smooth when
you’re moving around and you want to have that loop perfectly I mean you
don’t have to have the loop but it adds such a nice touch when the beginning and
ends can fit kind of gives you that wow factor in your post now finally what
I’ll do is I’ll make sure that I have motion blur toggled here on the sequence
and up here so that it’s enabled and that gives all of the camera movement
a motion blur makes it again feel more natural so that’s exactly how I did this
video I’ve got a few more of these that I might do in upcoming videos if you
like this sort of behind the scenes look but I’m hoping that it gives you a sense
of how exactly this type of videos created again it’s a lot of masks a lot
of layering and a lot of just sitting there using your time to crank add and
edit really not that hard to do it was only two three shots that I actually
used to produce this but it came out pretty cool so thanks for checking it
out if you want to see the real post go on Instagram you can see it on my page
can see it on Jackie Bradley jr. page check it out give it a like and we’ll
check you back on the next one if you enjoyed the video please go ahead and
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