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how I edit my Instagram with lightroom

November 9, 2019

Hey what’s up I’m April today, I’m gonna be basically showing you how I edit my pictures with lightroom I already made a video about how I edit using VSCO now I’m making one with lightroom I personally am a lightroom girl like lightroom is my preferred app I’m also a photography nerd so lightroom gives me the most professional experience I feel like it gives me the most control over what I’m changing instead of just preset options speaking of presets a lot of (ugh) this really grinds my gears a lot of these how I edit with lightroom videos on youtube is just girls trying to sell their presets I am not trying to sell you my presets I don’t even use presets 99.999% of the time the only time that I’ll use a preset is if I have more than ten photos from the same location with the same lighting then I’ll MAKE a preset specifically for those photos and put it on all of them so I don’t have to edit them all individually but like… yeah not really a fan of those let me turn my screen recording on so the first thing I’m gonna do is obviously open up lightroom I already uploaded my picture so it’s already in here but if you haven’t you just hit the little plus button at the bottom then I’m just gonna go into light I like my pictures to be really bright and cheerful looking so I turn pretty much everything up and that’s just something that I’ve learned that I like over time so if you just play around with it figure out what you like editing gets a lot easier and goes a lot faster but this is how I do it I turn the exposure down turn the contrast down turn the highlights up turn the shadows up turn the whites up and turn the blacks down I turned the blacks down because we’re wearing black and it makes it look more saturated and like more of a rich color ya feel? and that’s all I do for light then I go into color color is like the most amazing part of lightroom I love the editing tools it has for this the first thing I’ll do is turn up the temperature I love a nice warm-toned photo I think it looks so cheerful and happy and just pretty this mix button is magical and this is how you can get that kinda instagram filter preset kind of a look on your photos first I’m gonna zoom in on our faces because i’m trying to make our faces look good like the most imprtant thing is our faces and what we look like so that’s what I edit for I zoom into whatever I’m trying to make look good you can see if I turn the hue down it makes our clothes everything red look really pink and if I turn it up it makes everything look really orange I prefer a little bit more pink then turn the saturation up and turn the luminance down, then I just go into the oranges orange is where you can really change your skin tone and that can be really good or really bad so you don’t wanna look like a cheeto but usually you want to look a little bit more tan than you already are so this is how I do that I make us look a little bit more red, not like that much read cause that looks.. bad and not green but just a tiny bit and then I turn the saturation up we had spray tans in this picture because obviously we’re at a cheer competition so ya know? If you wanna be more tan you turn the luminance down a little bit but in this one I’m gonna turn it up because if I zoom in on my face you can see when I turn the luminance down my makeup looks kind of muddy and not great but if I turn it up it looks a little bit brighter and nicer so I’m turning it up in this one usually I would turn it down though next I’m going into yellows yellows are really important for this particular photo because the wall behind us is yellow so I not only have to worry about what color the wall is but also my uniform so I like my yellows to be more of an orange-y pink-y color so I do that then we turn the saturation up and the luminance up so it’s nice and bright I’m actually gonna turn up the saturation a little bit more there aren’t really any greens in this photo like this wall down here is green but I’m fine with how it looks so I’m just gonna leave that you can kind of check and see if a color is in your photo just by playing around with the saturation if nothing changes I’ll just leave it as is but then the darker blue I like my blues to be teal more of a teal shade than a purple-y blue that’s something that I know that I always change that’s just personal preference you can make your blues more purple if you want you can leave your blues blue if you want that’s just how I like my photos so I’m gonna take my blue and make it more teal, hold on let me zoom in make it more teal turn the saturation up and turn the luminance up so it’s nice and bright alright and there are no purples or pinks I already know just by looking at it so I’m not gonna touch those and just be done so that’s all I do for color I just leave it after that I do go into detail though and I’ll turn up the sharpness a little bit if I turn it up too much the picture gets grainy and I don’t like that so I just turn it up a little bit that looks good and then I can also crop my picture I usually just straighten out my picture but this one I’m gonna crop it because it’s too far away just like that cropping is really self explanatory I don’t really think I need to explain that to anybody but yeah, you can crop photos in lightroom once you’re all done editing you can kinda just tap the screen like this to see your before and after of your photo that’s it, that’s all I do to my pictures once you’re good with lightroom and you understand how to use it you can make your own presets which I’m gonna show you how to do really quickly I know that I said I don’t like presets but it’s really nice to have them if you’re editing a lot of pictures and it’s fun to make your own presets are fine I’m just a pain in the butt anyways, to make your own preset say that I really like this filter that I’ve done to this picture I’m gonna go all the way over to the right and hit the presets button hit the three little dots in the corner hit create preset name it, i’m gonna name this one cheer because it’s a cheer picture hit done boom and you can see there’s my preset right there to actually use your preset you can open up another picture here’s one that was taken on the same day in the same location so I know the preset is gonna look good on it hit the presets button click on your preset and boom there you go before and after and that’s that, there’s your preset right there, all of your edits and instead of taking 5 minutes it takes you 2 seconds so presets are good they are helpful to have I just see so many people using them wrong and it drives me insane I see a lot of people using them correctly as well so yeah that’s it it’s really not that complicated it really is just something you need to download and play around with on your own editing is personal preference you want to make the picture look how you want it to look you don’t want me to like your picture you want you to like your picture so you can totally copy my edits if you want to, if you like them if you think they’re cool but also your picture doesn’t need to look like mine so lightroom is a fantastic app I highly recommend super user friendly so yeah, that is how I edit my pictures using lightroom thank you so much for watching I hope that this video was informative or interesting or something thank you for watching peace out, buh bye


  • Reply Jake Roman October 1, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    This was so fun! I’m new here and just started my channel recently so I’m so glad I found your stuff! 🙂 Peace, JR.

  • Reply Addy Beasley October 5, 2019 at 11:59 pm

    Are you still a chief April

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