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August 19, 2019

hi everyone my name is noa and welcome
back for another video today i’m gonna be filming something that has been
really really highly requested and it’s an abated version of my how i edit my
instagram pictures video i found one of those about a year ago so if you haven’t
watched it you can definitely go and check it out i’ll be putting the link in
the description box down below but i think people have been asking me to film
an updated one a lot because my aesthetic has changed a lot in the past
year and my feet has too if you’re new or you’re just not familiar with what it
used to be this is what it used to look like it was very clean white and i think
it looks really good especially for this summer because there was a lot of white
around and it was like easier to find places but during the school year I
definitely struggled to try and take pictures that always would fit my feet
and especially traveling last semester I had to give up the white feed so this is
what it looks like now I just recently started this editing that I’m doing it
has a kind of like old dusty image look that I really like now I edit most of my
pictures on Adobe Lightroom if you’re not familiar Adobe Lightroom is part of
the Adobe Creative Cloud it’s just a bunch of different softwares that you
use for photo and video editing they have a Photoshop Illustrator InDesign
Premiere like all of those and Lightroom is really good for editing pictures of
lighting but I also understand that most of my followers don’t have access to
this because it’s a pricey suite and a pricy software in itself so I thought I
would just show you guys how I edit my pictures when I don’t have my computer
and I have to edit something on my phone and if you want to see a more in depth
lightroom editing version i can we film that too so let me know in the
comment section down below but yeah for now I’m just gonna show you guys what I
do on my phone different apps I use and what I do with
them to make my pictures look the way to do okay so for the sake of this video
I’m gonna be taking the last picture I posted on my Instagram which is this one
that we took in San Tomas I with my friend chase if you don’t follow me on
instagram you should definitely go do that you can pause the video just click
the link in the description box the picture looked great at the
beginning but I also really like the editing that I did on it so I’m just
going to be taking this one to show you guys so I have the original picture here
and this is what’s the picture after it it it looks like I honestly like both
it’s just that I want to edit it so yeah I’m gonna be showing us how it did that
so the first thing I would do when I have to edit a picture on my phone is
opening visco you get totally all know the obfusco I know it has a lot of
different filters and a lot of things to play around but I just recently started
adding filters to my pictures so I don’t really know what looks good or not yeah
anything look really cool with you this is none of this videos so I don’t really
play around with filters that much I would usually just go to skin tone
adjust the skin tone to make it look like more red or more yellow I think I’m
hearing needs to be like a little bit more yellow like point three and then I
would add green to the picture you know not much I usually go down to like 1.8
or 2.3 and that’s basically everything I would do on this app then that would
just save it make sure that you save to camera roll with the actual size so that
it doesn’t affect the quality of picture what okay the next thing I would open up
after light isn’t it really cool that old it up series more here but I will
just scroll down and open up the last picture I have which is the one that is
a little Nabisco and then this happens really cool filters to the one I used to
use when I was like 15 was brush with this one but I don’t really like it
anymore so I just do my own things on the app first thing I would do is add
dust to my picture because he Oh usual changes a little bit delighting so that
can adjust it afterwards this app has a lot of like different overlays to add
dust I usually go for 6 or 9 because they are the ones that change the colors
of the pictures the least in my opinion for this one I would take number 6 and
then you can like rotate the filter and just like mirror it to make it look the
way you like this basically just adds dust on me and a little bit on the
background the rate of the picture so just leave it all the way up because the
picture is so light that you can’t really see it and then what I would do
is go to settings shadows take the shadows halfway up probably what this
does is blandness the blocks together and then I would do the same thing for
highlights so take the highlights down maybe not as much maybe like 45 this
makes it look a lot older and look like I don’t know it just gives a vibe Ellie
I would maybe add a little bit of temperature to the picture to make it
look a little bit more sandy I would just add three and if I see that there’s
a color that pops out too much in the blacks or something oh just go to
shadows I think there’s a little bit too much of green so I’m just going to
cancel out the Greens a little bit like five and yeah so that’s all I’m going to
do for this picture on this app and then I’m going to open up the Instagram app
to edit it with the native filters I think not a lot of people use the
filters that are in the Instagram app one sec okay sandwiches open up the period thing
I would open up the last picture that I edited after light it’s the right ratio
so I don’t have to crop it or anything but it we usually pop it there and then
I’m gonna add a filter but I add a filter just a little bit just so that it
transforms the colors a little bit and all my pictures gonna go well together
so I use add an honest one and then what I would do is add brightness up to like
nine probably because the picture was a little dark but then I’m gonna go to the
highlights and take them down so as you can see like it doesn’t change a lot in
the picture but I just do it I don’t you know of all the things I’m doing cancel
each other and really don’t change anything and it just make me feel like
I’m doing stuff but I still do them anyway so and then I would do the same
thing for highlights take them down to that little depth like nine but then I
go up with the fade I would add a little saturation as you can see if I take the
saturations up it’s basically just gonna add my skin and you like to look tan so
I’m gonna take that up a little bit maybe five and then I would obviously
sharpen the picture up to seven I think this sharpening tool is good but
if you add too much of it it just looks weird I usually do that to all my
pictures and then I would just adjust one of the other settings to make it
look the way I want to one of the other tools that I think is really useful in
the Instagram app is the color app basically does what I did with after
light to cancel out the green in the black so you can just add a color to
either the shadows or the highlights and I don’t really use it to like make it
look completely red but I would use it to Hensel out of color it’s usually
cleaning somehow and yeah I think that’s about it you know I’m just gonna export
it to export a picture from the Instagram app you just have to put your
phone on flight mode be careful because sometimes you put
your phone on flight mode and a Wi-Fi still enabled so make sure that your
wife eyes didn’t it disabled and then you can just share it and then
you just remove it from here so that it doesn’t see so now you have way too many
shoes for the same picture but then you can basically delete your files that you
used in the middle and this is what the before and after a picture looks like it
obviously looks maybe a little different from the one I posted just because these
settings change and I’ll always remember the exact number a-put
but I think that looks pretty similar so yeah that’s the picture I posted and
that’s the way it ended so I hope this tutorial will splash how I edit my
pictures was helpful to you guys if you want to have a similar aesthetic or a
similar way to edit your pictures there’s a lot more you can do in all
those different apps disco after light and Instagram but I just started really
editing my pictures the way I do so I maybe just still discovering the
features and playing around with them but I would definitely encourage you to
download the apps and just do whatever you like with your pictures if you’re
still looking for the kind of feed you want to go for I think my biggest advice
would be to try not to restrain yourself to something too small and too narrow
like the white feed looked really cool and I really liked it for a long time
but it’s just a lot to handle a lot to work with always had to lighten up some
pictures but if you still want to go for something like that definitely do it and
you can check out my other how I ended my pictures video for more advice on how
I did that I used more apps and you snap see that’s really good for that but you
can just go ahead and click the link in the description box down below don’t
forget to let me know if you would like a more in detail Lightroom tutorial so I
can definitely show you guys that how I edit my pictures on the software give
this video a thumbs up if you liked it subscribe to my channel and also follow
me on all my social media down below the links will be description bucks and I
will see you guys next week for a new video bye bye bye bye bye bye
I look so puffy this video is gonna be so weird because it just woke up I don’t
know why did you film this no but it’s okay it’s
okay bye


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