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How I edit a vlog in Premiere Pro

November 6, 2019

– Hey, everyone. I’ve got a bit of a different
video for you today. I’ve been getting a lot
of questions recently about my editing process,
specifically for editing vlogs. And so, I thought that today,
I’m going to screen record as I edit the vlog for this week and show you how I do it
and give you some tips. If perhaps you vlog
yourself or you’re looking to get into it, I definitely think that YouTube needs
more designers who share their life, so, hopefully
this might encourage you. I’ve been vlogging for
a couple of years now, and over that time, I’ve definitely streamlined
my editing process a lot, because editing takes a
while, and I personally would much rather be
doing things and like, doing the stuff that I’m filming rather than spending time editing. So my edits are very simple, but I’m sure there’s a few tips and tricks
I can share along the way. I’m going to edit this week’s vlog and talk through the process. Let’s get into it. So, here’s all the raw
footage for this week’s vlog, and what I do is I have this file here, which is a plain project that has my title and end
card already saved in it. So whenever I start a new video project, whether it’s a vlog or a video like this, I just duplicate this
guy by going Command + D, and then I’m going to drag
it into the March folder. Okay, so this is what my
plain file looks like, and to start with, what I do is just grab the first
lot of files that I see and drop them onto the timeline. I edit in Premiere Pro, by the way. I don’t think I said that yet. There you go. They show up, and I just drop ’em in. I like to get all of my
raw footage just sitting in the file first so I sort
of know what I’m working with. So let’s just get the rest of it. Basically, you just work
from the start to the end, and like, work my way through it. I tend to do two passes, which,
yeah, I’ll get into that. But anyway, to start with,
this guy here is my intro. My intro was made by a
very talented animator called Austin Saylor, and
we made a video together actually talking about this
intro animation, so I’ll link that on a card if you
want to go and watch that. So basically, this is an
After Effects project, and the composition is what
is in my Premiere profile. So whenever I make an update
here in After Effects, it will automatically update
in Premiere, which is amazing. First off, I’m just going
to turn on the fill, which is what makes my logo white, and then, see here how Austin
set the file up for me? Place the title graphic. I’m just gonna delete these, because that’s not what this is called, and I already have saved
the one called Weekly Vlog. I’m going to turn on the
fill for that as well. Now it says that. Now, in Premiere, the file
should be the right one. The trick that I learned for editing, I learned from Levi Allen, who is amazingly talented filmmaker. You should definitely
check out his channel. He lives in Canada and is always doing
awesome outdoorsy things. He made a video about how to double your editing speed in Premiere Pro. I think that was what it was called. And he told me about two keys, Q and W, and they have completely
changed the way I edit. So, if you hit W, it will
chop off your footage from the end up to the
point that you have it at, and if you hit Q, it’ll do the same thing
but from the start. So right here, see,
I’ve got my play point, playhead, whatever it’s called. I’m just gonna hit W, and it’s
gonna chop it to that point. This is basically how I just
go through all of my footage. I’m just gonna put my headphones in now and get to chopping down all my chatter. I tend to just go to like… You can see in the sound waves here where I’m going to start talking. So I’m just going to go Q and chop off to there
as my starting point. Some other handy keys when
editing is J, K, and L. So, L goes forward, J goes backwards, and K stops in the middle. So, you know, they’re all together. If you hit the key twice, L or J, it’ll move forward or
back at double the speed. So that is really handy for editing, ’cause it means you can like, speed through whatever you’re saying. So I’m just gonna hit L twice
and go through with this clip. If you’ve seen my vlogs
before, you’ll know that I do a lot of like,
talking and then montage-y bits showing what I’m up to. And for that, I need music. I have this Songs folder
full of, you know, songs that I’ve collected
from various places. This is an artist I’ve been
liking, using a lot lately. His songs are available under
a Creative Commons license, which means I just have to
credit him in the description, which is easy enough. So I’m just gonna pick a track, and I’m gonna chop the music off here, ’cause I don’t need music
behind this talking piece. I like using the
exponential fade transition, I guess it’s called. Yeah, let’s drag that out a bit so that the music can like, fade down gently as I start talking. So whenever I have my montage-y stuff, I don’t want the ambient sound
from the camera in there. I just want the music. So I highlight the clips
and then go Command + L, and that will unlink the audio. Then I can just highlight the audio part and delete it without
deleting the whole clip. Another tip is you can
copy and paste transitions, so I would just copy this
fade and paste it here so it does the same thing on the way out. If you’re using Q and W as well, I always lock my sound
wave, because I don’t wanna chop up my song as
I’m chopping the footage. This clip I’ve sped up
just by right-clicking and going into Speed / Duration, and I set it to 300%. So I’m just going to keep doing this throughout the rest of my footage, chopping up the talking bits
and timing the montage stuff to music, and then I will come back to you and show you the titles part. Okay, well, that took
longer than expected. And also then I had an hour
break ’cause I had a meeting, but we’re back. This is my rough cut of my vlog, and it’s not that rough, actually. I tend to like, try and
keep things pretty tight as I edit through so that
I don’t have to watch the whole thing through again. But as you can see, I’ve
got my talking bits, and then the little bits of music. This one’s turned out to
be about 18 minutes long, which is probably my longest vlog ever. So I don’t know why I chose
this one to edit for the video. Anyway, last touches. So, I’ve copied in my end card, which I just keep like
saved in another sequence in Premiere, so I just
copy and paste those files. ‘Cause I have my animation,
my logo animation, just on top of a screen
that I made in Photoshop. Next, I have to go through
and add little transitions like some fade to blacks
between different days and also the days of the week, and then we’re pretty much done. Also at the start here, I just
wanna put a bit of footage behind this first clip. So I’m just gonna move it up the timeline, and what should we put in a clip of? Okay, so my title’s pretty easy. I don’t actually have a
template set up for these, because I don’t know why. I tend to like, use a
different font each time, one of my various script fonts from Ian, who, if you’ve seen this vlog, then you will know who he is. Let’s open up FontBook
here and decide on a font. For days of the week titles
that I sometimes will do this, you wanna make sure that Wednesday fits, because that is the
longest day of the week. And so if that fits in there, you’re good. Usually, I would use
the, if you hit the M key it’ll make a little marker up here, and normally as I go through, I’ll make a marker showing me where the days of the week are, or I might make the days
of the week as I go. But I did not this time. So now I’m just gonna simply duplicate. Where’s my duplicate?
There it is. That title and drag it in, and then double-click on that to edit it, and we’ll change this to say Tuesday. There you go. So, all of my days of the week are now in and my transitions. To be honest, sometimes if
the vlog isn’t quite so long, I will go in and bother to
do some color correcting or add some like, I don’t
know, sometimes I add like little sound effects
or funny titles, whatever, throughout, if I feel like it needs it, but I’ve spent long enough
on this vlog to be honest, and it’s 18 minutes long. So that’s pretty much my
approach to vlog editing, is that I’ve got a certain
amount of time to do it, and whatever gets done in that time, it’s just what gets done. So now, I’m simply going to export this, and once it’s exported,
I’ll watch it back. I don’t generally play it
back here on the timeline. I just sort of trust myself that I did the editing process correctly. But, yeah, I can go in and
re-export if I need to. I hope you found it
interesting to see my process. I’m not sure how
interesting is actually is, but a lot of people were asking about it. So I figured that I
would shoot this video. One last thing to mention, I suppose, is that I film my vlogs
on this wee thing here. This is the Canon G7 X,
and it’s the Mark II. That is the end of this video, I suppose. Give it a thumbs up if you did enjoy it, and if you’ve got any questions, if there’s anything I
didn’t properly cover, then please feel free to
let me know down below in the comments and
I’ll answer them there, ’cause I do always try
to reply to my comments. So say hi. Tell me about you’re editing process. Maybe there’s some tips, like,
maybe that you watched me do and thought, wow, why’s she doing that? This is so much faster. So if that’s the case,
let me know about it, ’cause I’m always down to
speed up my editing process. That video I talked about from Levi will be linked down
below, so check that out. Thanks for watching. Have a good day. Hit subscribe if you’re new to my channel. I don’t often make videos
about editing videos, to be honest, so don’t
expect more of that, but I do make videos about
design every single Saturday, and then vlogs like the one I just edited of my life every Tuesday. So, stay tuned, and I will
see you in the next one. Bye!


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