How Captain America gets his Shield back in Infinity War? | Explained in HINDI

October 28, 2019

From the day Infinty war trailer arrived , we’ve talked about Thor’s new hammer and Spidey’s suit till now but real talk should be about Cap’s new beard and awesome Wakandan shield we’ve seen some things on Cap’s hand in the infinity war trailer which is most probably the result of t’Challa’s order and Shuri’s genius mind “And get this man a shield” but recently action figure of Captain America from infinity war surfaced in which we see Cap, some hands and head of thanos and awesome shield I know after seeing this things your mind must be flooded with fan theories but wait we’ll talk about all that, among all these things people eyes were distracted by one thing which is Cap’s shield, so guys i am Aman Sinha and today we’ll talk about Captain America new shield seen in Avengers: Infinity War So lets start by minding Earth shaker and heart exploding **spoilers*(really!!?) so let’s talk about this new shield first In Captain America infinity war action figure we can see Cap’s new shield, so from The day Cap abandoned his shield in Civil war, Internet is filled with his new shield designs and recently we get to see this new shield which is literally awesome This shield is similar to cap first shield from Captain America: The First Avenger in which Wakandan twist is added. So it is confirmed that this is product of all talented Wakandan princess Shuri. Who is one of the genius person in marvel But if we notice the design of shield then we can see that this design is similar to Captain America Steve Rogers comic, where we see Cap with an awesome shield which is in triangular in shape plus in bottom edge there is an energy blade plus this shield can be divided into two parts so that Cap can use his both hands in any combat, so if we compare the image of new shield and Cap hand seen in Infinity War, then we can see it roughly like that ‘The only sad part is that Cap can’t use it like frisky anymore’ Now lets talk about why Thanos head is there Many of you must be thinking “This must be hardcore spoiler, There must be strong vibe about movie”, but no (sadly!), marvel is not too stubborn to throw spoilers Like old notes of Rs. 500 This is all marketing technique so that children like me (‘You’re not the only one’) buy more action figure, So in Captain America action figure hasbro has provided Thanos head His legs in Iron Spider, his body Proxima Midnight and his hand with Iron Man So real spoiler is the price of these action figure So guys this was an On-Demand video for viewers But if I’ve missed something or these toys are available in low price somewhere (sasta maal kon nhi chahta) then please mention this in comments as well as tell me if Tony will return Cap his shield in you opinion, in addition for latest superhero news and awesome superhero facts don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Google, We’re everywhere. Subtitled by ~~Naiyar Imam~~

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